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Eritreans, Ethiopians protest against HR6600 and S. 3199 

Eritreans _ Ethiopians _ Washington Protest
Eritreans and Ethiopians protesting HR 6600 and S.3199 in Washington (Photo : SM)


Eritreans and Ethiopians staged a demonstration in Washington D.C. in opposition to draft bills that are poised to essentially make Ethiopia a U.S. Colony. 

The protestors demanded that H.R. 6600 (Ethiopia Stabilisation, Peace and Democracy Act) and S. 3199 (Ethiopia Peace and Democracy Promotion Act) should be cancelled. 

Hundreds of thousands of Eritreans and Ethiopians Americans attended the event. They chanted that draft bills that harmed counties should be cancelled. 

They said that they are targeting the very existence of Ethiopia and that they will harm Ethio-US relations. 

Ethiopian government thinks that if passed HR 6600 will harm the relations between the two countries.

Tomasz P. Malinowski, a congressman from New Jersey, drafted HR 6600 the bill but it has got support from four other congressmen. 

S 3199 was proposed by Robert Menendez, a senator from New Jersey. 

Many Ethiopians believe, as expressed on multiple social media platforms, that the United States has been supporting the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), an entity that dominated Ethiopian politics and economy for nearly three decades after it came to power in 1991 with support from the United States.

In May 2021, the Ethiopian parliament declared TPLF a terrorist organization after it attacked several bases on the Northern Command Base of the Ethiopian Defense Force in what it called a preemptive attack. 

The TPLF had also attacked Eritrea in November 2021 right after it attacked the Ethiopian Defence force with the aim to internationalise the conflict. 

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  1. Oh boy, oh boy, it looks like Abiy and his sycophants have lost 90% plus of their support from diaspora. Only a handful of people, did hard Abiy fans came out this time. Shimeles Abdissa, the butcher, especially, is in trouble. This HR6600 bill will be a great antidote to PP militants and also TPLF thugs. The Ethiopian and Eritrean communities should encourage, editing and upgrading of the bill by contacting their constituent representatives both in the house and senate. A version that pins down PP thugs, OLF thugs and TPLF thugs, and preventing them from committing any further atrocities,,crimes against humanity and mass displacements of Ethiopians and Eritreans can pass both in the house and senate with majority support of members of both parties. The Abiy regime is not a good regime. The duplicitous pastor and sham pm has been masquerading as a true Ethiopian. His 4 years in power have exposed him to be just another bigot, die-hard closet OLF ethno-fanatic and Ormumma first and last un-pragmatic, fool and imbecilic ideologue. This so called Abiy has no compunction, no moral,compass, no ethics and lacks an iota of humanity for the defenseless fathers, mothers, sons and daughters of Ethiopia. He is morally decrepit, flawed, unsympathetic and also does not govern by rule of law but by diktat. He has fallen from grace so precipitously and sunk so low in value and character; he is not worth a penny to Ethiopia and Ethiopians. His time too, soon will come to an unceremonious and lackluster end.

    • What I don’t understand is how anyone with an iota of understanding of how unilateral sanctions work believes that this HR6600 will be beneficial to Ethiopia? Do you understand that anywhere America sticks its dirty fingers gets worse instead of better? Give me an example of a conflict the sanctimonious USA solved successfully since the Second World War? It is naïve to believe that sanctions solve any problems whatsoever. If anything, they make things worse and hurt indescribably the very people they are meant to help.

      What bothers me even more is why it’s up to the white man to solve a black country’s problems. Who made the USA the guardians of the world? At least if this came from the UN, there would be some dignity and legitimacy to it, but rest assured that America’s sanctions will not be the solution. Sanctions are counterproductive by definition and help no one. All you have to do is look around at the havoc America has been wreaking all over the world to realize that it’s time for black people everywhere to solve their own problems instead of turning to the white man and begging him to save them. America’s track record around the world speaks for itself, and it will be a tremendous mistake to believe things will be different this time.

  2. Subject: Eritreans, Ethiopians protest against HR6600 and S. 3199 ,, March 28, 2022

    Humble Commentary, 29 March 2022
    The current government of the USA is NOT looking at the most ancient independent black African country in the WORLD but at an insight of fracturing the African country — Ethiopia into pieces.

