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Amhara region of Ethiopia responds to TPLF war mobilization

Reversing the TPLF war and addressing security concerns within the region identified as areas of priority for the Amhara Region Security Council 


The Amhara region of Ethiopia on Friday responded to the Tigray People’s Liberation Front threat to start war.  

Security forces at different levels of structure in the region are ordered to be ready to respond to TPLF war in war

There are still areas in the Afar and Amhara regions of Ethiopia that are said to be  under the control of the TPLF forces.

The statement from the Amhara Regional State Security Council indicated that a decision has been made to make two areas a priority to ensure security in the region. 

It said there has to be readiness “to coordinate with federal security forces to defend against attack from Woyane [TPLF], ” and also deal with what it described as outlaws and anarchists that are creating conducive conditions to TPLF’s plot in the region. 

It passed the decision after evaluating the security situation.  

The key point that the statement indicated is that the TPLF has mobilised the people of Tigray and “declared war on the Amhara region again.” 

It also said that consultation with the public at different levels revealed the need for law enforcement. The evaluation in that regard, as indicated in the statement, is that there has been a loose law enforcement practice in the region after the TPLF was dislodged from most of the areas in the region. 

Flaring up of organized and unorganized groups that are working to weaken the internal unity of Amhara, knowingly or unknowingly, has caused evident security threat in the region, the statement further said. The groups, it was said, incited violence between groups of people and attempted to create a conducive condition for TPLF. 

“The attempts these forces are making to divide our people on the basis of religion, politics and ethnicity is intended to weaken our unity and make Amhara vulnerable to attack could cause lasting damage to the peace and security unless it is cut short,” the Security council of the region said. 

It called on people in the region in urban centres and rural areas alike to cooperate with the security structure in the move to ensure peace and security. 

This week, TPLF leadership had been engaged in renewed mobilisation by organising town hall meetings in different parts of the region. 

People in the Tigray region are told that the effort to resolve the conflict with the Federal government peacefully failed and that people have to be ready to ensure the “self-determination of Tigray.”

All those under 50 years of age and healthy are required to take part in the war that TPL F is planning to start – probably in the rainy months of July and August.

The war in North Ethiopia started when TPLF attacked the northern command of the Ethiopian Defence Force in November 2020. 

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  1. Somebody, stop this soon-to-be carnage from hell! Some one stop this!!! If it takes a UN peacekeeping force I am for it. This is gonna be a bloodbath of historical proportion. Somebody, stop it!!! It is going to be carnage unseen before because it is not for sake of principles but fueled by savage hatred and it has been planned for months possibly 4 years. All sides are armed to their teeth with the latest portable tools of death. Somebody please stop it!!!

    • The TPLF is a fascist organization and fascism as well known is a belligerent and warmonger ideology. It does not accept and work for peaceful means of settling differences or disagreements. As a fascist and supremacist, force is the only means it uses to achieve its goals of subjugation and oppression. Thus, the victims and targets of fascism and supremacy have legitimate rights to defend themselves. Talk to fascists and supremacists in the only language they understand. That is self defense.

      • I agree with you in the inalienable rights of the wrongly assaulted to defend him/herself. My cries and pleas are for someone and somehow to stop the aggression before the aggressor unleashes it. I have been down on my knees pleading to The Almighty Our Creator to unleash His divine intervention and overwhelm those who pray for wars! You see, whenever I hear casualties the senseless conflicts in the old country I think of those young people who perished or maimed I think of my own two wonderful children. Those young people in that country should have had the same peaceful and stable communities to go schools and work places and succeed just like mine. But that was/is not to happen. That is the sadness which has been ravaging me in this sunset part of my blessed and high mileage life on this good earth. The blame rests on everybody those who instigate the bloody conflicts and those who fan them from their comfy homes here among us, our Diaspora, living in the USA, Europe and Oceania. Since the arrival of that scripture of the demons, Marxism/Leninism in the mid 1960’s and the stubborn groups that it spawned, the old country has been marred by one cycle of deadly carnage after another. The motto has been ‘I own it and you don’t any of it. You die and I’ll live on!’ Compromise and accommodation for the good of the people have been rendered a taboo punishable by death. The only mantra has been ‘annihilate and then rule’. We and the rest of the world were told that a lasting peace has arrived at that country in May 1991. We were told power sharing has finally landed on the land of those glorious people. That was extremely rare even impossible with the deacons/darasaas of Marx, Lenin and Mao. Well, well, well! It did not take too long for the deacons of communism to go after each other’s throats after squabbling over the share of power. One camp was TPLF/EPRDF and the other camp was made up of OLF, ONLF and others who knows what. All these were led by ‘former’ student of Marx, Lenin and Mao who have been raising the name of The Lord Our Creator in vain. They were all sweet talking smart alecks gifted in the arts of feeding on the raw emotion of the gullible. It is believed that more 500,000 citizens mostly the gullible youth during the years 1991-1994 alone. That included thousands of innocent citizens who were savagely butchers for no reason whatsoever. To this day nobody at the leadership role at that time has been held accountable for those atrocious crimes. 31 years later after we were told lasting peace had arrived we still see bloody conflicts raging. The difference is the conflict is not northerly only but it has spread to many places in the country. Enough is enough for heaven’s sake!!!!

