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TPLF has arrested five journalists over “collaborating with the enemy”

TPLF has not formally charged the journalists despite their court appearance

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Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) flag.


The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) has reportedly arrested five journalists on grounds of “collaborating with the enemy.” 

It has been over fifty days since the five journalists who used to work for Tigray TV (a state-run station) were arrested, according to a report by DW Amharic. They have been in detention since May of this year. 

Misgana Seyoum, Dawit Mekonnen, Banen Halefom, Teshome Temalew, and Hailemichael Gessesse are not yet charged although they have appeared in court over eight times. 

Their lawyers and families are saying that the journalists have been denied bail rights. They say the journalists were arrested because of their profession. 

DW Amharic mentioned that authorities who were contacted regarding the arrest were not responsive. 

Elias Michael, a former Dmtsi Woyane journalist, who is said to have escaped from Tigray, last month, revealed the repressive situation in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

He also talked about the socio-political and economic crises, including rape by the TPLF forces, in the region due to the way the TPLF handled the situation. 

Ostensibly, the TPLF is making a reference to the Ethiopian government and Ethiopian Forces as “enemy forces. ” 

The war with the Federal government, and Ethiopians at large – it is fair to say- started in November 2020 when the TPLF attacked the Northern Command of the Ethiopian Defence Force in unsuspecting circumstances. 

When the TPLF officials talked about the attack on a live TV show, they said it was meant to be a blitzkrieg attack with the aim to march to the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, and to Asmara, Eritrea’s capital.


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  1. 1st QUOTE: “not yet charged although they have appeared in court over eight times.” UNQUOTE
    Strange and Amazing. But then, we are talking about our dearest continent called Black African Rich Continent, With NO INHERENT AGENDA. It can only happen in our dear black Africa &; appeared in court over eight times but never charged.

    2nd QUOTE: the aim is to march to the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, and to Asmara, Eritrea’s capital.UNQUOTE
    Why connect Addis Ababa with Asmara?  
    Should we expect something?
    In any case, the confidence is extraordinary — lead by self-appointed leader for self-interest.

    Finally: What will the world do without OUR DEAREST AFRICA ?! [as a joyful comic]
    Awaiting for answers, at convenient time. Take your time.
    Our dearest Black Africa is known for its extraordinary patience.
    No hurry; no worry; there is plenty of time, as if time is stagnant. NO END.

  2. I am gonna use a cliché here. After a long and agonizing wait of 3,000 years democracy has finally arrived at the land of the Queen of Sheba!!! The proud deresas/deacons of Marxism/Leninism/Maoism have worked around the clock since the 1970’s were able to bring the rights of the individual with bells and whistle of freedom of expression to the de facto Republic of Axum which includes the freedom of being thrown in jail. You hear that? Just listen! Do you hear people singing? Yes I can hear the people of Tigray singing ‘Free at last! God Almighty Free At Last!!!’

  3. Those rounded up and imprisoned by Debre and his group are said to have been manhandled during and after the arrests. They are also being charged with crimes among which that carries capital punishment including the death penalty. Folks, you have seen me here over the last several years complaining about the effects of that demonic philosophy of Marxism/Leninism/Maoism. I’ve a well proven reason for that. Once that ideology(if you call it ideology) enters and takes a foothold in a society it will continue to survive by changing its variants for generations. That is even though it has been officially declared impractical. It will continue to influence those in charge into unforeseeable future. Just look at Putin, Xi, Kim Jong-un, Daniel Ortega, Thongloun Sisoulith and several leaders of the former Soviet satellite nations. In our case you see that in the leaders of all so-called liberation fronts and former officially Marxist/Leninist/Maoist hodge-podge parties/groups. These call themselves now social democrats. You see this self rebadging can be seen in almost all former communist parties everywhere. What they had done and said in the past are lost in the realm of convenient memory. Once they grabbed away the mantle of governance they will protect their prestige even it means total destruction. They even go all the way of becoming suicidal. For them losing that mantle is the end of all ends. We all remember their ad nauseam adage ‘you have nothing to lose’. The variant that entered the old country and infected the first generation in the 1960’s is one of the worst kind. The world should put its pressure on Debre and his group to release these political prisoners immediately without any preconditions, You hear me? Without any preconditions!!!

    Meanwhile I want to make sure that I’m not misunderstood. My demonizing this evil philosophy and its deresas/deacons does NOT mean that individual followers must be prosecuted. It does NOT mean they should be physically harmed. What I believe should be done is a well organized campaign should be conducted that will effectively discredit the poisonous ideology verse by verse. There is plenty of fodder in its twisted scriptures.

  4. This is just for the lighter side.

    Yesterday our daughters Werkuha bint Getachew and Mekides bint Abebe had brought me the silver and bronze in the Women’s 3,000M Steeplechase. I told you already that I’m on the moon chillin’ and I have no plan coming back until the games in Oregon are over. How about today? All of our golden daughters who competed in every 800M heat have qualified for the semifinal which will take place tomorrow July 22. Our sons and daughters have been focusing on races longer than the 800 and 1500 meters. But now they are in it, not just to be in it but to win it. By that the athletics world’s nightmare has just began. It will be their exclusive house soon. Then I will skip town and go all the way to Mars. I’m giving all of you an order to watch the Women’s 5000M final(all our 3 daughters are in it and Letesenbet, Gudaf and Dawit will be terrorizing the field) on Saturday and the Men’s 5000M final on Sunday(our lion cub sons will strike fear on everyone else), not only watch but I’m ordering you to cheer them up in spirit. Let’s go!!!


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