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Ethiopian PM’s remark on the Wollega massacre triggers outrage 

The massacre we see , according to the Ethiopian Prime Minister, has something to do with foreign powers that are working to weaken Ethiopia. In the past, it was mostly linked to the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) 

Ethiopian PM _ Abiy _ July 7 _
Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed addressing questions from the parliamentarians on July 7, 2022 (Photo : screenshot from EBC video)


Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Thursday appeared in the parliament to address questions related to the disastrous security situation in the country that claimed close to 2000 civilian lives in the Oromo region. 

The proposed budget bill was also a topic during the question and answer period in the last session of the parliament for the current Ethiopian year (2014)  until it opens after a recession , in the Ethiopian New year (2015) in September. 

More than 325 members of parliament attended the session. 

The massacre of ethnic Amhara in the Oromo region of Ethiopia and why the government failed to stop ethnic-based attacks were the key questions that the prime minister faced. 

He was also asked to remark as to how long “Shane,” ( as the government calls it) continues to pose a security threat to Ethiopia. 

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed did not want to portray the recurring massacre in Wollega, which was clearly ethnic-based targeting Amhara, as an ethnic-based one. 

He rather said that action is a terrorist activity and that terrorism is not affecting Ethiopia only. He pulled Al-Shabab as an example to portray how many actors were involved in the fight against it and how it proved to be difficult to eliminate the terrorist group. 

He also talked about Nigeria’s experience in connection with Boko Haram.  Not just that, he went to the extent of using the crime rate in the United States of America to make a claim that killings and crimes are common elsewhere too.  

In the latest string of massacres in Wollega are of Oromo region of Ethiopia, the radial ethnic Oromo nationalist militant group massacred nearly 2000 civilians. 

In shunning the criticism that the government is failing in its primary function of protecting the rights of civilians, the Prime Minister said that his government “saved many lives” and that the view that the government is not doing anything to protect civilians is “wrong.” 

Abiy Ahmed said security forces are being killed every day on the line of duty while fighting what the government calls the “Shane” group.

One of the questions he was specifically facing was that the perpetrators of the massacre in Wollega do have collaborators in the government structures and the government does not seem to take action against them. 

He answered, “we do not take action based on propaganda.”  He added that the government is working to eliminate terrorists and is not a terrorist.  There are views that paint the ethnic-based massacre against ethnic Amhara as state-sponsored terrorism and systematic genocide. 

His government admitted in the past that some members of the government, at least at the level of regional government in the Oromo region of Ethiopia, collaborated with the “Shane” group.  

During the first year of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration, the same militant group robbed 17 state-owned banks in the Wollega region – the part of the country where there had been dozens of massacres – mostly against ethnic Amhara. There were also targeted killings of government officials. 

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed was criticised for focusing on tree planting (“green legacy”) at a time when there is an incessant massacre in the country. His answer was “the tree we plant is even good for those who are dead. it gives them shades.” 

His remark has angered many on different social media platforms. The outrage is very visible. Some are saying the Prime Minister needs psychiatrist help.  Others are making satire out of his remarks. 

Still, others are making a point that the Prime Minister is incompetent to lead Ethiopia and should resign.  But the Prime Minister thinks Ethiopia is on the way to prosperity. 

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  1. My two cents of advice to the PM is he should take seriously this criticism and his responsibly as leader and shouldn’t simply deflect or dismiss obfuscate out of hand. As a leader, Abiy should do some seriously reflection and take some concrete actions within his OPP group and Oromia regional leadership as per gravity and recurrence of the matter warrants. Sure, there some who would try and have been trying to exploit for political reasons to sideline him and usurp his leadership and political power , but that should not be an excuse to not take concrete actions and to ignore what is happening under his watch.

  2. Honestly speaking, who really cares if all these immature youtubers gets outrage. First of all, most of them don’t even understand what’s going on or they are naïve of this world, they don’t get it . They are only there to break the fake breaking news every day. Due to that reason I guess Ethiopia is #1 by number of Breaking news released daily. Too arrogant and backward at the same time. They don’t even protect themselves from future shame by being careful on what they are writing or make videos on. If they were smart enough and understand what they are talking about, they shouldn’t have outraged on Honest Leader who is trying to unlock lots of locked people in our political field. At the end of the day the complainers are there just to complain, so let them pick words or phrases from Dr Abiy for them to ‘’Letentena’’ lol I wish they were good in what they are talking about, but they are not.

  3. Abiy Ahmed!!!
    Free Temesgen Desalgn, Tadios Tantu, and 19,000 Amhara Prisoners, in Gonder, Gojjam, Wello, Addis Ababa, Showa!!.



    What is seen, heard is a testimony from the Crime Minister tragical drama for his Oromo Administration Sponsorship in the Amhara Genocide crime to take place in Wellega and other parts of Oromia Zone, Ethiopia!

