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Ethiopian gov’t says 349 suspects arrested in Addis Ababa

Ethiopian government says it has arrested 349 in the capital for crimes ranging from planning terrorism to inciting violence

Ethiopian gov't _ Federal Police
Federal Police and Addis Ababa police during briefing ( photo : EBC)


The Federal Police Commission and Addis Ababa Police Commission on Thursday claimed that they have arrested 349 “suspects”, apparently in the capital Addis Ababa. 

According to a report by EBC, state media,  terrorism,  organized robbery, corruption and 

inciting instability with the use of “social media” are among the crimes that the “suspects” were allegedly involved in. 

It was also said among those captured are Al-Shabab recruits who were deployed to Addis Ababa to carry out terrorist activity. 

The task force from the two law enforcement bodies claims that it has undertaken several activities, within a short period of time, that are aimed at preventing crime in the capital Addis Ababa.

It also claimed that it is currently investigating an alleged Oromo Liberation Front (OLF)-Shane organized plan to carry out terrorist activity in the city. 

According to the report, crimes committed in the capital in recent years caused over 580 million birr in damages.  

Regarding corruption, the task force said: that “unethical district-level workers” have issued 47 fraudulent identification cards to individuals whose intent was to engage in different crimes. 

Furthermore, the task force said suspects who were, with social media, working to incite ethnic-based violence and bring about conflict between the government and the people are being investigated.  

The claim is not elaborated further in the report from the state media.  

However, the government this week has arrested several activists and journalists who are also known to be very active in social media including on YouTube channels. 


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  1. So does that mean Abiy will finally grow a pair and start cleaning his own house??? There are thousands of anti Ethiopian Oromumma OLF militants in his PP and all branches of his government, masquerading as civil servants of the Ethiopian people. When you bring those fraud to justice, then pastor Abiy, you will be taken seriously and as credible. Till then pastor Ayalkebet, the Ethiopian people will continue to watch your circus. Remember dear pastor and premier, THIS IS YOUR CIRCUS AND YOUR MONKEYS!!!!!!!!!

  2. It is a gross understatment to refer to the Abiy’s fascism, that is unleashed on Ethiopians under the guise of oromuma., as mere circus while millions of Amaras in particular are reeling from state terrorism in the form of spates of genocide and persecution across the nation.
    Abiy is a common criminal, a callous psycopath, and a delusional zombie who will someday end up either on the gallows or be locked up a mental institution before he destroys our country which he and his ilk believe not to belong to. He will not be alone as not only his partners in crime but those who are indiferrent to the tragic plight of our country will never escape accountability when the day of reckoning beckons.


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