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Ethiopia : Reported fighting in Ephrata Gidim area of North Shoa 

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Shewa Robit and Ephrata Gidim, parts of North Shoa in the Amhara region and in a range about about 200 kilometers from the capital Addis Ababa, are reportedly experiencing renewed attacks from militant Oromo nationalists who had been operating in the region at least for three years now. 

On Monday, the Debre Birhan city Communication Affairs Office called on residents of Shoa Robit town not to abandon and evacuate the city making their properties vulnerable to looters. It called on residents to work with the youth groups and the security structure in the region and stand on guard of the city. 

DW Amharic on Monday reported that there had been attacks in Epheratana Gidim since Sunday this week. At least two farmers were reportedly killed in Molale rural village and properties, including houses, were destroyed. There are also reports that put the number of deaths at seven. 

Residents have been saying that government service in Shewarobit was halted and that women and children had been evacuating the city. 

The latest report from DW Amharic, published on Tuesday, said relative calm has been restored to Epherana Gidim. However, government service delivery has not resumed in the area. Schools remained closed.

Also, the main road linking Addis Ababa and Dessie is closed. 

Armed radical ethnic Oromo nationalists have been carrying out recurring and horrifying attacks in the area specially since 2021. 

The Federal government and Oromo regional government have been claiming major victory against the militant groups in recent weeks in the Southern and Western parts of Ethiopia.


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  1. Terrorist OLF Shene aided by Oromo Prosperity Party government is responsible for all calamites and deaths of innocent Amhara and children.

  2. When you have youth in its millions that feels hapless because of scarcity of means to make a decent living then you end up having senseless bloodshed like this. It has shown a willingness to put up itself to the highest bidder, in fact to any bidder for anything that will get it going. Bigots know this and can easily grab any number of young people for their hideous scheme to pitch those noble groups of people on each other. These bigots are present in the woods, in the state’s apparatus and here among us where ever we live in sizable numbers. They feed the gullible youth with their well prepared poison. They tell him like ‘you see that Amhara peasant? He and his entire group are the ones who deprived you the means to make a living for the last 175 years. He is your gun. Go and smoke him’. Another bigot will tell the gullible youth in his joint like ‘you see that Oromo farmer? He is the one who killed 15 Amharas the other day. Here is loaded and brand new AK47 for you. Go and pump bullets between his two eyes.’ Now, you would be wondering where the bigots are when such barbarity is being carried out. They hide at joints far and safe from the mayhem. So far the noble effort by the level heads among these two pillars of that glorious country has been admirable and able to thwart an all out conflict. Let’s hope and pray that those level heads will continue to prevail over those demonic bigots. Insha’Allah!!!!


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