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Twenty-one organizations say Crackdown on FANO represents state terrorism 

Crackdown by Ethiopian Federal government and Amhara regional state on FANO, activists, and journalists represents state terrorism and hooliganism, they said 

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Twenty-one Ethiopian organizations condemned what they call crackdown and state terrorism on FANO, a youth volunteer group in the Amhara region that played a crucial role in the defeat of TPLF forces in the areas they controlled in the Amhara region between August and December 2021. 

The statement, which is written in Amharic and released on Monday, said the crackdown in Mota, Merawi, and Woldia ( all in the Amhara region of Ethiopia) against innocent civilians, Amhara intellectuals, FANO, Journalists, and active individuals who are believed to have a potential in organising and coordinating people has nothing to do with law enforcement.  The organizations said it is “state terrorism” and hooliganism. 

It also condemned the arbitrary mass arrest. 

In less than a week after the Amhara region of Ethiopia claimed to have a security challenge from within the region from groups organised in the name of FANO, well over 4500 people were arrested. 

The peace and Security office of the Amhara region on Monday announced two classifications of FANO.  “REAL FANO” and those who are organised under the guise of FANO. It also said that the “REAL FANO” will work under the government structure. 

Last week, Federal government Forces abducted Brigadier General Tefera Mamo, whom the Amhara regional government recalled from retirement when the TPLF controlled many areas in the region in 2021 and handed him over to the Amhara regional state where he is facing “attempting to challenge the constitutional order” through unconstitutional means. 

Days later, the Federal government also arrested about six journalists and activists including Meskerem Abara, who has been a vocal critic of orchestrated government attacks, as she believes, on the Amhara region in different parts of Ethiopia. 

Ethiopian Human Rights Organisations have been condemning recent arbitrary arrests by the Ethiopian government. 

The statement from the twenty-one organisations highlighted recent coordinated actions against FANO, key activists, and intellectuals in the country. 

They demanded the Federal government of Ethiopia and the Amhara regional state : 

1) To stop “state terrorism” on FANO

2) Demanded the release of General Tefera Mamo, Colonel Getahun Biset, and other military officers immediately 

3) Demanded the release of arrested FANO, Defence Force Members, journalists, and young activists 

4) An investigation of why the Federal government carried out “horrifying” action in the region without authorization from the Amhara regional state parliament

The Full statement in Amharic is available HERE

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  1. Tyrant Abiy Ahmed is trusty for power and Amhara blood. Amharas must not allow to be massacred again. Must defend, fight and kill until the end with the Oromo Police and Military force who came from Oromia Zone to Amhara door step to kill them.

    The diaspora were deceived by showing support for Tyrant Abiy during the war with TPLF the same as the the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences when awarding this ruthless Tyrant Abiy Ahmed the Noble Peace Prize when Abiy is not a man of peace and dignity! This time it makes the the whole world that the ruthless Tyrant deceived and lied to.

    So the protest must go on with a big sing of ” Hey the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, We also got deceived by the same Ruthless Tyrant Abiy Ahmed”. So lets take this ruthless criminal and habitual lair who knows no truth to ICC!!!!

    The mistake was done with good intention but Tyrant Abiy can not help himself from plotting sinisterism and crime against every one, (Amharas, Orthodox Christians, Muslims, Southern Ethiopians, Afars, Somalis, Benishangul, Gambella, innocent and peace-loving Oromos, Jounalists, Acadamic intellects, Historians, fearless loyal FANO fighters, Amhara Militias, even loyal to thier people and country the National Defense Force who worked hand in hands with FANOs) just to satisfy his trust for blood and power.

  2. First it was Debre and the bloody conflict against and associated with his group. It was Shane and the on-going bloody mayhem still raging in various parts of Oromia. And now the destructive issue surrounding Fano is added to the savagery milieu. What else is going to add up to the misery of those unfortunate but eternally upright people? Tens of thousands possibly millions have fallen victims to the barbarity unleashed by demonic bigots over there. When is the last time we stood in silence to remember those innocent victims? No, we don’t do that. What we have been rather enthusiastic for is to jump on podiums fanning the flames of war from our safe and comfy homes here in the West and Oceania. When will we have the courage to say ‘the group I support is wrong’ or tell our favorite group ‘you are wrong this time around’?


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