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Ethiopia says Sudanese Defence Force misrepresented facts about border incident 

The Ethiopian government tends to believe that the recent incident along the Ethio-Sudan border area is a “concocted” one. 

Sudan _ Ethiopia
Disputed Al-Fashaga area between Ethiopia and Sudan border ( Map : Institute For Security Studies)


After Sudan accused Ethiopia of capturing and executing seven Sudanese soldiers,  the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia on Monday said that the Sudanese Defence Forces misrepresented facts about the border incident which is said to have occurred on June 22, 2022. 

On the date mentioned above, the Sudanese forces, with support from the TPLF terrorists,  made additional incursions into the Ethiopian territory along the border –  a development that triggered a skirmish with the local militia. 

Sudan made claims, according to a report by Reuters, that its soldiers were taken from within the Sudanese territory and executed in Ethiopia. 

The update from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia admitted that there were losses [unspecified number]  of lives during the clash between local militia and Sudanese forces. 

“The Ethiopian Government regrets the loss of life as a result of a skirmish between the Sudanese army and a local militia of which an investigation would be carried out soon,”  said the statement from the MFAE. 

As to the narrative from the government of Sudan regarding what it called “execution”, Ethiopia rejected it as a “misrepresentation of facts.” 

The Ministry said, “Whereas the above was what has transpired at the common border, the Government of Ethiopia categorically rejects the misrepresentation of these facts by the Sudanese defense forces that unjustly put the blame on Ethiopia while it was the Sudanese army unit that has crossed into the Ethiopian border provoking the incident.” 

Sudan invaded Ethiopian territories in November 2020 soon after the Ethiopian troops posted in the area were relocated to Northern Ethiopia to carry out what the Ethiopian government called at the time “law enforcement operation” against the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) after the latter attacked the Northern Command of the Ethiopian Defense Force in the same month. 

It appeared that Sudan was coordinating with the TPLF. This month,Simo Parviainen,  a former Finnish diplomat  warned that TPLF is working with partners in Sudan and Egypt as part of its preparation for the next round of war. 

There were also reports that over 20,000 TPLF troops were in Sudan poised as asylum seekers. Despite talks for peaceful negotiation, the TPLF government has been making preparations to launch another round of war against Ethiopia. 

Sudan is recalling, according to an Aljazeera report, its Ambassador to Ethiopia. 

For the government of Ethiopia, the latest incident along the Ethio-Sudan border area is a manufactured one with the intention to distract Ethiopia from its effort to attain development. 

“The Government of Ethiopia believes that the incident was deliberately concocted to undermine the deep-rooted relations between the peoples of Ethiopia and the Sudan. On top of that, the incident was designed to destruct [distract] Ethiopia from its path of peace and development,” said the statement from the Ministry. 

Meanwhile, Egyptian News sources are reporting that Sudanese forces took control of territories in Ethiopia. 

 In breaking news coverage, Daily News Egypt reported ” Sudan’s army says it took control of “Frankincense Fortress” military camp in Al-Fashaga after intense fighting with Ethiopian forces. This comes as the Sudanese army vowed to avenge the 7 Sudanese soldiers who were executed in Ethiopia.” 

The Ethiopian government did not remark on that at  this writing. 

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  1. Oh the Sudan, always at the beck and call of their Egyptian masters. Egypt to Sudan, jump now, Sudan to Egypt, yes sirs, how high???????? Some of the pyramids in the Sudan are much more older than the ones in Egypt. The kind and generous Sudanese people have no beef with their Ethiopian brothers and sisters. It is the faux pas of a so called government that always decades after decades, remains subservient to the demands of Egypt, that never tires of being lackeys to Egypt’s orders, and that never says enough to its neck being trampled under the boots of Egypt. As far as TPLF, is there any more shameful group than this trash group, may be except OLF,almost relegated to purgatory and the dust bins of yesterday’s story??? The land of Alula, how low have thou sunk!!! The gallant Tigrean sons and daughters, forcefully antagonized against their Amhara brothers and sisters, by toxic rhetoric and ethnic poltics of yesterday’s Marxists- Leninists who tossed aside their Orthodox religion, the Holy Book, and blindly replaced it with the Communist Manifesto, with the Albanian dictator, Enver Halil Hoxha as their messiah and the evil Meles Zenawi as their pastor.

    As far as PP, it is with this group our very esteemed and genius so called PM Abiy Ahmed is telling us he would negotiate and is ready to pay any price for peace.

