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NaMA, Ethiopian opposition, rejects US characterization of Wollega Massacre 

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National Movement of Amhara (NaMA) issued a statement rejecting the United States’ characterization of the Wollega massacre, where well over 600  innocent civilians were slaughtered by the radical ethnic nationalist Oromo militant wing – Oromo Liberation Front (Shane).

The massacre happened last Saturday. Ethiopia has not yet declared a national mourning day.

In its statement, NaMA said it “opposes the characterization the United States Department of State attributed to the genocidal act committed on the people of Amhara and its proposed solution as a bargaining chip of the National Dialogue.” 

Full statement from NaMA is featured below : 

The National Movement of Amhara (NaMA)’s Statement on the press release by the U.S. Department of State


The United States Department of State released a press release on June 21, 2022 regarding the genocidal act committed on hundreds of Amhara residents in Oromia Regional State, West Wellega Zone-Ghimbi woreda of Tole Kebele, where until now close to six hundred dead bodies of children, women and men are buried and many more unaccounted are yet to be buried. The National Movement of Amhara appreciates the concern, the mourning and the condolence the United States Department of State extended to the victims and survivors who lost loved ones in the genocidal act of terrorists and genociders. However, NaMA is concerned in the characterization of the genocidal act as an “incident” and as an “extension of the armed conflict undergoing in the Oromia Regional State between the warring parties” of which solution comes through the political deliberations such as a national dialogue. NaMA is convinced such characterization of genocidal acts is unhelpful to the victims, an impediment for the peace and stability of our country and provides a political leverage for terrorists and genociders.

Tole Kebele Amhara residents are not party to the conflict undergoing between the warring parties in Oromia region. The genocide committed on Amhara residents of Tole Kebele is not an incident. It is a well planned, orchestrated and executed by the Oromo Liberation Army (Shene OLF), their official ally terrorist TPLF and their clandestine-partners-in-crime operating in the civil and security apparatus of the federal and regional governments. It is not an incident, rather an episode of serial atrocious crimes against the people of Amhara that happens with pattern and sequence. To mention a few of them in just last two years alone, Gawa Qanqa village in Guliso District of West Wellega, Boka and Nechlu village of Eastern part of Oromiya, Horo Gudru Wellega Zone, Bulen District in Benshangul Gumuz,  Ataye, Shashmene, Maikadra, Chenna, Kobbo, Agamsa and several other localities, where thousands of ethnic Amharas were killed, millions are evicted and dispossessed their fruits of labor. The methods of executions are equally abhorrent that children and women are burned alive being locked in a closed house, pregnant women being cut half in a machete and civilians summarily executed in a machine gun.   

Please take note that these genocidal acts have been executed with a well identified pattern. In most cases, before the execution starts armed Amharas are required to hand over their arms to local authorities and members of law enforcement agencies abruptly leave the areas where the atrocious crimes are planned to be executed. And the cries and calls of the victims for help before and during the executions are often times unanswered with deaf ears of the security apparatus of the state. These are atrocious crimes carried out in a cold blood masterminded, financed and directed by organized terrorists and genociders by the name of TPLF, OLA/OLF-Shene/ and their clandestine partners, who designed and deployed genocide as a weapon to achieve their hate-driven political agendas against the people of Amhara. All concerned parties should note that terrorist and genocidal TPLF had decades old grand plan to execute a full-scale genocide against the people of Amhara, which OLA /OLF Shene/ and its clandestine-partners also adopted and are practicing as a showcase in several places. In any international law, such atrocious crimes with pattern and sequence can’t be considered as an “incident” and can’t be attributed to as a “consequence and extension of armed conflicts” of which solution to be sought in a dialogue.

Therefore, NaMA opposes the characterization the United States Department of State attributed to the genocidal act committed on the people of Amhara and its proposed solution as a bargaining chip of the National Dialogue. Such statements can only embolden the assailants and subject the victims for perpetual and unabated abuses. The National Movement of Amhara appreciates the United States’ sustained efforts to contribute to the peace and stability of our country, Ethiopia. And NaMA believes the United States can still contribute a lot to the security of the Ethiopian people, in particular to the people of Amhara who are undergoing through horrific cycle of atrocious crimes and help to prevent a full-scale genocide against the people of Amhara. Hence, NaMA calls on the United States and the Department of State to call the crimes and its actors by their name i.e., genocide and genociders. NaMA also calls on the United States to treat and handle terrorists and genociders none other than except as terrorists and genociders. NaMA mourns for the victims, extends its condolences to the people of Amhara and all peace loving Ethiopians.

National Movement of Amhara (NaMA)
Addis Ababa, Shewa
June 22, 2022


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  1. Again I call upon on everyone who is rightfully hurt and angered by this savage act to exercise calm and restraints. This violence by demons should not be allowed to trigger more violence. That is because violence never solved problems for that country or any where else except but rather sustained them claiming more innocent victims. Violence places destructive wedges between people who have lived in harmony for centuries. The most powerful and effective force that can police communities against such repugnant crimes are the common citizens when they are united. Thugs thrive in a divided and dysfunctional society. Governments can not be everywhere with their deterrent means. It is a screwed up world out there. Let’s monger for peace and unity among citizens. Today the victims are Amharas. Tomorrow will be Oromos if not already then followed by Tigres, Sidamas, Gambelas, Afars, Somalis and all others if they are not already. The only force that can effectively slow down or even put a stop to such barbaric violence are civilians themselves when firmly united. Sooner if not later this shall pass! Insha’Allah!!!

  2. It is a purely premeditated Genocide crime and the signs and preparations were all Infront of everyone’s eye that knew how Abiy Ahmed and Shimels Abdissa orchestrate and execute Amhara Genocide and atrocities for the last four years.

    This time was no different except for the number of deaths. This was not a sudden fight that broke out between UNARMED AMHARA FARMERS, WOMEN AND CHILDREN and The Well Armed to Teeth the OROMO LIBRATION FRONT SHENE. It was all the result of the well orchestrated plan of PM Abiy Ahmed and Shimlis Abdissa, the President of Oromia Zone administration.

    And as usual PM Abiy and Shimelis Abdissa are blaming OLF Shene and OlF Shene denies and put the blame on Oromo Prosperity Party while the number of massacred Amhara keep on piling up.

    Those are the indications, silencing the voice and for the preparation and taking the attentions away from Oromia Amhara Genocide.

    1- Illegally, rounding, abducting and imprisoning of Amhara journalists, bloggers, activists and political oppositions including the well Respected 80 years old Historian TADIOS TANTU

    2-PM Abiy Ahmed declaring ” Law enforcement in Amhara Zone” were there were never any danger of violence.

    3- Illegally Imprisoning over 3500 innocent Amhara Special forces and some illegally taken to Oromia Prisons.

  3. Unless they want to see more massacre of ethnic Amhara that is more than 1500 in one instance what would will explain for Genocide?
    They are not alarmed yet?
    Have they not seen the 4 years pattern of Genocide and ethnic cleansing yet?
    Have they not heard the Diaspora and Amharas in Ethiopia crying and alarming that Genocide is in full gear and on the rise in Ethiopia?
    Weren’t the Amhara people and Amhara Zone that was chosen for battle ground TPLF and Oromo Prosperity Party war?
    Wasn’t the Amhara Zone that lost thousands of lives , including displacements and infrastructures, schools, hospitals were destroyed by TPLF and Oromo Prosperity Party?

    What would alarm them more than this?

    Amharas and only Amharas are the solution who can stop the Genocide and their sufferings!!
    Then everyone will start to listen and respect Amharas!!!


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