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Students, Teachers in Debre Markos took to the street over Grade 12 result 

Students in many other towns in the Amhara region of Ethiopia are expected to continue protesting until the government addresses what was described as an “error” in grading Grade 12 exams. Over 20,000 complaints filed. 

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Students and teachers on Thursday reportedly took to the street in Debre Markos, Amhara region of Ethiopia, to protest what is believed to be a scammed Grade 12 result by the National Education Assessment and Examinations Agency. 

Students whose hope of joining the University was dashed by the agency due to what the latter described as “error” do not seem to be letting the agency get away with the crime. 

The agency admitted that it has received over 20,000 complaints, including online, and that it has addressed them all. 

On the other hand, Ethiopian Institution of the Ombudsman findings from an investigation into the claim, which was disclosed on Wednesday,  revealed that the National Exam agency rather gave a generic answer for all the claims when it was supposed to treat them on a case by case basis in consideration of the unique nature of the claims. 

The National Education Assessment and Examinations Agency said that only 599 of the complaints were proved to be valid and that the results have been changed based on the review undertaken after the complaints were filed. 

Affected Students, mostly those from Amhara region of Ethiopia, are planning to continue protest until the government adequately addresses the problems. 

The Ethiopian Institution of the Ombudsman on Wednesday said that Students who were waiting outside of the Agency office in the capital Addis Ababa were denied access to the office as the Agency claimed that it has resolved all complaints and that further questions should be presented to the Ministry of Education. 

When students go to the Ministry of Education, they are referred back to the examination agency – and this is something that has been established by the Ethiopian Institution of the Ombudsman investigation into the matter. 

As such the Ombudsman office has reached a conclusion that the Ministry of Education and National Education Assessment and Examinations Agency failed to discharge their responsibility, and that they have caused administrative grievances.  The office believed that injustice had been committed against students. 

Some activists and opposition politicians, mostly from the region, tend to see the issue not just as something that resulted from an “error” during grading but from something deliberate and sinister with the aim to harm students from the Amhara region. 


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  1. We need the breakdown of the numbers. It is extremely easy to find out the discrepancies using statistical techniques. The Abiy clique is dumb as a brick. They think their pipe dream of Oromumma can be realized at the expense of the rest of Ethiopians. Time for the unscrupulous and thieving gangsters to go for good with their TPLF masters.

  2. Criminal Prime Minister of Abiy Ahmed must Go! Because he does not represent Ethiopia and Amhara!!
    Dangerous Criminal Professor Berhanu Nega must be Removed from Ministry of Education NOW!!
    Criminal Prof. Berhanu Nega is a Creator of Illiterates!!

    Now Amharas seems to get a grip on the truth and what the Oromuma wild dream has been planning for them.
    Amharas must understand it their own responsibilty to stand united and save their suffering people that Abiy ignores and pretends as there is no problem in Amhara region and to Amhara people.
    Abiy is ignoring the sufferings of Amhara because it is his intention and has not reached his goal yet!!

    Amharas are now faced with existential threat because the Genocide education tentacles has added Professor Berhanu Nega to do its bid.

    Amhars stick out their necks, crying and complaining when any other ethnic group get mistreated or attacked but when Amharas get massacred and suffer no one reciprocates . In fact evidences shows some to play part in more dangerous ways and some to take advantage by sticking with whom ever is in power. i.e the Gurage secret meeting at the Ethiopian Embassy in DC.


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