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TPLF wants the U.S. , United Nations to put pressure on Eritrea to stay out of war for “Western Tigray”

Ethiopian government has confirmed TPLF preparation for war but did not say if it is a war for “Western Tigray.” TPLF still training thousands of forces in Sudan, according to EPA report  

TPLF _ Ethiopia _ Eritrea
Debretsion Gebremichael, TPLF leader (Photo : SM)


Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) reportedly asked the U.S. government and the United Nations to keep Eritrea out of their projected war to regain control over what they call western Tigray. 

According to Eritrean Press Agency, a Social media-based Eritrean News source, the TPLF is aiming to control Wolkait – the part of Gonder that the TPLF incorporated as part of Tigray soon after it took power in Addis Ababa in 1991. 

According to the source, the Eritrean government has given a short and stern warning that it will not allow terrorists to destabilize the region. 

The TPLF is said to have continued training armies in Sudan. The source did not specify when and how the request was made. 

And no other source, at this writing, reported the alleged TPLF’s request to the United States or the United Nations. 

Eritrea’s Ministry of Information disclosed that the Eritrean delegation under the leadership of Osman Saleh, Foreign Affairs Minister, was in South Sudan on Friday. It met with South Sudan gov’t security advisor, Tut Gatluak, with whom it discussed the situation in Sudan and Eritrea’s effort to help support parties to iron out differences and reach an agreement to make the transition process a success. 

Earlier this week, the Ethiopian government said that the TPLF is engaged in extensive military mobilisation to start a war again. All under 50 years of age in Eritrea are required to join the military effort. 

Last month, the TPLF leader, Debretsion, wrote an open letter to the UN Secretary-general saying that the peaceful path to resolve the situation is not working and that it is considering “other options.”  

TPLF is aiming to open up a corridor to Sudan via Humera to acquire firearms.  Yesterday, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed visited the western command of the Ethiopian Defence Force stationed in Humera, and he said the army is prepared to restore peace in the region when they are disrupted. 

The United States and the United Nations are yet to respond about the latest alleged report that TPLF wants them to keep Eritrea out of the war it is planning to start soon. 


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  1. You know, yesterday I went to a nearby grocery to pick up a few necessities. Guess who were there at the entry door? Eritrean soldiers! They were looking for Debre and his soldiers. They are everywhere, man!!! At the airports, in toll booths, at space craft launching sites, the International Space Center and everywhere, dude! It is also reported that they have military bases on the Moon and Mars already!!! Them rascals!!!

  2. This government is really a joke. Tplf is also training in thousands in Uganda. I hope they will not disarm Fano. There seem to be rumor why Tplf and Edf Generals agreed? Hope not.

  3. The TPLF is desperate and will start war in order to detract attention from the deepening crisis in Tigray. In addition, the aim of the planned TPLF war is to attract international attention ( use its paid US lobbyists and supporters) to put pressure on the Ethiopian government. Its war will not lead to any military victory and will weaken it further. All the TPLF rhetoric about war is
    the sign of desperation.

  4. I still find it hard to believe that this demon (Debretsion) is still breathing!!!

    Abiy, get your head out of your a** and do something!

    Or, did Feldman in his last meeting with you tell you how to do your job???? (Turn a blind eye, release Jawa and Sebhat, and ignore what is happening in the Afar and Amhara regions!)

  5. For the umpteenth time, there is no such region called “Western Tigray” in Ethiopian history. It is like saying Sacramento is in Nevada. Wokait, Humera etc WERE, ARE, AND WILL ALWAYS BE IN GONDER, BEGEMEDER. As Sacramento is NOT North Western Nevada, so is NOT , Wolkait- Western Tigray. Furthermore, the Abiy regime was told time and again, to present the massive historical, geographical and administrative history of Wolkait Gonder to prove that the terrorist TPLF annexed this land to open a western corridor with the Sudan to realize the pipe dream of creating Great Tigray by Marxist-Leninist delusional fanatics TPLF buffoons of the likes of Meles Zenawi etc. Great Tigray is itself a fictional dream of creating a partitioned Ethiopia by fascist Mussolini cut short by the patriotic struggles of Ethiopian resistance and the brilliant diplomatic war won by Ethiopia’s gallant representatives first at the League of Nations and then at the UN.

    Bottom line SACRAMENTO IS NOT WESTERN NEVADA AND WOLKAIT IS NOT WESTERN TIGRAY. SACRAMENTO IS IN CALIFORNIA AS WOLKAIT IS IN GONDER. Can the Abiy regime use this simple geographical analogy to present the plights Ethiopians forcibly removed, displaced and massacred by TPLF from Wolkait region by these goons over the past 30 to 40 years???????

    TPLF’s own original founder Dr. Aregawi Berehe is on official record on video, stating that Wolkait etc were annexed to make a western corridor with the Sudan for the dreamed after Great Tigray.

  6. QUOTE: “TPLF still training thousands of forces in Sudan, according to EPA report” UNQUOTE

    This is madness!!! We witnessed the transport of “thousands and thousands of DOLLARS for FOOD to Tigray.
    For Heaven’s Sake: why then prepare “thousands of forces” trained for war i.e. to kill and be killed ?!?!?

    The DAY that question is rationally answered is the DAY that Tigray would be liberated.
    Glory to the People of Tigray — NOT to the instigators of war whose interest is THYSELF & yesterday, today, tomorrow. May the Good Lord up in Heaven be the witness. THE END

  7. a ploy by the opdo abiy regime to disarm the Fano and dehumanize Amhara to a pariah beggar state, overtake the Ethiopia state and turn it into an aba gada patriarchate, realize the kush dream and annihilate the semitic invaders???what is going on??

    • and then what next???? perhaps the disintegration of an Ancient Black African Country into pieces. Then the fragmented entities will fight among themselves 24 hours a day, day in day out, for eternity. That is EXACTLY what colonial forces desire to see with respect to BLACK RACE. And they are succeeding. i.e. to fragment AFRICA into pieces with the help of Africans enlightened with a piece of paper entitled doctor of philosophy and we are all happy. We can’t help it


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