  2. Now I would like to interject something relevant to all of us who have made some countries in the West our adopted home. Today is one of my saddest days. By now most of you are aware of what took place in Buffalo, NY. Such race related killings are becoming more and more news items during the last few years. It seems one such barbaric crime against humanity is other offshoots of copy cats. I don’t think such crimes are just spontaneous but well planned by individuals who were brainwashed by the poisonous propaganda of hate groups. This one is an 18 yrs old punk. I am worried for you my dear countrymen/women. Just stay apprehensive when you are at malls and groceries. Such mass shootings and killings were carried out by individuals who hate all minority groups and those who everyone, sociopaths so to say. If you here gunshots at such places just hit the floor or runaway if you can. May The Almighty Our Creator blanket you from such demons!!!!

  3. Why is the Oromo PP government afraid of going into Tigray to fight and to disarm those TPLF terrorists? That is what a real government does. Violently abusing peaceful Amharas and taking advantage of their peaceful culture and nature is a cowardly act.
    Go where war is calling out your name in Tigray Abiy and PP. Abiy Ahmed never ruled Tigray in his 4 years of power.
    So why call him a leader who does not know and do his main job?

    Why is the Oromo PP barking at peaceful and law-abiding Amhara FANO who is doing the government’s main job, protecting and assuring peace to its citizens? The Federal army must go to Tigray where the real criminal are hiding.
    Abiy doesn’t even mince words of going into Tigray and dare to fight. .

  4. Abiy Ahmed is not a leader of Ethiopia but a destroyer and a traitor. When TPLF declarers war on Ethiopia, Amhara and Afar instead of going to Tigray to fight as any real leader of a country would have done, encouraging, supporting, preparing and arming Amhara and Afar people his concern is doing the exact opposite. Disarming, creating problems, coming up with divisive agenda to divide one Amhara from another, harassing with Marshall laws and threats are all what he is doing!! That defines his evil intention that proved what has been going on against Amharas everywhere.
    What a shame that warrants his immediate removal from power!!!

    He was not elected to leave criminals untouched and not stepping a foot where terrorists hide while letting innocent people for slaughter and loot.

    Thank God Amhara now have known the government is aiding and encouraging OLF and TPLF to get away murdering and looting Amharas. They have come to understand it is ONLY Amhara and the FANOS that are their protectors and securely guards. ONLY Amhara protects and stands for Amhara. Of course there are many other ethnic groups that have shown support for Amharas by knowing the evil agenda of Abiy and his groups.

  5. War is declared on Amhara by Abiy and OLF. Instead of taking the fight in Tigray where all the war weapons and arms are stored he is violently abusing Amhara victims of fascist TPLF and OLF.

    There is no government that protects peace and Amharas and it is left for Amharas to unite and defend themselves from unlawfully and unjustly abusive Abiy Oromo government. When Amharas unite and come as a storm nothing can stop them.

  6. Nobody cares about the fake, and treacherous PM wanna be Oromumma ethnofascit sympathizer, Abiy. Recall everyone when the war broke out it was only in Tigray, There was no war in Afar, no war in Gonder, no war in Wollo. The lair and enemy of the peaceful Ethiopian people living in those regions came and told everyone on TV that his forces have destroyed the TPLF that they have become “powder” are contained in Tigray. Who now believes this fake, treasonous liar ever? He is untrustworthy, he is drunk with empty power, greed and gluttony. His 4 years of leadership have been nothing but misery, failures, mass murders and displacement of millions. He does not know what he is doing and what he is talking about. He talks a great deal, says nothing, 99.999999% of what comes out of his never shutting pie hole is just lies and pure garbage.He is also extremely boring and not even 1/10 th as amusing as he thinks of himself and massive empty ego.


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