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Ethiopian General reportedly abducted in the capital Addis Ababa

It has been over 24 hours now since General Tefera Mamo is reported missing. Ethiopian security authorities did not say a word

Brig. Gen. Tefera Mamo
Brig. General Tefera Mamo (photo : social Media)


Tefera Mamo, who was appointed as commander of Amhara region special forces after he was released from prison, was reportedly kidnapped. 

Family members are saying that he has not returned home since yesterday. His whereabouts are unknown at this writing. 

He was recently removed from his position as commander of Amhara regional special forces.  

His termination as commander of the special forces in the Amhara region, in the face of impending invasion from the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, is something that has triggered widespread criticism. It was seen not just as the work of the authorities but the work of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration. 

Ethiopian security authorities are yet to remark about his disappearance. 

In the latest interview with Ethiopian Satellite Television which is now based in Ethiopia, he remarked about current Ethiopian Affairs including the coordinated campaign move against FANO which is a  volunteer group that provided support to reverse the TPLF invasion in the region and beyond. 

As well, Tefera Mamo remarked that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s march to the battlefront in December of last year was relevant in terms of mobilization but the decisive defeat of the TPLF could not be linked to the military leadership he provided. 

“He was not commanding the battles. If that was the case, why did he not do it when the TPLF was already in Raya,” General Tefera Mamo remarked. 

It has become customary under Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration, especially in recent months, to kidnap critical voices including journalists. 

Gobeze Sisay, an Ethiopian Journalist, was kidnapped from his residence on May 3and held incommunicado for well over a week until he was released on May 9. 


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  1. Abiy points his index finger at Ethiopians but 4 of Abiy’s own fingers point back at Abiy and his PP cadres and sycophants. Abiy points his index finger at Ethiopians but 4 of Abiy’s own fingers point back at Abiy and his PP cadres and sycophants.

    This should not come as a surprise. The coward Oromumma chairperson and wanna be PM aka Abiy the butcher and Pastor Ayalkebet worew, gears dissent. Now that everyone has seen that the “Emperor has no clothes”, this buffoon and clown wants to suppress those voices that object to his Oromumma delusion of grandeur. His leadership has been ineffective and for four years he and his Oromumma cadres and sycophants have orchestrated the murder, mayhem and displacement of millions.

    If Abiy has the gut and truth on his side, he should answer to the Ethiopian people one fundamental question. At the start of the war, Mr. so called Colonel, Ethiopians recall that the war was in one area in Tigray. There was no war in Gonder, no war in Wollo, no war in Afar. What type of brilliant commander in chief are you, Mr. PP CHAIRMAN, MR. PM and MR. Oromumma leader and card carrying secret member of OLF, to have expanded the war to all these other areas, after you turned TPLF in to, quote your own fake bravado, “ duket” ??????????????????

    Show your fake face and facade of leadership and care for the country by answering how you managed to extend one skirmish in one part of Ethiopia to three areas of pillars of Ethiopianism. Mr. Loquacious one, you don’t have the guts to answer this fundamental question because you know and all Ethiopians know your secret agenda of Oromumma which you and your zealot PP cadres and sycophants can no longer hide.

  2. This is one of those who want to be like Tewodros. In other words people like him live in 2022 body but with the mind of 18th century so primitive in how they talk and behave. There will never be another ‘Mayisaw Kasa’ but there will be another ‘Menzew’ Tafari who was immortalized as:
    ኣጭር ነው ብላው ስውን ኣይንቁም
    የኔ ኣባ ጣቅል ያሽናል በቁም
    ሌላው ሁሉ መሪ መንገድ ዓያየ ነው
    ተፈሪ ኣባ ጠቅል ኣባይንም ዘሎ ነው

    This is the Doba Midr Anbesaw talking!!!

  3. Prosperity party per Abiy and per so called NEBE (National Election Board of Ethiopia) won somewhere around 97% of seats in Parliament both at the regional and federal levels. Therefore PP is RESPONSIBLE FOR 97% to 100% of all political, social, economic and security problems occurring in Ethiopia. Similarly, TPLF by its own token, has claimed it won 100% of the seats in Tigray and after the war is controlling Tigray region is 100% responsible for all the problems and chaos in Tigray.

    In the advanced world, a very competitive party probably controls at most 60 to 67% of political seats. After the agenda of a winning party’s political promises have been converted into policies and executed on the ground, voters have the right to determine whether a winning party’s policies have been effective or a failure.

    The clock is ticking on PP ( not the nonworking clock on City Hall which is still non functional after 2,500,000,000 birr renovation of Addis city hall). What are the voters saying about PP and the PM now? Is he destined for success or utter failure? He is the government at 97% -100% control of everything government related in Ethiopia. Will he continue blaming others while he is at helm?

  4. The disappearance of this general should ring an alarm bell. The government should ensure the safety of all citizens irrespective of their political views and opinions. Kidnapping citizens is an act of terrorism and should be condemned.

  5. One more thing. That fag Debretsion thought he could have a piece of cake marching through my homeland Menz when he on rampage toward the capital. He brought his queer Shane concubines along. My Menzes, Yifates and Jarso Gurmus of Buta Jira teamed up and showed those queers who was in charge. Later on Debretsion and his gang of drag queens claimed to have withdrawn voluntarily. He knew then and knows now that he was lying through his mangled teeth. He had no fighters left to withdraw anyway after my Menzes dealt him the ultimate medicine. Just during one engagement alone close to 300 of his emaciated soldiers were led into a ravine that could have taken them to an all weather road all the way to the capital. But that was not happen. Once the Menzes and their allies realized those devils were at the center of the ravine it was an easy pick. In most cases they did not even have to fire their guns. Giant boulders did most of the complete decimation. Not a single TPLF or Shane queer left alive to tell the story. My Menzes and their unwavering partners were the ultimate circuit breakers on Debretsion and his Shane concubines and will remain so until hell freezes over!!!


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