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Palm Sunday Ethiopia : Hosanna celebrated across the country

Hosaena is Palm Sunday in Ethiopia. It is also a city in Ethiopia as it was common to name cities based on Biblical traditions. In some parts of Ethiopia, the biblical names are changed as they were perceived by ethnic nationalists as legacies of “neftega” – word used to frame ethnic Amhara for attack. 

Ethiopia Palm Sunday _ Hosaena
Harmorious religious co-existence is increasing become the face of Ethiopia despite politically motivated disruption at time. A prominent and respected Ethiopian Muslim leader, Mufti, is seen with Ethiopian Patriarch Abune Mathias during the feast of Palm Sunday


The Orthodox Church followers celebrated Palm Sunday which marks the last week of Lent. Followers of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church follow that tradition, and Palm Sunday is celebrated across the country. 

Hosaena  is a popular name in Ethiopia for the Holiday. It is named after the song Children sang when the Lord Jesus Christ rode a donkey to the city of Jerusalem. 

The Symbolism in the tradition of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church is, as are the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ,  humility and love. 

The feast of Palm Sunday leads to the Week of Passion – a commemoration of the pains  Jesus Christ experienced as the man leading to his crucifixion on Friday. 

(Video embedded from EBC shows Hosaena celebration at the St. Michael church in the CMC area of Addis Ababa

Social media sources said the celebration of Hosaena (Palm Sunday) was more colourful in Hosaena city – a city in South Ethiopia. 

Palm Sunday _ Ethiopia _ Hosaena
Palm Sunday ( Hosaena ) in Hosaena city ( Photo : SM)

Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church followers make a ring out of palm leaves and wear it as part of the celebration. Also, they make a crown with palm leaves and wear it. 

The feast in the morning comes after a night-long service, liturgy, and chants (Mahlet as it is referred to in the Ethiopian Church tradition.)  

Followers of the Catholic and Protestant Churches celebrate the feast by following the religious calendar of the Orthodox World. 

A week from today, Ethiopian Orthodox Christians celebrate, along with the rest of the Orthodox world,  Tinsae – which literally translates to resurrection.

The Catholics and Protestants in the Western World are celebrating Easter on April 17, 2022. 


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  1. This is the old country as I left it more than 6 decades ago. Dear Editors. Someone had made an extremely minor typo under the first photo. Harmonious that is. I know your hawk eyes will catch it. But when I saw the photo of the Grand Mufti standing inches from His Holiness leader of my Christian neighbors I could not help it but was overwhelmed with emotions. We are all children of the Almighty. Happy Holidays Y’all!!!


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