    The recommendations of the two Honourable Congress Members serve no purpose other than making Africa a sources of natural richness — NEVER, NEVER for the benefit of the BLACK AFRICAN PEOPLE..

    With the above background, it is very sad that the HONOURABLE BLACK AFRICAN COUNTRY TIGRAY is being used as a tool by Western Powers to achieve their Agenda as noted above. Taking into account the history of TIGRAY, one can’t help musing with SADNESS about the most gallantry of Tigrayans of the past such as Emperor Yohannes and the galant Ras Alula etc. Those gallants, and countless others, of Tigray do not deserve such a shameful so-called “modern” history.. Let History be the Judge.
    The End, with Sadness.

  3. Wow!!! that huge crowed is gone. No more support for Abiy and his murderous cadres.

    Why those people who hate Ethiopia are holding the Green Yellow and Red flag that Addis Ababans are being punished, imprisoned, house raided and are being abused for holding the same famously admired flag around the world as a sign of Freedom. Prime Monster Abiy and his cadres now might learn the cost of lying and deceiving.

    The Prime Monster Abiy and his OLF mafias are have been busted. They hate Ethiopia, Amhara and the flag. They shout Ethiopia, hold the flag and love the massive Amhara diaspora to support them while looting and massacring Amharas in Ethiopia. Now the Prime Monster and his cadres chirps, ribbiting, peeps, whistles, and croaks and Amharas and real Ethiopians do not want to join and listen to Abiy and his PP cadres croaking.

  4. Criminals of Amhara Genocide perpetrators must be held responsible.
    Terrorist TPLF, the Samri mass murderers and Genocide criminals must be held responsible.
    Terrorist OLA, OLF, Shene and OPP who are committing Genocide on Amhara and Amhara intellectuals must be held responsible.
    TPLF war in Amhara and Afar must be stopped and Amhara and Afar people must be compensated for the loss of lives, economy, infrastructure, properties and livelihoods.

  5. This reminds me what I used to see way back in the late 60’s and early 70’s. On Sunday demonstrations and hall gatherings there used to be highly vocal and quite eloquent individuals rallying up those who gathered against the ‘backward’ regime of Emperor Haile and I used to see the same individuals yelling and howling at street demonstrations asking the world to force stop ‘Ethiopia from raining bombs on our country’. O gullible us! O easily had us!!! Some folks really have our numbers! They know our buttons very well. O credulous us!!! Always wet behind the ears!!!!

  6. Contact your respective representatives both in the house and senate to request amendments of the bill . It can be further edited to box in the Abiy militant thugs in PP, the TPLF mafia and OLF and so called Shene Oromo militant mass murderers frolicking in Ethiopia. Restricting the expansion of those who spread terror, mass displacement, murders of thousands of defenseless innocents and facilitating the arrest and imprisonment of thugs and their submission to the rule of law are all American ideals that will find bipartisan support from most members of Congress. Call and contact your representatives to make HR6600 a bill of accountability. With the global world all interconnected, the days of despots and ethno fanatic despots the likes of the Oromo militants Shimeles Abdissa, the enabler and fake Ethiopian wanna be but closet OLF Abiy and his entourages like Adenech Abebe who massacred unarmed Timket Procession parishioners, the psychotic and sociopathic TPLF monsters Debre Tsion and clique and all murderous sycophants of the Abiy and TPLF regime are numbered. They know their time is limited and their decapitation is imminent. Hence, the despair, the restlessness the shiftlessness in their positions and their constant lack of standing by principles and the rule of law. They will either face the IC or the long arm of the law in their own place by their own populace yearning for justice, equality and freedom.

