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Over 20,000 complaints filed on High School leaving examination result 

Education office in the Amhara regional state has requested the Federal Ministry an explanation about “errors” in the national examination grading 

12 grade leaving examination _ Tefera Feyisa
Tefera Feyissa, Deputy Director of the Examination Agency ( Photo : State media)


National Education Assessment and Examinations Agency, a federal agency, confirmed that over 20,000 complaints were filed regarding the result of the grade 12 leaving examination – with which the government selects those students who will join in 43 Universities across the country.  

While admitting the problem, the agency claims that only 559 students were affected due to what it called a ” grading problem,” and that they have been fixed. That was discovered during an investigation after grading has been completed. But the issue seems to be much larger than that, and it could even be motivated by hate based ethnic politics from what many in social media are writing. 

The Ministry of Education says it will not make an adjustment to the benchmarks for results that determine whether a student will join university or not. Samuel Kifle, State Minister in the Ministry of Education, says the results of students in the parts of Ethiopia where there was a security incident is not different from those previously administered.  He is making claims that there was no finding from the Ministry’s analysis that calls  for a special consideration for the areas impacted by the war. 

But many Ethiopians, as observed in social media, are not subscribing to  government positions. Rather, there is strong opposition to it. The sentiment is that the office was probably involved in deliberate malicious practice with the aim to harm students from the Amhara region. 

Tefera Feyissa, Deputy Director of the Examination Agency, says the narrative circulating  on social media is “far from the truth.” 

In response to growing public anger, Amhara regional education says that its responsibility is to ensure that the exam is administered in a peaceful environment, and that it has ensured that is the case. 

The office also said that it has requested the relevant authority to carefully undertake the task of grading the grade12 leaving examination by highlighting the social media narrative that was circulating at the time that the exams were stolen.  

The Government has announced that over 187,000 students will join universities across the country in the upcoming academic year. Of this number, 63,833 are said to be female students. 

There had been recurring instances whereby national examinations were “stolen” and shared on social media by radical ethnic nationalist activists. 

Dwindling Public trust on officials working in organisations like National Education Assessment and Examinations Agency emanates from the view that radical ethnic nationalists are fielded in Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government structure and at the regional levels as well. 

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  1. The obvious reason is the fear of Amhara intelligent students. The scandalous bigot, Berhanu Nega appointment in the Ministry of Education by none other than by the Bigot Abiy Amhara Butcherer is for this obvious reason. To systematically pull down, reduce and eliminate Amhara people from competing and participating in politics, economy and education. Amhara’s success sends wave of fear and shock in those bigots criminal groups.
    Now there is nothing left unknown what Abiy the Amhara Butchered and OLF agenda front runner has not done. No doubt he will contentiously come up with more sinister dictator tactics and murders but every Amhara and Afar must thwart this evil mans ambition by staying united, communicated and vigilant.

    For the last 3+ year he was successful in deceiving Amharas and those who believed in united Ethiopia when Talkative Abiy was swearing in Ethiopia’s name. But all that now have proven to be total lies and OLF style deceits.
    What is left to do a real, united and collaborated action by Amharas and Afars to insure their existence and to stay safe from the scandalous Amhara and Afar Butcher Abiy and his criminal OPDO groups evil plans.

  2. why is it that all officials are now somehow OROMUMA?? Making the same mistake that tplf did, even worse – on education and people’s future????

  3. The Oromuma Exodus to all all government key positions just like TPLF has marginalized every other Ethiopians from economic and employment opportunities. Orommua without a hint of shame and guilt is controlling the economy, military, banks and all politics . The same stupid greedy mistake is repeated by the Orommuma PM Abiy and his groups.

    This definitely has energized all the non-Orommuma Ethiopians to get rid of this Orommuma infestation. Every Ethiopians want to keep their identify, culture and religion without the pressure and repressive methods to convert them to Orommuma.
    The greedy Ormmuma is following the Prosperity theme to prospert its groups and pays more attention for monetary gain that has no value for Orthodox and Muslim religions. Orthodox Christianity and Muslim religions are perceived its biggest obstacles and therefore are targeted as threats to be broken down. That proves for the resent Orommuma Abiy’s interference between those two religions when he is neither one.

    Abiy and his Orommuma cadres filled in ignoramus and greed have no quality or ability to lead such religiously and culturally rich and diverse society.
    Orommuma should stay in Oromia not in Addis Ababa. Orommuma must be ousted from Govermnet!

  4. Wolkait Amhara of Begemeder and Raya of Wollo Amhara need Government Fund since TPLF has massacred and destroyed all Amhara land and people. Abiy should stop your conspiracy and plot to sell and hurt Amharas.

    What are you waiting for Abiy? What is your purpose?
    After sending people to war and wasting so many precious of the Defense Force, Amhara, Afar lives, properties and money why are you retreating back to Oromuma corner and hiding from facing Ethiopians ?
    Are you leading Ethiopia or worried about your power after the “5 years terms?
    Abiy’s main concern now is how he will stay in power after the 5 years term before even finishing the first year while holding the seat by cheating the election process.

    Amahara people are the only one to make decision for themselves and Amhara land. No Abiy or any NON-Amhara can decide for Amharas!! Especially those who hate Amharas!!!
    Just like you are afraid to speak about Tigry, Abiy should stop talking about Amhara people land..
    Amharas will not allow their people and land to be occupied and massacred by TPLF Terrorists. TPLF is hungry for Amhara and Afar land but Tigray should keep its original, the 30 years ago province and centuries old territory. In fact it was only Tigray province that was named
    We support HR6600!!!!! Oromuma entrapment must Go!!!!

  5. The problem with this skewed vision of education opportunities to only certain ethnic groups regardless of merit, intelligence, talent, educational achievement and scores is waste of precious resources. None other than the current fake doctors infesting the PP ignoramus riff ruff thugs are a better and living testimony to this idiotic inferiority complex from which the Abiy clique suffers. You cannot subdue, cover, overshadow the intelligence and God given talent of Ethiopian students based on their ethnicity or place of birth. They will flourish, prosper and outshine all ignoramus PP thugs whose iqs will remain in single miserable digit regardless of the number of fake doctorates, fake masters, fake bachelors and what have you they buy. This imbecile, Abiy, is getting dumber and dumber by the minute. Time for Ethiopians, especially those betrayed by this traitor to chart a course, development pathway and intellectual journey without this fool. The individual Ethiopian’s inalienable rights to freedom, liberty and equality is unassailable by the brutality, mendacity, inhumanity and barbarism of the Abiy clique. Already Ethiopians have won; the losers are the TPLF thugs and their protege Oromo fanatics and murderers. These crass, unrefined, mentally incapacitated, morally decadent and ethically compromised subhuman butchers, starting from the top Abiy to the bottom can do nothing, nada, zilch to the psyche of true Ethiopians in tens and hundreds of millions. Abiy the fool and his sycophantic worshippers know very well that the honeymoon is over and that they too will be relegated to the dustbins of history, like their fathers, forefathers had been.

  6. The collection of ignoramus riff ruffs, out right frauds, thieves, murderers, embezzlers, ethno fascists and sycophants in PP know very well that no matter how many times they buy their degrees and fake doctorate degrees, the moment they open their filthy pinholes, they will be exposed as uneducated , unlearned and repulsive political hacks who can never be responsible adults let alone respectable citizens and far fetched benevolent and capable leaders of hundreds of millions. They know this very well, all Ethiopians know this very well and so does the rest of the world.


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