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Chairman Abiy says “Pray for me to serve you all in loyalty” as he is elected chairman 

Demeke Mekonnen and Adem Farah are elected as Deputy Chairpersons of Prosperity Party 

Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed making speeches after he was elected as chairman of Prosperity party , which he established about three years ago, on March 12, 2022. (Courtesy : FBC)


On the second day of its First Party Congress, the ruling prosperity party on Saturday announced that it had elected Abiy Ahmed, the prime minister, as chairman of the party. He held the position for the past three-plus years. 

“Since I want to serve diligently and ethically; in order for me to be Ethiopian and serve you all with impartiality, and loyalty, for time and situations not to take to here and there, pray for me.” 

In the tradition of the party, which is inherited from the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), now defunct, the chairman of the party is elected as Prime Minister. Essentially, it is the party that elects the prime minister, the highest authority in Ethiopia as things stand now. 

Prosperity Party has also elected two Deputy Chairman – Demeke Mekonnen and Adem Farah.  No explanation was given as to why two Deputy Chairman are needed for the party. 

Demeke has served as deputy party chairman for the past three years in the party structure. In the government position ( the difference between the party and government is negligible), he has been serving as Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister. 

Demeke Mekonen (left) and Adem Farah (right) (Photo credit : FBC)

Adem Farah has served as Speaker of the House of Federation ( upper house in the existing Ethiopian government structure)  after Keria Ibrahim, who happened to be an executive member of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, unexpectedly resigned in June 2020 as the difference between TPLF and Abiy Ahmed led party escalated which eventually led to war. In October 2021, Adem Farah was replaced by Agegnehu Teshager who served as president of the Amhara region. Adem Farah was serving as head of the party office until yesterday. 

“Personally, I was interested in quitting the position of authority. However, I found it improper to put responsibility aside at this point in time and I am ready to serve more than ever before in the role that congress bestowed upon me, ” Demeke Mekonnen said in a remark to the congress after he was elected as deputy chairman. 

He also remarked about his colleague and boss, as he described him. “On this level, I am very happy to work with a colleague and boss who is shouldering all things and working twenty-four hours,” he added. 

Adem Farah had words of gratitude to the congress. “We thank you for electing us for this position…we will commit ourselves to work day and night to meet the trust you bestowed upon us,” he said. 

Soon after the fall of the TPLF dominated central government, the Prosperity Party gained popularity on grounds of promised reform to bring about unity and prosperity to Ethiopians. 

However, there is simmering ( sometimes visible on the surface) disenchantment among Ethiopians that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed failed Ethiopia. Particular points of criticism are the failure to provide security for Ethiopians and the right to live in dignity and work in different parts of Ethiopia. Thousands of innocent civilians had been massacred in the Oromo and Benishangul Gumuz regions of Ethiopia by a radical ethnic Oromo nationalist group and Gumuz gunmen since Abiy Ahmed became Prime Minister in 2018. 

The war with TPLF has also brought about destruction to the Afar and Amhara regions of Ethiopia, and there is a sentiment among ethnic  Afar and Amhara politicians and activists, in the opposition quarter, that it could have been averted had Abiy Ahmed’s government acted decisively and in a timely fashion. 

The First Prosperity Party Congress, which started on Friday, is expected to conclude on Monday.

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  1. The clown show continues. It is good Oromo militant thugs managed to open a little space for Aden Farah in their PP OLF murderers infested nest. However, the fact is that the looting, embezzlement, lack of accountability will continue full fledged. Abiy the clown will keep his clownish show all along with his thuggish OLF buddies.

  2. I wish the newly elected officials success in the effort to bring lasting peace and stability for that besieged nation and its suffering citizens. All the best!!!

    • “And when ye spread forth your hands, I will hide mine eyes from you: yea, when ye make many prayers, I will not hear: your hands are full of blood” (Isaiah 1:15).
      “But your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear” (Isaiah 59:2).

      Isaiah 1:15 When you spread out your hands, I will hide my eyes from you; even though you make many prayers, I will not listen; your hands are full of blood.

