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Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Council elected new leaders 

Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Council
Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Council elected executives and general assembly (Photo credit : ENA)


The Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Council has on Monday elected new executives and general assembly members. 

The Second Muslim Congress has elected 30 General Assembly members and 14 executives.  Two of the executives are the deputy president and the Secretary of the council. They will be serving for the next three years, the council has announced. 

Haji Ibrahim Tufa is elected as president. He has pledged to strengthen Unity and work to address the demands of the Muslim community. 

In his first message, as president of the council, he reportedly called on the followers of the Muslim faith to maintain unity and stand together for the peace and development of the country. 

The Ethiopian News Agency, state media, cited participants to report that the election “reflected the unity of the Muslim” community in Ethiopia. 

The report added that participants said the election was the first democratic election.  Regions have reportedly elected their own representatives to represent them in the federal Mejlis (Council), it was said. 

261 participants ( out of the expected 300) took part during the voting process to elect the executives and general assembly, according to the report by ENA. 


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  1. Abiy the Clown, who is an Evangelical Christian and who has no respect for religion should stop meddling in Muslim religion affair. He does not represent Muslims because he is not a Muslim and has no place in religion affaires.

    He must learn that religion is not a ground to play his Violent and Greedy Orommumma ethnic politics he worships. He has no right to tell elders who grew old as Sufi switch from Sufi to a Wahhabi that even the Saudis have dropped following it and no longer adheres to. For Abiy to switching is easy as long as there is power and opportunity.

    Like form OLF to EPRDF, from EPRDF to PP, From Muslim to Evangelical or From Orthodox Christian to Evangelical, But Muslims religion is not a political game and that is what Abiy never understands.

    His credibility is totally gone with 4 years of abysmal records. His concern is how to control all Muslims by putting Orommuma cadres in charge that are hungry for power and money.

    He can keep talking but no one is listening.

    People want democratic action. Take Criminals to Prisons and Charge them in Criminal Courts. Abducting and Imprisoning by selecting and targeting INNOCENT Amhara Journalist, political activists is not acceptable. Just because they voice their grieves and concerns for being victims of economical and #StopAmharaGenocide.

    Abiy the talkative is trying to silence all concerned Amhara Voices. But will he silence all Amhara Voices? Well he will never be able to silence everyone because Amhara is the largest population inside and outside of Ethiopia. Therefore the only solution for Abiy the Terrible is to settle down and try to work with Amharas by throwing out his miserable motivational speech filled with hot air.

    He takes Motivational speech classes and believes he can manipulate with his hot air talks. For ” real” commited Christian or Muslim it is impossible to switch to other religion for power, position and monetary gain by listening to Abiy hot air speech.


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