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Ethiopia: Hosanna (Palm Sunday) in the Orthodox tradition

In Ethiopia, this Sunday marks the last week, which is the 8th week, of lent liturgy in the tradition of Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church. Hossana ( Palm Sunday ) is celebration of entry of Jesus to Jerusalem riding a donkey. Children in Jerusalem sang Hossana praising Jesus Christ.

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The day is celebrated in a peculiar way. It’s very common to see laity wearing cube shaped palm ring and wearing palm stripe on the head. The feast precedes the holiest week in the entire Lent.

The last week is known in Ethiopia as “himamat” which corresponds to “passion week.” It is the time during which the laity commemorate and live moments of pain and suffering leading to Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The most pious ones extend their fasting time to two days, three days or even a week depending their spiritual strength.Along with the fasting, prostration is the hallmark of the week. The liturgy for the week is a bit different and emphasizes the experiences of Jesus leading to Golgotha where he was crucified.

The videos below reflects the spirit of hossana (palm week). The fist video is Palm Sunday in the orthodox traditions outside of Ethiopia. Presentation in the second video is in Amharic and that also reflects Palm Sunday in the tradition of Ethiopian Orthodox Church.




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