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National Dialogue Commission entering next phase of work, faced “internal and external intervention”

Internal and External Interventions are among the challenges that the National Dialogue Commission has been experiencing since it started its work this year 

Ethiopia _ National Dialogue _ Mesfin
Professor Mesfin Araya


The National Dialogue Commissioners on Tuesday appeared before Ethiopia’s House of Peoples’ Representatives (HOPR) to report what it has been doing so far. 

They have reported to the parliament the commission has been undertaking and about the challenges it has been facing too.  The Commission told the Ethiopian parliament that Over expectation in obtaining solutions, suspicion, internal and external intervention, and piled-up agenda items were key challenges. 

The National Dialogue has four phases, as explained by Professor Mesfin Araya. Preliminary Preparation, Preparation, Dialogue Process, and implementation stages – which will be based on the outcomes of the dialogue. 

He said the commission held meetings and consultations with relevant bodies in the preliminary preparation stages.  The introduction was also part of this stage. 

The commission shared its observation that there is an understanding of the destructive nature of conflict – the very reason why the commission got popular support. The government, based on Ato Mesfin Araya’s report, has accepted that and is providing support to the commission. 

The key component of the four stages is the Dialogue Process and the main task of the commission is to create a conducive condition to ensure that the process is inclusive and transparent.  The proclamation that established the commission, (PROCLAMATION No.1265/2021), enlisted transparency and inclusiveness as the top core principles. 

The skyrocketing cost of living must have made the 28,000 birr salary must have made it difficult for some to focus on their work, and Professor Mesfin Araya has requested, as reported by Wazema radio, the government to provide housing for the commissioners (for those who need it). 

Over-expectation and intervention in the works of the National Dialogue Commission are also among the issues highlighted as challenges. 

The nature of external and internal challenges was, however, not explained in detail. 

The House of People’s Representative 

The feedback from the House of People’s Representatives is, from what Tagesse Chafo said, positive. Works in the preliminary preparation phase of the commission’s work (which, among other things, involved engagement with stakeholders, collection, and achieving of resources from indigenous conflict resolution knowledge) were good. 

The Parliament recommended that for the National Dialogue Committee to prepare a roadmap for the remaining phases of the dialogue.

It also recommended the preparation of implementation guidelines for the next phases.  

The National Dialogue Commission was established early this year and is headquartered in the capital Addis Ababa – and with branch offices in regions. 


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  1. It is my best wishes that this commission formed with noble intentions will garner nothing but success in its sacred mission. That country with glorious history, that gem of the colored and that one of a kind that produced us all desperately needs a remedy for its lingering ills and the trepidations these created. That will be achieved through dialogue with open heart and mind. In unity everyone is destined to win but in disarray everyone is guaranteed to go to his/her grave in the most agonizing and savage ways.

  2. Quote: “… in disarray everyone is guaranteed to go to his/her grave in the most agonizing and savage ways.” Unquote by
    Ittu Aba Farda, 27 Apr. 2022

    Humble Reaction
    The above quote says it ALL and can NEVER be replaced by any form of warning.
    YES, ETHIOPIA is going down the drain in pieces
    YES, ETHIOPIA can never blame any source around the Globe but itself for its own disintegration into pieces. .
    YES, THE WISDOM of ETHIOPIA will then evaporate, never to reappear again NEVER.
    YES, IT IS CLASSICAL TRAGEDY pricking consciousness to Ethiopians wherever they are scattered in the wilderness of what used to be a fertile land for wisdom. FULL STOP
    Invaluable Footnote
    Sincere THANKS goes to borkena.com for the invaluable source for utmost valuable essential communication.


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