    His cold blooded demeanor speaks louder than himself and proved for the State Sponsored Genocide accusations and planning to massacre more. As any other leader would do when tragedy happens espically with this magnitude, the Cold Blooded Crime Minister is not disturbed or outraged by the Genocide crime but outraged and angry for being questioned by some Parliament members.

    He was audaciously arrogant filled with total ignorance and disregard for human lives when lying and trying to downplay, minimize and normalize the Genocide Crime as normal daily life that will continue to happen. The message that must be taken is, according to Ignorant Crime Minister Abiy Ahmed the Terrible speech Genocide against Amhara is “normal” because it will continue until he is satisfied with number 0.

    He is trying to condition and tell people to accept Oromo OLF/Shene or any other extremist Oromo radical groups to rob, move and live freely as they slaughter Amharas and rob their wealth because it is normal slaughter and rob Amharas.

    Abiy the Ignorant is comparing “surprisingly unexpected ” small scale and incidental crimes in the United States and Europe with the DAILY 1600, 800,400,200 slaughter of Amhara ethnic groups trapped in Hell On Earth, Wellega, Oromia Zone by Oromo Prosperity Administration Government Sponsored Genocide Crime!!

    This is how much the Crime Minister showed his ignorance and travelled to lie and cover up for Oromo Genocide Crime against Amhara People!!

  4. I think this young PM is getting the wrong advice or he might have shunned his advisers for these remarks. Comparing Al-Shabaab, Boko Haram and the gun violence in the USA to the recent massacres in Tole is like comparing apple to oranges. The massacres in Tole were carried by bigots targeting peasants who belong to a specific ethnic group. Both Al-Shabaab and Boko Haram don’t give a damn about ethnicity. They kill anyone who they see as ‘kufr/infidels’ whereas the mass killings in USA for the most part are random shootings by deranged individuals. These remarks are unfortunate use of wrong comparisons. Take them back, young man!!!

    Meanwhile I can understand where he is coming from in his remarks regarding the massacres in Tole. He may be playing on the caution side that if he talks too much about the massacres he may end up triggering an all out civil war between the two largest ethnic groups in the country which is the main and current objective of those savages who slaughtered innocent farmers including toddlers and bedridden elderly and those college professor and advocates in leadership role bigots here among us. These demons dream about all out bloodshed between my Oromos and brothers and sisters of Amharas.

  5. Why does every supporter of Abiy try to add excuses after excuses for his failures??? The fundamental problem with Abiy is his lack of moral compass and constant interference with the rule of law where his thumb has always been pressing against the scale of justice since his arrival on this sickening political saga. His bias towards the grandeur of illusion of Oromumma is the root cause of his downward spiral. Early on, in the Burayu massacre, he used to play dumb, by being out of the country, before a tragic incident occurred. He does not do that anymore because everyone knows that he is being foolish and not one soul would take him seriously. When the OLF leader Dawd Ibssa, openly stated on tv that his group will not disarm, Abiy said no problem we would talk to them. Yet he did not hesitate to cause that much chaos and mayhem to apprehend Abdi Ille in Somalia region because he stood up to the incursions and invasions of Oromo expansionists and usurpers against Somali population in their own land, whose rights as citizens of Ethiopia have been violated by the OLF and Oromo usurpers of land and resources. Abiy was dancing around in Bahia Dar, trying to weaken what he thought was a threat to his throne. His Oromo police force in Addis presented that unprofessional, farcical, out right stupid concoction to prove his utterly nonsensical claim of coups de’tat by General Asaminew Tsige in Bahia Dar.

    If Abiy were truly interested in the rule of law, if he were indeed committed to justice and equality for all, he would allow the equal treatment before the law of every law breaker by his own definition. What that would have translated be the imprisonment of the thousands of the undisciplined, criminal OLF, Oromumma first criminals, it would have been the capture in hand cuffs on national tv, just like the capture of General Kinfe etc. of the OLF thugs and mass murderers.

    Abiy is a highly compromised, morally questionable and ethically challenged figure, who has lost the political center. His double dealings and deceptions of appearing to promote the pro Ethiopia large march at the same time as ensuring Oromumma are the fundamental inconsistencies and unreconcilable end goals that have resulted in the quagmire and cesspool of crimes and murders of the innocent and defenseless in which he is trapped.

    His choice is one and only one!!!!! To bring the undisciplined, criminal entity hiding in the OLF, Shene or whatever name given to the faction, under the rule of law, or risk it all and continue the downward spiral and precipitous fall from grace he is facing.

    Abiy has the tools, the goodwill and patience of the Ethiopian people, even now, at the 11th hour, and transform into a statesman. He can be a leader of all Ethiopians, or choose to satisfy the insatiable greed, avarice and gluttony of the undisciplined faction in his own PP bosom. The choice is his, and Ethiopians are watching!!!!!!!


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