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Prosperity Party 1st Congress to elect “strong leaders” 

Ethiopia’s  Prosperity Party starts its First Party Congress tomorrow with the aim to elect “strong leaders” 

Prosperity Party First Congress _ Ethiopia _ Bikila
Bikila Hurrisa, public relations head of Prosperity Party, during press conference


About a week after announcing a major purge at the regional level, Prosperity Party, Ethiopia’s ruling party, is poised to undertake its first congress which will launch on Friday.  Representatives of South Africa’s African National Congress (ANC) arrived in the country on Thursday, according to a report by the Ethiopian News Agency. 

As a prelude to the congress, the prosperity party was undertaking three days of meetings in Nazret (now Adama) which ended on Thursday. The party made claims that it has achieved “success” in terms of defending the sovereignty of Ethiopia. It is also making pledges that it will deal with ethical issues including corruption within the party. 

The party also makes claims that it has rescued Ethiopia from disintegration. However, recent political decisions, including on matters of the way the war against TPLF is handled and failures to protect the security of Ethiopians as a radical ethnic Oromo Nationalist group slaughters innocent civilians on a regular basis, has generated a noticeable public disenchantment, and the party is believed to have lost considerable support. 

Bikila Hurrisa, public relations head of the party, said on Thursday, during a press conference, that the first congress of Prosperity Party will elect strong leaders capable of discharging responsibility to attain party mission. 

Prosperity Party was established about three years ago after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed initiated a political process to end the existence of the now-defunct Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front, a coalition of four major ethnic-based parties and three other support parties which were crafted by Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) under the leadership of the late Meles Zenawi in 1991. 

TPLF parted ways with member parties disagreeing with the formation of a single united party – one of the factors that contributed to the tension with the Federal government that led to the war which is not yet concluded. 

Although Prosperity Party appears to be superficially a single united party it is not much different from EPRDF in the sense that ethnic-based governance is still strong within the party. Branch offices are based in regional states which are configured on the basis of an ethnic-based federal form of government. Just like EPRDF, the Prosperity Party structure becomes ethnic-based outside of the capital Addis Ababa, a city over which Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s former Oromo People’s Democratic Organization claimed exclusive ownership right just before the establishment of the Prosperity Party was declared. 


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  1. PP led by the idiotic and loquacious Abiy is nothing but a disaster. The imbecilic PM talks too much, says nothing of value and is often comical and outright silly and stupid. His recent comment about eating some unknown green leaves with beans to alleviate the edible oil shortage in the country is the pinnacle of his ignorance, lack of depth and empathy for the people. The fact of the matter is two years after Abiy boasted about the sycophant Worku Aytenew’s new imaginary oil factory, Ethiopians have not seen 1 ml of the imaginary product. Worku, Adanech, Shimeles, Lemessa, Germesa etc are all looters and thieves hiding behind PP, getting coverage and protection from the Abiy criminal clique, stealing public wealth and funds, for personal enrichment and embezzlement and their pipe dream of Oromumma. Time for Abiy to go, not effective, not trustworthy and respectable at any level.

  2. Enough with a liar and inept Abiy and his corrupt criminal groups!!!

    A lot of hoopla to cover the Genocide against Amhara and Afar and the pillage by the Servant of TPLF the OLF and Abiy the inept lair..
    The psychopath compulsive lair Abiy and his groups are going through the elaborate charade when no one accept them as a legitimate and responsible government. They are bunch of the same old TPLF Tigrea servants putting up election charade.

    Oromo EPRDF groups hidden under Prosperity skit have not shown or proven to have the dedication, responsibilities and qualities of a government.
    They are trapped in centuries precolonial old barbaric gruesome murderer tactics, treats, greed, massacring innocent hard working farmers, pregnant women and pillaging Amahra’s hard earned wealth. They do not know basic principles of governance and the rule of law.

    Now the arrogance is ignorance has reached its highest peak. Arbitrary arrest of peaceful Addis Ababa and the Balderas Party protestors and raiding many Addis Ababa homes by the organized Criminal EPRDF/Oromo Prosperity Patry and OLF.

    • Dear Time For New and Fresh Leadership

      People like you always say this and that when they are attacking their opponent or to make their argument plausible by presenting every negative aspect against their enemies. You made one important point that many of us try to avoid it on the account of safeguarding our people especially the most vulnerable and helpless part of our society-children, elders and women.

      However, the truth is we have enemies almost f rom every tribe but mainly from Amhara and Oromos . I am personally quite buffled about Oromos-we have oromos who stand against the genocide waged against our people, and we have oromos who massacre both Tegaru and Amhara for no reason and support Abiy Amhed.

      The problem is that all amhar elites support Tigray genocide and most people in Gonder participated in Tigray genocide before and after NOv2020.Many Tegaru have been killed,robbed and expelled from Gonder before Nov 4, 2020. Hence, people in gonder waged war ahead of Abiy and Eritrrean regime. The official presence , self-criminalization of amhara elites about their rôle in exterminating tegaru, and abundance of amhara’s participation in Tigray genocide clearly depict amhara as anti Tegaru than any tribe even if thousands and hunders of thousands of Oromos participated in Tigray genocide. