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A Plea to be Heard by an Indifferent World 

Meskerem Abera _ Ethiopia news
Meskerem Abera (SM)

Millions of Ethiopians are under siege by an ethnocentric and ruthless government. People of the  Amhara ethnic group are particularly targeted for massacre, harassment, imprisonment and mass  displacement. Today, Ethiopia has the largest number of political prisoners in Africa. 

Desperate Ethiopians appeal to be heard in the face of this gruesome massacre, genocidal  violence and imprisonment by a tyrannical regime that is determined to eliminate a major  segment of the population. 

The international community has a moral responsibility to stop these atrocities before the  criminal actions of a reckless government become a regional and global threat to security. 

Seldom in the history of mankind has such a systematic extermination of an ethnic group taken  place since the dark days of the Rwandan genocide. Ethiopians are appalled by the apathy of the  West and the selective reporting of the media. 

Despite the preponderance of irrefutable evidence about the ongoing crimes, either by design or  neglect, both the UN member states and the mainstream media in the US and Europe have  refused to listen to the appeal of the victims of atrocities. 

Today, all independent journalists in Ethiopia are imprisoned. The voice of the people has now  been completely silenced. Just recently, a young female journalist and educator, Meskerem  Aberra has been abducted and, like many other activists, taken to an unknown prison. 

With this reckless act, the government has fueled a civil war with all its ramifications. 

As we witness the outpouring of overwhelming sympathy and support for the Ukrainian victims  of war, we are horrified that the world has chosen to ignore the far worse situation in Ethiopia. 

We appeal to the international community, the United Nations, and all governments that stand  for justice and democracy to take actions to free journalists like Meskerem Aberra, to stop the  carnage in Ethiopia, and to restore Ethiopia to its rightful place in the civilized world. 

Concerned Ethiopians 


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  1. Totally overstated case, no analysis of facts, no good evidence.
    ‘Concerned Erhiopians’? Probably one “concerned” Ethiopian.
    Please, Borkena, do no publish such rubbish pieces helping Ethiopia’s foreign enemies

    • You are right….even that “once concerned Ethiopian” could be a fake, marauding as ethio-centric. We have seen, read, and witnessed similar tactics employed even by the terrorist TPLF.

  2. Terrorist OLF Shene is proved to be Terrorist Abiy Ahmed himself. The proof is OLF Shene is the hidden hands of Abiy whom Abiy regime has been telling as an invisible and hard to fine. Yet Shene is freely going around selectively murdering Amharas and Christians who are currently being targeted by Abiy himself.

    It is not a coincidence that both Abiy and Shene hate Amharas and are murdering and impoverishing Amharas, When OLF Shene lived for 4 years murdering and looting Amharas, stealing billions from Banks while living in the same Oromia zone where Shimels Abdissa lives and claimed to have lost control of, why would anyone think Abiy and Shene are different? By the same token Abiy found it easy to go to Amhara zone and to attack Amharas. What else explains Abiy’s intention and ambitions other than exterminating Amharas ( whom he found the threat to his ambition) and changing the country for Orommuma only place by force and bloodshed?

  3. Just in a matter of few days hundreds of Ethiopians in particular ethic Amharas including the well respected 80+ years old Historian TADIOS TANTU, journalists, well honored General Tefera Mamo, brave FANO Amhara fighters, who helped the Federal Defense Force during TPLF war, Addis Ababa youth, the Balderas for real Democracy members and many more are being abducted, abused, assaulted, illegally detained and denied of knowing their whereabouts.

    Abiy Ahmed is turning the country in turmoil and becomes a terrorist regime that terrorizes innocent people.
    He has lost control of the country and for the rule of law which is an invitation for revolution and change of regime!!

  4. The problem for the global public is it has not been hearing pleas backed by hard facts. It finds horrifying terms such as ‘genocide’ with no qualifying components. The outside world has been enamored with barrage of pleas loaded with runaway emotions. When it is told that genocide has been committed against a group of people in a certain region, it discovers that the said victims are living peacefully and harmoniously with their majority people. That does not mean ethnic based killings have not happened. Yes they had happened but they were localized and spontaneous. Those who scream ‘genocide’ are those who never had the chance to live among majority Oromos. All they know about Oromos is the savage incidences in Bedeno and Arsi in the early 1990’s. They refute the fact that those horrific crimes were committed by demented sociopaths and not ordinary Oromos. The only thing they know about Muslims is Bin Laden and his demonic acts. That is because they never lived where Muslims are the majority. For them every Tigre is a ‘dreaded Woyane’ because their mind is closed by horrific behavior by the few psychopath leaders who happened to be born to Tigre parents. For them every Amhara is addicted in oppressing and killing of Oromos only. When will this senseless and extremely dangerous wholesale accusation stop? When steps are taken to teach school children Oromifaa that has now become a genocide. The fact is these same protestors don’t mind to bend over to learn English or French. They despise an organic local language while running over each other to learn anyone of those from the West. That is totally nonsense. All I can tell them is to ask those Amharas who were born and raised in Western Hararghe whose first tongue was Oromifaa and they are proud of it. It was more than a luxury for them but also both a necessity and feeling entitled. I’m blessed to have some of them as my lifelong dear friends. When I told them about children being asked to learn Oromifaa they were unanimous in their response: Bring it on!!! We need to be fair and factual.

  5. Free innocents journalist, teacher woman Meskerm TAbera.
    Stop tyranny PM Abiy Ahmed and the PP cadres!
    Stop abducting, and kidnapping innocent people without court orders!
    Stop government Criminality against ALL innocent Amharas.
    Free All innocent Amharas and go to where the real criminal live in Wellega!!!


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