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85 Al-Shabab fighters reportedly killed in new operation 

Al-Shabab new attempt in Ferfer came after a crushing defeat in the Hulhul Sub-locality of the Somali region of Ethiopia

Al-Shabab _ Ferfer _ Somali region _ Ethiopia
Fire arms seized from Al-Shabab fighters from the latest operation (Photo : EBC)


Four days after Ethiopian Forces reportedly annihilated over 100 Al-Shabab fighters in Hulhul where it was surrounded, 85 other Al- Shabab fighters were killed in El Qudun locality of Ferfer District of the Somali region of Ethiopia. 

It was the state media that reported it on Monday. 

An unspecified number of other Al-Shabab fighters are wounded and security forces capture still others.

Food rations that Al-Shabab planned to use during its terrorist operations is also seized, according to a State Media report – EBC. 

Al- Shabab has been making recurring attempts to launch attacks in Ethiopia.

Last week, Al-Shabab forces infiltrated the region and briefly took control of two villages in the Ato area of the region. It was pushed and encircled at Hulhul Sublocality.

Over 100 of its fighters were killed and dozens were captured. 13 Vehicles that Al-Shabab used for the operations were entirely destroyed. 

Security authorities claimed that the terrorist group was planning to enter the Oromo region of Ethiopia via the Elkere district for military cooperation with what the Ethiopian government calls “Shane” – a militant ethnic Oromo nationalist which the Ethiopian parliament designated as a “terrorist group.” 


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  1. Watch now this group demons who has been killing innocent peasants including children and elders in Tole trying to open another area of satanic operation in Bale to be close to Al-Shabab. Some people may be asking why Al-Shabab decided to send its fighters into Ethiopia now? It could be that the current regime has too many fires to douse and it’s army spread out too thin. That was what Afwane Zia’s Barre thought in the 1970’s. We all know how bad he was licked.

  2. The TPLF is known to have a long standing connection to Al-Shabab and can cooperate with the group to destabilize Ethiopia and the region. TPLF fighters have been sent to Somalia`s Al-Shabab as foot soldiers to carry out the mission of destabilizing the Somali region according to reliable sources. It is expected that some are captured and will appear in the media.

  3. This is a dangerous and demonic group. They have heen operating on Somalia over 17 years killing and maiming and innocents people, children, elderly without remorse. Their are mostly foreigners and few bloodthirsty somali locals and finance by hideous international actors to stabilize the whole region and their governments. On the other hand, their foot soldiers are brainwashed and poorly trained/educated children and teenagers from abducted, sold or solicited from from streets or from their destitute families in the war raved Somalia. The big question is why they are trying to cross the border now? They were mainly operating in Somalia and Kenya for long time. but rhey arely used to adventure to Ethiopian side. Also, many Ogden clan warlotds and politiciation such ad Ahmed madobe of Jubaland and Abdi Ilay had political interest and long ties with them. So now whpy and who is behind these operations , May be Shane is supporting but who is behind the mobilization at this scale?

  4. To be clear, the existing relationship refers to very complex and mutual one , which is based on both political interest and works of clan loyalty or affiliation. Mohamed Modobe career started as a clan warlord and he later became a member Islamic Court Union of Somalia’s founders in which Al shabab later became an offshoot from it. At one time , CIA wanted his head but relented after Kenya and the Woyane regimes allegedly convinced them otherwise and instead recruited him as an intelligence asset wthin Somalia to wreck havoc and control the federal regime . He still dutifully carries out those assignments and never misses an opportunity to harass, derail , bash or obstruct federal regime while keeping in lockstep with his foreign handlers, especially with Kenya and the West. It is also believed that he still in good terms with Alshab group since they rarely attacks his regional turf and return he never bothers with them though Alshaba has many valuable of economically and strategically bases in Jubaland tegion. On the other side, Abdi Iley, the former thug president of the Somali Regiknal State, dealt and supported Mohaned Madobe only in bases of clanish co-cosnpiractor scheme to promote the interst of Ogadena over others, but he used Alshabab issue , along with ONLF groups, as rallying battle cry to consolidate the power and at the behest of TPLF handlers and then abuse and terrorize innocent citzens in pretext of fighting and eradicating Alshabab criminals . He and his bosses , the TPLF, never meant to annihilate Alshab. It was about cynical business of power, politics and attracting more economic support from international partners.


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