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Desperate TPLF work with partners in Sudan, Egypt against Ethiopia

TPLF seem to have found new alliance in the military circles in Sudan and Egypt 

TPLF _ Sudan _ Egypt _ Simo
Simo Parviainen during an exclusive interview with ENA  



There was a time when the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), when faced with pervasive protest across Ethiopia about three years before Abiy Ahmed was picked as a prime minister to take over from Hailemariam Desalegn, accused Egypt of meddling in the internal affairs of Ethiopia. 

It reached a point where the TPLF had to summon the Egyptian Ambassador over alleged support to the radical ethnic Oromo nationalist organisation – Oromo Liberation Front. 

Ousted from central power and after losing the war it started when it attacked the northern command of the Ethiopian Defence Force, the TPLF is now said to have forged an alliance with Egypt against Ethiopia. 

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Ethiopian State media, Simo Parviainen, former Finnish diplomat and an expert in international relations, said “TPLF is now desperate and finding partners in Sudan and Egypt to launch another catastrophic war.” 

In fact, he extrapolated that the TPLF is already working with military officers in Egypt and Sudan. 

ENA cited him as saying “I .. suspect the generals in Cairo and Khartoum are working now with the TPLF against the common adversary in Addis Ababa. That is the most kind of example to weaken Ethiopia like they have been doing.”

Historically, Sudan and Egypt had a history of supporting proxy wars in Ethiopia. The TPLF, during their time as guerrilla forces, had enjoyed military and other forms of support from Sudan. 

Sudan found a way to support the TPLF in the early stage of the current war with the Federal government. 

It invaded vast territories along the Sudanese border in November 2020 – just as the Ethiopian Defence Force stationed in the area was removed and deployed to what the government called a law enforcement operation, by then, against the  TPLF. 

There was an understanding on the part of Ethiopian officials, including among top military commanders, Sudan’s motive was to deflect the focus of the Ethiopian Defence Force away from responding to the TPLF military attack. 

With regard to Egypt, it is known that it had been supporting proxy war in Ethiopia at least since the 70s. There is also a tendency to link many security incidents in Benishangul and parts of the Oromia region, among others, with Egypt.  But Egypt had been denying engagement in activities that would destabilise Ethiopia.   

In fact, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government, in the course of the unended war with TPLF, claimed that foreign forces were fighting alongside TPLF forces. 

For Simo Parviainen, the motive of the “alliance of anti-Ethiopia forces from Cairo and Khartoum with the terrorist TPLF is the issue of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) which will be a pressing issue over the coming months,” as reported by ENA. 

Wolkait-Tegede is another motivation for the TPLF to start another round of war after losing well over 300,000 Tigrean forces during their invasion of the Afar and Amhara regions.  

In relation to that, Simo said “… the question of the Welkait-Tsegede area, a strategic corridor that the TPLF is dreaming of having to Sudan. Because they continue to struggle, maybe forever…. So as  Welkait-Tsegede is a very strategic piece of land, we have to be cognizant of the matter.”   

TPLF starting another round of war does seem to be just a matter of time given the massive mobilisation it has been undertaking in recent months. 

Thousands of trucks of aid had been delivered to the Tigray region of Ethiopia since the Ethiopian government declared a humanitarian truce in March 2022 but many of the trucks did not return. 


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  1. Subject:Quote: “Desperate TPLF work with partners in Sudan, Egypt against Ethiopia” Unquote, June 2, 2022

    Shocking Curiosity
    What would Emperor Yohannes and Ras Allula of Tigray would have said seeing Tigray fighting Ethiopia with the assistance of Egypt and Sudan !!!!!!!!!!! Amazing and shocking. What next?

  2. Incredible to believe that GERD wa initiated by the tplf leader – inow, the hidden motive for building the dam is becoming clear. tplf has never considered Ethiopia’s interests when it started GERD.

  3. The most shocking thing is the idiot coward Abiy Ahmed who has lost sleep over plotting sinister against Amhara people and concocting lies after lies with no end in sight.

    Now Abiy is going after Amhara elites including Gedu Andargachew. Soon Demeke Mekonen will be replaced by Jawar Mohammed who is acting as a changed peaceful man speaking in Amharic to Amharas audience that he will not say the same when he speak to Oromos. The shame is when Amhara’s perception Ethiopia and its leader’s responsivity covers a the whole country and as for the good of all people, the Oromo mafias trapped in ethnic darkness is using the government platform as an arena to lie and deceit every non-Oromo Ethiopians.

    A great leader at this time would have spent his time on training and preparing more Amharas who showed him loyalty to their people and never shown barbaric behavior like OLF and TPLF. They already have saved him and the country from the desperate Terrorist TPLF who know no peace and dignity. While OLF is left free to do its usual abhorring barbaric slaughtering’s of Amharas and to steal and keep their wealth for themselves, Abiy on the other hand is also creating problems that appear s to be extending a helping hand to OLF and TPLF lowlife savages.

    He is wasting much needed energy and resources in Amhara Zone harassing and abusing innocent law abiding Fannos and Amhara citizens just to show his power and guns. Amaharas and Fannos will never allow coward Abiy to submit them for another more misery and death. If anyone comes to kill Amhara, Amharas must first kill any blood thirsty State Sponsored Genocider!!


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