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“Stand by as we are in the final chapter for self-determination,”  TPLF tells people in Tigray region

Aid delivered so far was not adequate and the peaceful means to resolve the conflict did not work. “Stand by!” says TPLF  

Mobilized TPLF fighters ( Photo : file / screenshot from THM video)


The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) had reportedly organised meetings to engage people in the region. The key message they conveyed was that ” 

It claimed that attempts that have been underway to resolve conflict with the central government through diplomatic means was not a success.

Debretsion Gebremicael, chairman of TPLF, said that “The people of Tigray should stand by to realise its freedom.”  He said so during a meeting with residents in Mekelle. 

Other TPLF leaders led meetings in other towns in the region, according to a report by Wazema Radio. 

“We are in the final chapter to reverse the existing suffering of the people of Tigray and ensure the right to self-determination of Tigray, ” TPLF leaders told the people of Tigray. 

Debretsion told residents that his organisation knew that the “political and peace problems” would not be resolved through diplomacy but had to give priority to peace before and during the war. 

Furthermore, he said, “although an agreement was reached with mediation from the international community, food and medicine aid that entered [the region] is not adequate to minimise the problem.” 

Hundreds of trucks of aid had been delivered, as confirmed by the World Food Programme, to the Tigray region of Ethiopia after the Ethiopian government declared humanitarian truce in late March 2022 but many of the trucks are have not returned yet. 

Debretison also highlighted that TPLF has sent messages to concerned entities through communication channels at its disposal.  In early April 2022, Debretsion Geremichael wrote an open letter to the United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres saying that TPLF is resorting to “other options” as the peaceful way of resolving the conflict is not working out. 

Other local sources say that the TPLF has already started a war in the Wolekait area and against Eritrean forces. TPLF unspecified  why the war is needed to achieve the “self-determination of Tigray.”

The focus of TPLF, as many Ethiopian politicians familiar with TPLF pointed out, is to get Wolkait and Humera from the Gondar region ( it calls it Western Tigray) with a plan to get a corridor to Sudan.  

The Ethiopian government has been accusing the TPLF of obstructing the delivery of humanitarian aid to the Tigray region.  

With the aim to overcome challenges to carry out administrative functions, the TPLF introduced regulations which require  individuals and businesses in the region to deposit cash ( including foreign currency ) in the banks in the region. 

Last week, the Ethiopian government, during what was said to be an annual consultative meeting with the European Union, said that the TPLF has been engaged in extensive military mobilisation for war. Among the orders in that line was the regulation that all abled and under 50 years of age to join the TPLF’s military Force.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed made three trips to three military bases, in areas close to the Tigray region, in less than two weeks. He remarked that the army is ready to “restore peace when it is disrupted.” He had been telling the army to be ready for many weeks now. 


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  1. What is ‘the final chapter for self-determination’ supposed to mean? If that means declaration of a separate state it will not surprise me. If Debre and his group go ahead with an ‘independent’ state I am quite sure that he will have to backing of some of the brain trust overseas. It has been my long held impression that there could be an understanding in the communities of these brain trusts that with its runaway population explosion and more 80 ethnic groups the old country might have reach a point where it can no longer carry its own weight. It has to split up into manageable pieces.

    • The Tigrayan Diaspora in Ethiopia and other countries are committed and engaged to support the self determination of Tigray. More mobilization is expected particularly by the Tigrayan Diaspora in Ethiopia The nations, nationalities and peoples the Tigray forces have liberated and allowed them to have self rule are equally entitled to determine their fates. Free and democratic Tigray will continue to support them and all the democratic forces in Eritrea.

      • What I stated in my comments it has always been my personal opinion as an independent observer. What I always long for and advocated was peace and stability for the people we all left behind. When wars are taken as the means to solutions people always suffer with the youth sharing the brunt of every aspect of the carnage. I yearn for that day when the youth has stopped being the cannon fodder for stupid wars he never started. I dream of the day when the youth of that spends his time on his smart phones and tablets rather than AK47’s. I pray for that day when the youth is flocking to libraries and schools rather than being summoned to the bushes to carry arms just to kill/maim one of his own fellow youth from the other side. We were told, the youth of that country was told that 1991 had brought lasting peace. Here we are 31 years later lasting peace is still a moving target, a pie in the sky and a dream turned nightmare for the noble people of Tigray and their fellow countrymen/women in the rest of that country. Nothing good will come out of any war for the average citizen of Tigray because it never did. If Debre and his group declared independence(they may call it self determination) I will be against any use of force to invalidate it. It must be solved through dialogue. I am and have been a student of non-violence. I detest violence like a nagging sickness. What those of us who live far away from flames raging in that country should do is stop fanning the flame from our comfy homes here in the USA, Europe and Oceania. History will not make anyone a hero out of this senseless conflict. Enough, enough and enough already!!!

  2. Once Debre and his group declare their region a separate state they will win their case in accordance with the current constitution. Now the question is will they get support from the West? I think they will get that conditionally. Then others will do the same and they will also get the support they need conditionally. Conditionally I mean if that brings peace and stability. With all such movements having being started after the arrival of the demonic scriptures of Marxism/Leninism, I don’t know how that will bring peace. Can Debre he make lasting peace with Eritrea? Possible but for now I don’t know how. Can he make peace with the neighboring Afars and Amharas? Possible but for now I don’t know how that will be possible. I’m not entitled to say yes or no. I will leave that to the experts. If the new arrangement for sure brings peace and stability I am for it. But again I don’t know how. With this statement by Debre and his group it looks very clear to me that the drum roll has already begun.

  3. Is there a need for war if the question is only self determination? The constitution written by Tplf itsef provide other peaceful means to achieve that. No, there are more sinister hidden motives sponsored by Egypt and the west – how low could the tplf has come to this despicable level???????

  4. Finally, TPLF will go away for good.Great. Now the the remaining Tigrian population in proper Ethiopia should be prepared to leave Ethiopia and move to the new country. Vis a vis TPLF’s own treatment of Eritreans, Tigriyans who,have shouted we are not Ethiopians should be prepared for “what goes around comes around”. From Addis,from Bahirdar, from Dire Dawa, from Hawassa and from everywhere else in Ethiopia then we shall expect the “Tigrayan citizen” to go to Mekele right? To quote your dealer Meles Zenawi, “mengedun cherq yadergelachu”. Rest of Ethiopians say “byeeee, close the door as you take your ungrateful a**** out of our mother’s home and do let the door kick your scrawny a****”. Who wants to leave next? Are you ready?????

  5. Those who know the history of the TPLF are aware that the issue of independence has been deferred, not dropped. It was formed to liberate Tigray but in the process it was able to capture power in Ethiopia and shelved its independence agenda to amass wealth and build Tigray. It means Tigray has already been a would be addition to the list of independent countries in Africa. But the loss of Wolkait and Raya which the TPLF sees as the breadbasket of the independent Tigray will cast doubt on the viability of the new state.

  6. It has been heart wrenching sight for me whenever I come across pictures like this showing the gullible youth toting deadly weapons after being aroused by smart alecks and ready to kill another youth on the other side of the fence. All I can say to the leaders of various faction having fits to spark another round of deadly clashes is, shame on you, shame, shame, shame on you! One day you gonna stand in front of The Almighty Our Creator and answer for all the malice you unleashed on those Allah Blessed people.


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