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Ethiopian PM meets with Muslim leaders in the country


Ethiopia’s state television, EBC, this evening released a video of the Ethiopian PM’s meeting with Muslim leaders in Ethiopia.

The talk was about the division among the leaders. When the Prime Minister used the phrase “two parties” in reference to the groups contending within the committee, he got a remark from one of the audience that the usage of “Hulet Wogen” (two parties) is not right.

The Prime Minister responded ” Muslim is one but the whole world knows that you are divided. You insult one another. You disrespect one another.”

The video was released just days after the Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Council elected new leaders to lead the organization for the next three years.

It is unclear if the video is from today or was retrieved from the file. There have been unconfirmed reports that the Prime Minister is in the Wollega region “giving leadership to the operation against Shane.”

What the government calls “Shane” is the military wing of the radical ethnic Oromo Nationalist organisation – Oromo Liberation Front but the militant group calls itself the Oromo Liberation Army.

Watch What Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has to say to the Muslim leaders in Ethiopia.

Video : embedded from Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation YouTube Channel
Cover Photo : screenshot from the Video

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  1. Why is PM Abiy Ahmed putting his noser where he does not belong? This guy has ignored his job descriptions and using his position to harrass religion leaders who want to perform their religious duty, Serving God!!

    Aby Ahmed! Stay out of Muslim and Orthodox religions and stick to your own. Orthodox Christians or Muslim Ethiopians do not need your religion interpretations and assistance. They have managed to live for centuries without you and will live for ever!! God Willing!! Amen!!

    Leave Religion out of State Politics. Do YOUR JOB. You are politician even the worse kind. Keep and assure Ethiopians safety, apply the rule of law and bring Genocide Criminal to face Justice !!! That is your #1 Job!!!

    Work on stopping Amhara Genocide, Crimes, Corruptions, Lootings and STOP distributing Government employment positions as your personal prosperity only to the Orommumas.

    Stop targeting Amharas for Genocide, denying employment opportunities, discrimination, abductions, imprisonments, abuse, intimidation, illiteracy, imprisonments, looting, destroying Amhara houses.

    Stop abusing and the killings in Gedo, Amaro, Wolayita and Southern Ethiopians!!

    Go where the most dangerous place on earth hell Oromia Zone, Hell Wellga where violent Oromo Liberation Front violent wing Shene cannibals can not go to sleep unless they drink the blood of innocents Amhara children every day.


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