  7. አምላክ ነው ቤትን የሚሰራ
    አገርን ጠባቂ ከሐዘን ከመከራ
    God builds the house
    Protects from sadness & grief

  8. According to the general consensus among manyEthiopians, the current situation in Ethiopia can be summarized as follows. The ouster of what the lying and fake so called prime minister called “day time hyenas” opened the door for a new collection of “day and night hyenas” swarming in the PP. The people cleverly diagnosed the disease and pinpointed at the problem. The ousted “day time hyenas” having stolen and looted for nearly 30 years were getting full and satiated where as the new hyenas in the PP in droves coming from so called Oromia are ravenous, hungry and to feed their greed and insatiable hunger will take another 30 years. The former Kebele chairman and current so called Mayor of Addis, the butcher of unarmed youth from Timket crowd has absolutely no qualification for the position. Fifty years ago, the Mayor of Addis Ababa was, the accomplished civil engineer, Dr Haile Giorgios
    Workeneh. He was a Carnegie Mellon graduate with BSc, Masters and PhD in civil engineering from the same institute. Among his achievements stand the overseeing of the Asab Petroleum Refinery project. Now after half a century of the dumbing down of the civil service sector, every area is infested with unworthy political hacks, frauds and outright thieves. And the funny and yet sad irony is the puzzle and confusion among Ethiopians as to what is happening. Seventy seven years ago, Ethiopia’s foreign minister was the educated, talented and meticulously dedicated future PM Aklilu Habtewold, who proudly and courageously stood eye to eye at the then League of Nations, and demanded, argued and won indemnifications for his motherland against fascist Italy. Today Ethiopia’s foreign minister is the incompetent buffoon and lackey of the butcher Abiy, Demeke Mekonen, aka Asamaw, who cannot even secure the humanity, dignity, and the individual rights of Amharas to life, liberty, and freedom even in the region he is supposed to represent. Across the board there is a moral decay, dearth of talent and ability and the absence of ethics, integrity and responsibility among the wanna be leaders of the Ethiopian society. One cannot see hope, one cannot expect even rudimentary changes and improvements in this nation. The talkative, motor mouth and lying wanna be prime minister now has proven to be a failure. His 4 years of misery, mass suffering and chaos now should come to an abrupt screech and full stop. He has lost the trust of millions of Ethiopians. He now has become the problem not the solution. His demographic changing, Oromumma first and last at the expense of Ethiopia has become his own downfall. That is a bitter sweet and poetic justice dealt to the butcher at heart and fraudulent wanna be primer Abiy from above. The fool wrote” bere hoye sar sarun sitaye gedelun” arrogantly elevating himself as a strategist to advance the irreconcilable and unfounded demands of Oromumma at the expense of the rest of Ethiopians. To this foolish pm Abiy, Ethiopians in unison tell him loud and clear “mamo killo, yeqotun awered bella, yebebetwan talech”.

  9. It is a proven fact with mountain evidence that innocent lives have been lost at the hands of marauding thugs and properties destroyed that led to millions displaced. Such unthinkable barbarity is still happening even though it shows a lull in some areas but still active in others. The perpetrators are out there in plain sight. Somebody has to do something about it. Somebody must try to rein in and try to bring the thugs back to their senses. AU is shown powerless to show up with forceful measures. It has tried the best it could within its mandate to remind the hoodlums that there is an alternative civilized way of settling disputes. EU has its hands full with the bloody chaos in its own front yard. Russia and China? Well don’t start with me about those two. Please don’t. USA must do something about it. It seems Debre and Abiy are doing one of the following in lights of such bloodletting. They are either part of it or they are turning blind eyes while trigger happy bigots and demons go on rampage raping, maiming, killing and pillaging. Either way they and those in their cabals have to be held accountable. Both sides have been counseled umpteen times by AU, EU and USA to come to a dialogue table. They have been either thumbing their noses or making rubbish excuses like a hapless kid telling his teacher his dog ate his homework. What you gonna tell that Amhara dignified mother who was raped in front of her child by 5, 10, 15 demons? What are you going to tell that Tigre respected mother who was raped by goons who she lost the count and she was assaulted as such in front of her family? How about that so generous Afar mother who was raped and gravely injured in the process? How about that Oromo mother from Raya, Kemise etc? What you gonna tell all these mothers because they are wailing for justice? Put your mother in your place! Put your sister, daughter, aunties even your aging grandmas in their place. Something has to be done to jolt the perpetrators back to their senses. Leaders of TPLF, PP and OLA must be told that they will suffer because tens of millions of their citizens are suffering due to the violent fracas they are perpetuating. Enough is enough!!! Get off this 1960’s and 70’s stupid mentality of ‘Yankees Go Home’. It did not stick and ain’t gonna work!!!

