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Temesgen Desalegne beaten in police station in front of his visitors

Temesgen Desalegne ( Photo : Social Media )


Temesgen Desalegne, the Managing editor of Feteh Magazine, is reportedly beaten at the third Police Division in Addis Ababa where he is detained. 

He was beaten while his brother Tariku Desalenge was visiting him during visitation hours. 

“There is more than 10 meters of distance between prisoners and visitors. The noise in the area is too loud to hear what people say,” Tariku told DW Amharic.  Tariku also said that Temesgen has some hearing issues due to the damage he sustained from torture during arrest under the TPLF regime.  

He then suggested to his brother to find a better spot in the permitted area. When Temesgen changed his spot, two policemen grabbed him, punched and kicked him. 

Temesgen Desalegne’s lawyer is informed about police brutality and the incident. 

Also, his brother told DW Amharic that he has reported the incident to Human Rights bodies in the country. 

Temesgen Desalgene was arrested on May 26 as the Ethiopian government intensified crackdown on activists and journalists. 


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  1. No surprise here. Just another day in paradise in the country, I mean tribal land of Oromumma “Law and Order” society of Oromumma wanna be impostor, Abiy the Terrible. How does the fake pastor sleep for ones second without his conscience knocking on his puny brain is a mystery.

  2. This is a big no no!!! This blatant behavior should be investigated and those who did the beating must be prosecuted.

  3. Well, sorry Temesgen for what happens when one speaks the truth, but don’t become a martyr for dumbsters, because they don’t grasp or understand anything. We all read the impending tplf attack with clarity – silencing the brave press, new US envoy, US troops in Somalia, kiremt GERD filling and the cacophony of Egypt (and now Sudan), trying to smash Fano, the western press and media wave of Genocide, western Tugray plight…Read the signs, they are coming on our country once more again.God will come to Ethiopia’s aid again, and of course, help God with Unite. Fight….


    The hard work of all those great Kings and Emperors living in dignity, peace and stability for hundreds and hundreds of years is now turned into jungle law of OLF mafias. Lawless criminals are encouraged to loot and transfer the hard working Amhara’s wealth to Oromo lazy criminal thieves and robbers.
    The Arrogant Ignorant viciously cruel Murderer PM Abiy and his Misery Party aka Prosperity Party way of prospering is clearly by looting Amharas and giving it to Oromos who never have no shame and the decency to work like Amharas.

    Amharas have now to do the same as their enemies in order not only to save their lives but also to get back what they have been looted by State Sponsored Genocide and looting. Amharas are faced with more danger than ever before and they must do as the saying goes. you don’t bring a knife to a gun fight “. Oromo’s Misery Party on Amhara government aka Prosperity Party’s law and Constitution is to exterminate and loot Amhara as they please under the watchful eyes of Criminal Abiy Ahmed. The Genocide and crime is all deliberately done under order and silence of Criminal PM Abiy Ahmed!!


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