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Kidnapped Ethiopian General Tefera Mamo reportedly handed over to authorities in Bahir Dar

The Amhara regional government or Ethiopian Federal government did not officially confirmed if General Tefera Mamo is in custody and if that is the case why it is so

General Tefera Mamo _ Ethiopian News
Gen. Tefera Mamo (Photo : SM)


A day after he was reported kidnapped, former Amhara region special forces commander, Brigadier General Tefera Mamo, may have been handed over to authorities in Bahir Dar, Amhara region of Ethiopia. 

A report by DW Amharic, on Wednesday, cited Menen Haile to report that General Tefera Moamo is detained at the Ninth police division in Bahir Dar. 

However, she said she doesn’t know when General Tefera was transferred to Bahir Dar. 

Asked where she got the information from, she said someone (unspecified) living in Bahir Dar, the seat of Amhara regional state, told her that he is there. 

In an interview with EMS service, on Wednesday, she said it is likely that he was abducted by government forces. 

Abiy Ahmed’s Federal government or the regional state in Bahir Dar did not say anything about the detention of General Tefera at this point.  Gen. Tefera has not appeared in court at this writing either. 

General Tefera Mamo was reportedly abducted before noon on Monday shortly after he left home to meet with someone in the capital Addis Ababa.  

Later,  Menen Haile confirmed the story saying that he told her that he would be meeting with Yohannes Buayalew, and left home before noon Monday.  

Mr. Yoannews was a senior government official in the Amhara region until the ruling prosperity party removed him from central committee membership. 

Gen. Tefera’s wife said she tried to reach him on his mobile phone on the same day (Monday) at about 4 p.m. but he did not answer his phone.

She also said that she reached out to different gov’t offices with the hope of establishing his whereabouts but she was not informed about it. The federal criminal investigation bureau, Addis Ababa Police Commission, and Bole Sub City police department are some of the places she checked. 

General Tefera was offered to be a security advisor for the Amhara regional state after he was removed from his role as the commander of the special forces in the region. However, he declined the offer saying “if you say I am not needed, you do not have to assign me to other roles.” 

While serving in the  Defense Force under Prime Minister Melese Zenawi’s government, General Tefera was thrown to jail over an alleged coup attempt. 

Last week, he gave a two part interview to Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) in which he was very critical of Prime minister Abiy Ahmed’s government and Amhara regional states authorities. 


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  1. Abiy Oromo thugs regime is revealing its ugly Orommuma layers of viciousness, Lawlessness gangster nature not capable of learning and adapting the rule of laws. The collection Gangsters aka the Orommuma Prosperity Party is the very criminals Party that people must defend and protect themselves from. It is not bounded by laws, intelligence and principles of Humans right and the Constitution. They are breaking and violating all the rules and regulations and violating citizens right.

    Abiy is unfit to stay in power and must not be allowed to finish his term because of misconduct dangerous intoxicated by power and ignorance that resulted in creating government violence. Not even one full year since he got elected brought so much miseries, deaths, violence and sufferings that never been seen in Ethiopia.

  2. It’s a disgrace that a national hero like him is behind bars, this man was on the field defending Ethiopia while Abiy the clown, and Berhanu ”the disaster” Juula were doing photo-ops and interviews.

    All Amharas need to unite and condemn Abiy’s OPDO regime, they are terrorizing Amharas/Ethiopians in the capital for celebrating Adwa victory for godsake!!

  3. General Tefera recently confirmed on an interview that he attacked TPLF or he started a war at a given location without consulting the government and the team he was leading was attacked and chased by TPLF. If you understand what that means he broke the biggest law at a time of a war. There is no general that starts a war just because he feels like it without getting approval from the government. Guys please use your ears, he already admitted what he did, why some people think he was arrested without any reason. Please open your eye and judge everyone based on facts and truth, stop misleading people

  4. The villain and unscrupulous Abiy and his Oromumma gangs gone back to primitive ways and inferiority complexes. How shameful and disgracful to find the clueless talkative coward Oromumma, Abiy Ahmed and his evil doer, Berhanu Jula are running around like a mad dogs abducing the well respected the very, General Tefera Mammo!

    General Tefera, the Amhara FANO and militia all by themselves, without the involvement of the Oromia force secured and saved Abiy to stay in power by defeating TPLF who got close to Addis Ababa.

    But Abiy is Abiy that will never change. Same as a snake he moves in a slippery side-to-side motion with venom in his mouth and body.