  2. Subject: “Ethiopia says Sudanese Defence Force misrepresented facts about border incident” by; June 27,

    Humble Commentary, 27 June 2022
    Egypt will never stop creating dirty “water” in Ethiopia. To believe otherwise is self deception, leading to the DISINTEGRATION of ETHIOPIA by ETHIOPIANS themselves!!!!!!!. Unbelievable as it may sound, Egypt will have a support of xxxxxxx please fill the gap for your own analysis. May the Good Lord up in Heaven have soft heart upon ETHIOPIA — since its ancient friends, known for seemingly time immemorial, are turned around backward. THE END

  3. Soon to STEP DOWN AND will be REMOVED PM ABIY AHMED and the Oromia Murderer President Shimeles Abdissa Burn in Hell Forever!!!

    Satan Abiy Ahmed and Shimeles Abdissa may the remining years of your lives be a living HELL FOREVER!!

    May all you suffer the SAME sufferings that you brought on All Amharas including the recently Slaughtered 1700 Amharas in Wellga, Oromia Ethiopia!!
    May their soul haunt down and and your children forever.!!!

    MAY BOTH of you, your children and families including those savage coward murderers, OLF/OLA/SHENE/PROSPERITY PARTY live in pain, diseases and sufferings for the rest of your cruel and Satan lives.

    Take Your fight and war to the right place and away from Amhara Zone and Addis Ababa!!

    If you are brave, show us fighting with North and South Sudan that invaded Ethiopia’s territory by taking advantage of your divisive, deceitful, savagery that is targeted in destroying and slaughtering Amharas.

  4. Dear Respectable Ethiopian Readers
    Insulting each other, on the internet, will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER solve the Ethiopian problem at hand. NEVER.
    In fact, it clears the way for the disintegration of an ancient country in the World— ETHIOPIA
    Thus, Ethiopians will be recorded in history as the destroyer of their own ancient country.
    What a NAME to leave behind ; “NARROW MINDEDNESS OF ETHIOPIANS!
    Oh Lord! have mercy upon Ethiopians as they are oblivion of what they are doing, for some mysterious mental disease !!!!

  5. I wish all of our local politicians (Kotet) and some people on this platform understand and stand with our leader Dr Abiy in such time. Sudan and Egypt are trying their best for so long to make sure Ethiopia will not succeed, but if we must go to war with Sudan, Egypt and USA will be behind them to support as needed. Still Ethiopia will definitely win a war against both Egypt and Sudan except we will waste our resources in such volatile time. As much as Sudan and Ethiopia goes way back as a society, Sudanese leaders has tried to fight Ethiopia so many times for them to stay in power in Sudan, they used us as a reason and I say let’s destroy them this time. Every qualified Ethiopian men and women guard and defend its own neighborhood from local murders while Ethiopian Defense force take care of Sudanese intruders with TPLF losers. We will never get our freedom by begging Idiots like Abdel Fattah al-Burhan. We must humiliate this old guy now.

  6. “I wish all of our local politicians (Kotet) and some people on this platform understand and stand with our leader Dr Abiy in such time.”

    Hey Teddy Red Line, are you forgetting the level of support your Abiy enjoyed before his fall from grace????? The majority of the people in Ethiopia supported him wholeheartedly. The millions abroad were behind him. In fact, your Abiy had it all. A political capital that would otherwise could have been utilized on rainy days, like now.

    He lost it all for a utopian Oromumma grandeur of illusion. Had he listened to proponents of fiscal federalism, had he listened to multitudes of experts and policy wanks, and adopted a strong reform that marched to the realizing of a nation whose citizens regardless of their ethnicity, place of birth, gender, age,religion, mother tongue have all the rights to life, liberty, property and equal treatment before the law, Abiy would have transitioned to a dignified statesmanship. His profile in AU, in all international arena and anywhere else would have sky a stratospheric level.

    BIT no he squandered it all

  7. Sdsga5675@hotmail

    I don’t think he went the way you described him above, it is just us, our society is not built based on facts and truth and when something happens they jump to conclusion that government did it or did that. All those people who supported him when he come to power, they should be in LOVE by now after what he did for Ethiopia in the past 4 years in so many areas, most of all he gave us Ethiopian defense force in case something worse happen, Ethiopia didn’t have army when TPLF was in power. Just because our local terrorists killing our society with foreign governments he should not take the blame for someone’s crime, you can say the government should step up its security where we have problems, that will be fair. I say we us a society are not capable of grading someone’s work since we are buried under ethnic politics for so long. I love truth, just for my own cause, so I don’t want to blame someone without getting any prove. We need to calm down as a society and focus where we need to focus, Ethiopians used to be shy, nowadays lots of FETATA people trying to convince us their failure is a success. At the end of the day Ethiopia will not go back to dark age, I am sure God will help him all the time as I see no treat from Dr Abiy against anyone, unless you mess with him like our retarded journalist Temesgen, who is exposing or lying about our defense force while we are at war, or like that General from Amhara region who started a war with TPLF without consulting the government. We do have some cursed people, I hope they all clear soon.


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