      Wicked and crooked Abiy whose hands are full of blood of innocent Tegaru, Amhara, Oromos and other temple of God will not be heard at all.
      It will be a mockery and belittling our religion if we pray before God for Abiy Ahmed, what he needs is to stay in power for ages- what chickens seek is fragmented cereals fitting their beaks(Doro bitalim tirewan. We must primarily pray for those who are suffering and enduring unspeakable agony , people of Tigray, Oromos, KImant , Agew, Amhara and all other civilians but not to those deliberately destroy humanity and burn the house of God. Abiy and all his accomplices must step down!!Peace and stability for all humanity and Amhara elites to jail with Abiy Ahmed!!!

  3. Now I know why the name Adem Farah stared appearing in several twitter accounts of these proven bigots and republic dreamers among us. He is been called all kinds of pejorative names by these hate mongers especially the one who seems to be suffering from a serious bout of identity crisis. You can easily see him anchoring one of his feet in one sovereign country and his other foot in another sovereign country. He sounds pissed off because Abiy did not invite him to rule over the entire region east of the Awash River. About a few months ago one of my long time friends who lives in the same city with this bigot had told me a story about this ‘greater republic’ dreamer which I found hilarious. I will ask for my friend’s permission before I tell you about. I was on the floor laughing out loud when he told me the story.

  4. Eat your heart out! Derg Mengistu and EPRDF Meles! Abiy has left you in a dust in the worst Tyrant contest with the smirky smile. He has invented a One-in-All Tyrant election system that makes the Tyrant the chairman, elector and the most feared electee all in the same time.
    That way I am assured to control the PM or the next plan, the President seat for as long as he lives.
    Abiy is saying this to himself Why bother? I am successful in silencing and intimidating those who dare to speak out about my failures and putting with the whole election charade. I will Cut to the chase and crown myself for life. Right now, I will tell those fools that I am the PM for 10 not for 5 years but after few more tricks and intimidations I will assure myself to stay for life.
    So, Ethiopians congratulations, embrace yourself for more Amhara Genocide first then after successful slaughter operations will continue to Afar, Somali, Southern, Gurages and so on. In the meantime, more burning of humans and properties, pillaging, transferring wealth to OLF Oromos from Amhara and others and so on is in the plan.

  5. Subject: “Chairman Abiy says “Pray for me to serve you all in loyalty” as he is elected chairman” March 12, 2022

    Humble Opinion
    In all honesty and practicality, Chairman Abiy does not need any prayer from any body to do his job i.e. administering Ethiopia.
    The road is clear. What is needed is to focus and drive to the intended destination.. That is all. Of course, it is very smooth for by standers to say so, in the safety of private tranquility.

    Dear Chairman Abiy: Admirably, YOU started your voyage, three years ago.
    Stay focused on your dream and destination.
    Don’t warble in your drive but be focused straight onto your destination.
    Finally, be worthy to the recognition that the International Organization bestowed upon you.
    And, by the way, Good Luck.

  6. Comrade Abiy, now crowned Emperor and dictator perpetuo….we prostrate before you Caesar, oh great one, Emperor Abiy MMXXII.

  7. Abiy is soaked in sin no prayer will save him. Abiy is a walking and talking devil.
    The only salvation for Ethiopians is to get rid of him. The last 3+ years under Abiy’s watch is hell for ALL Orthodox Christians, Muslims, Afars, Amhara, Tigres Southerners and now Somalis. He has narrow agenda that is not even good for Oromos.
    There is no LAW to respect, where the Oromia Police and PP cadres are disrespecting the courts, judges and peaceful people.

    I am so scared of this guy called Abiy Ahmed. While he is ignoring Amhara Genocide and sending Prosperity Party cadre assassin squads in Amhara region to murder our patriot Fano brothers and sisters he is wining and dinning and dancing in Addis Ababa and Oromo zone as if people are not suffering .

    No More Dictatorship. Abiy Step Down!! You are not elected, you elected yourself. No More to Abiy Ahmed!!!


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