  5. Nobody believes the butcher and enemy of Ethiopian people Abiy Ahmed anymore. He has been exposed as a power hungry Oromumma fanatic , suffering from delusions of grandeur. His 4 years in power have brought nothing but misery, mayhems and total destruction and despair. Every time and every place this cursed grim reaper sets his OLF foot, death and destruction follow. Everybody who dines with him today ends up in a ditch tomorrow. This fake colonel and wanna be PM has managed to expand one skirmish confined in one part of Tigray to Gonder, Wollongong, and Afar where there was no war at all. He is untrustworthy, a liar, with a nose 1000000000 times bigger than that of Pinocchio’s. He is also a buffoon who does not even know the difference between Mark and Marx, continually referring to Karl Marx as Mark in one of those long, asinine, and incoherent speeches of his that kill everyone with boredom and imbecility. The more he talks, the more he exposes his ignorance. As the saying goes: kaltenagere ayetaye ewketu kaltarede ayetaye sibatu. Yeqes mist awekesh, awekesh silwat metshaf atebech applies to this goon. In short he is what should be called Weslata and nothing but Weslata.

  6. Please listen to Yeneta Tenetane with Seyoum. Seems the General’s episode has opened can of poisonous worms. If the worms reveal the General was up to something bad for Ethiopia, in collusion with known internal (and external) enemies of the country. Lidetu Khedetu and associates, the one time national leaders cum thief now marauding as ‘paster’, etc seem to ring bells.

  7. It is my opinion that Yeneta show is a garbage, pro Abiy propagandist drivel. That guy on the show also talks incessantly, incoherently, and boringly to advance his Oromumma agenda and excuses and cover ups for PP. He is more likely than nothing but a PP cadre and Abiy insider. For instance, prior to the release of the TPLF senior leaders, this clown said something to the tune of “we are going to make some decisions you may not like”. By “we” he meant PP, Abiy and top echelons and by “you”, he meant the general Ethiopian people i.e. his audience.

    There now has been mounting massive amounts of evidence over the past 4 years that the Abiy regime is an illegal regime that carries out extra judicial imprisonments, killings, kidnapping, torture and mayhem. It is a failed clique of wanna be leaders drunk with Oromumma grandeur of delusions and illusions and psychotic mania of self aggrandizement. They are a waste of time.There is nothing of value and character to be sought out of this preposterous and frivolous PP cadres, nothing, nada, zilch!!!!!!!!

  8. So let’s get this straight. Abiy wants to let OLF senior criminals responsible for the massacre, mayhem, murder of thousands and displacement of millions innocent non Oromo victims walk Scott free. How to create a false equivalency? Kidnap, imprison and subjugate a general from the Amhara region on tramped up charges, detain him unlawfully. Meanwhile, prepare to let OLF criminal leaders go free without accountability before the law.

    Where did we see this before. Oh yeah, Eskinder vs Jawar imprisonment, Addis Ababa youth imprisonment at Kilinto for standing up against Oromo millitants in Qerro, massacre of Orthodox parishoners at Timket (never ever occurred in Ethiopian history before the arrival of these PP hoodlums).

    Abiy and PP are the antithesis of the rule of law. Not even a kangaroo court will be available in Abiy’s tenure. The man dreads one word almost as bad as losing his power. ABIY FEARS THE WORD JUSTICE. HE SHUDDERS AT THE THOUGHT OF EQUALITY FOR ALL IN THE EYES OF TH LAW FOR THAT WILL BURST IN HIS OROMUMMA BALOON OF BIGOTRY, GRRED,GLUTTONY NEPOTISM, CORRUPTION AND BARBARIC INHUMANITY.

  9. Abiy points his index finger at Ethiopians but 4 of Abiy’s own fingers point back at Abiy and his PP sycophants Abiy points his index finger at Ethiopians but 4 of Abiy’s own fingers point back at Abiy and his PP sycophants

    The laughable “law and order” tyrannical riff ruffs in Oromumma PP with Chairman Abiy at the helm do not know what they are doing and saying. Proof? Proof is in the putrid pudding of their own making. Here it goes: the General is accused of “subverting the constitutional order” a rather vague mumbo jumbo. So if Abiy claims a non existent coup detat, a federal criminal offense, why send the perpetrator to the regional banana court in Bahirdar Dar???? Moreover, his crime was the open dissent on his ESAT interview where he made the following statement “there are people in government representing the Amhara region that want to be galloped by the PP”.

    In another funny but despicable attempt of nonsensical drivel, the regional PP in Bahirdar Dar says, the killing of over 50 innocent victims, the imprisonments of Fano members, the imprisonment of independent journalists is occurring because we are preparing ourselves to defend against another TPLF invasion in Amhara region.

    When people heard these self contradicting lies and fabricated garbage, they laughed and wept simultaneously: they laughed at the stupidity of Abiy and his ignoramus Oromumma PP cadres, sycophants and insiders, and they wept for the motherland, for Ethiopia, that once was, that aspired to be more and the barren mother from whose sacred womb these monsters and satanic entities were born.


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