  10. More than H.R 6600 and s 3199 the backward primitive Oromo Prime Monster Abiy and OLF government is hurting our people and country. The only news bothering and need to stop coming out of Ethiopia today are:
    -More Amhara massacre by armed Terrorist OLF and TPLF all sponsored by OPDO/Abiy and Shimeles Abdissa government.
    -More Amhara owned cattle and herds being stolen and looted by Terrorist OLF/Shene/OPDO and TPLF
    -More Amhara displacements, hardships, rapes, disappearance, abduction by OLF/Shene/OPDO criminals aided and abated by Prime Monster Abiy, OPDO cadres and Shimeles Abdissa Oromia Police during the day and terrorist by night criminals,
    – Amhara children’s and people starvation, depravation of education and deprivation of economical opportunities
    -More war and destruction in Amhara and Afar regions suffering from more disasters and calamites
    -More hunger and starvation in Tigray. Young male TPLF Tigres positioning for future TPLF invasion are flooding into Amhara region under the cover of starvation and seeking Amhara to feed them.
    -Addis Ababa youth celebrators of the Adwa war and Emp. Menelik II Victory are being raided, abused and imprisoned by OPDO Adanech Abebe, rude and vulgar and offensive City Administrators and the Prime Monster Abiy Ahmed himself.

    – More Addis Ababa long time Flamingo area residents abuse by the Oromo OPDO Oromo controlled Abebe, City Administration and the Oromia President Shimeles Abdisa.
    Those AA residents including women, children, disabled young and old, elders and students including elders living in inherited property are forcefully being removed from their many years residents only to bring Shimels out of Oromia zone and erect building for him in Addis Ababa. To go so low in inhumanity and backward mentality one has to be OPDO/OLF low self esteemed bigot.

  11. One thing we should expect for sure is Democrats are up to take the worst shellacking in the coming November 2022 midterm elections. It looks to me that the current pair in the White House is destined to be a one-timer after the 2024 general election. But one other thing will be for sure to continue. Good Ole USA’s generous hands will never be retracted from giving critical financial and other material aids to that always needy country. Again, be prepared to witness a déjà vu 2010 midterm tail whipping on steroid by the Republicans. You think the 1982 and 1994 midterm election results were humbling for the then sitting presidents, wait until you see the coming 2022 midterm (unless some miracle happens to save the Democrats from getting licked). That makes the next general election in 2024 very interesting. That is what makes the fire tested democracy we all enjoy very pleasantly exciting.

  12. I don’t support any group, party, or individual. I also didn’t care much for stupid and ignorant people. However, it is very sad to see such hate, tribalism, and stupidity in all the above comments. It is shameful that none of them attempted to make any argument based on evidence or logic. Some don’t even have a clue about the topic or what they are commenting on. They just keep repeating or reposting what has been said already. Fortunately, the country of 100+ million has enough people with good and working brain., not full of nft (mucus). That give me hope for this poor country.

    • Why don’t you enlighten us then? Let’s hear your argument “based on evidence or logic.” Whenever you criticize everyone like that, it would be nice to back up your claim with a fresh perspective. For example, I have nothing against what anyone is saying here except that I know sanctions don’t work and basing all your hopes on HR 6600 or the other one will be setting yourself up for a grave disappointment. Relying on America to solve your problems is tantamount to grasping at straws. One other point I want to make is that it’s okay for people to have a forum to express their opinions even if it’s just to vent a little. It behooves you to be open-minded about such things.

  13. Shellacking or not, the policy of pinning down thugs in the PP ruled by the incompetent liar Abiy, the murderous TPLF thugs, the militant wing of PP aka OLF-Shene and all other sympathizers and sycophants of the Abiy clique will continue to be a work in progress. The fundamental problem with the Abiy brand is none other than Abiy and his criminal buddies pipe dream of Oromumma. This fool had the support of millions and tens of millions in Ethiopia and in the diaspora. He could have charted a different course by being a responsible and responsive leader. Instead he was exposed to be a murderous thug with no compunction, respect and an iota of humanity and feeling for the lives of the marginalized in Ethiopia, for the poor, for women, children and elderly. He foolishly tried to bring demographic changes, silently designed and orchestrated the displacement of millions, let all time hyenas swarm Addis by replacing what he called “day time hyenas”. Abiy is an individual with no moral compass, always power hungry and power conscious to the level of a sociopath and a psychopath. The moment he opens his greedy pie hole, nothing but lies and disgusting bigotry and more lies are spewed out. He can no longer cover up the repulsive character of himself and those of his murderous, thuggish friends and relatives, the likes of Shimeles Abdissa, Adanech Abebe, Demeke, etc. There is nothing inspiring about his four years of misery marked by the death of an estimated 500,000, and the displacement of 5,000,000 to 10,000,000, the highest in the entire world. ABIY IS A DISASTER, AND AN UTTER FAILURE. HE IS THE NUMBER ONE PROBLEM WITH HIS PP CRIMINAL BUDDIES. TIME FOR HIM TO STEP DOWN. SMELL THE COFFEE AND GO TO THE ICC FOR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY WITH HIS BUDDIES!!!!!!!

  14. EPRDF aka PP hyaena leader, Prime Monster Abiy ruling system is riddled with corruption, fraud, Genocide, Mass Displacement, murder and abuse.

    In addition, Abiy’s four years rule is marked with Amhara Genocide, Abiy ghosting in war with Terrorist TPLF when fighters gain favorable upper hand, Injustice, Premeditated displacements and violent attacks by PP violent wing OLF-Shene, Intimidating protestors and journalists, Greedy for land and wealth grabbing, Mass arrest and imprisonment of innocent Addis Ababa youth, Interference in judicial system and Police unrestrained abuse. Abiy placing very backward and most horrible crime ridden Oromo extremist to occupy every higher and lower way down to Kebeles government employment positions. That leaves no option for those who are discriminated and marginalized that have nothing to lose but gain to fight for their rights, rise up and get rid off the continuation of EPRDF repressive tribal Abiy Oromumaa despicable rule.

    Abiy’s “four years of misery is marked by the death of an estimated 500,000, and the displacement of 5,000,000 to 10,000,000, the highest in the entire world.”

    The end is near for Abiy and his brutal Oromuma money and land grabbers!!!! Every Genocide perpertratores will be caught and face justice. Abiy is no longer needed. He has no ability to rule and the misery of our people must end!!!

  15. Sam, 100,000,000 + people in Ethiopia are witnessing as victims, bystanders, perpetrators and such the displacement of millions, the massacre of hundreds of thousands. The price of 5 liters of edible oil now is 1000 birr or 200 birr/ liter. One loaf of bread cost almost 4 birr. One kg of beef is over 700 birr. Inflation is running in the 25-40% range during Abiy’s time. Meanwhile, the prime minister, his PP supporters and enablers, their TPLF friends are slathering bull after bull to celebrate their negotiations, meetings, reconciliations, fightings, and have been cutting massive amounts of cakes after cakes for 4 years now. The PM is tone deaf, almost indifferent to the suffering of the have nots, the marginalized, the displaced, the massacred. He should have wept and should be weeping for the blood of the innocent shed for his political ambitions and Oromo supremacy madness. You asked for evidence. Look around and ask. Look at the city hall clock, does it even work, after 2,500,000,000 billion birr innovation per Adanech and your beloved Abiy. Every sector in Addis is infested with Oromo militants, PP cadres and Abiy sycophants. You do not like criticism against the illegal, inhumane, corrupt and morally decrepit regime of Abiy. That is ok, you will witness its down fall and relegation to the dustbins of history in real time. And it did not have to be this way. He could have taken the high road and laid the foundations for democracy, equality, and the rule of law. He had the support of millions. He now has lost everything, the trust of millions, momentum and
    any shreds of respectability. He is no different from the massacrers hiding in his PP, in TPLF and OLF. He has no ethics, no humanity, no compunction, no self awareness, no humility, no humbleness. That is why his PP members all are in the same boat. The moral decay is from the top, as they say a fish starts stinking from the head.


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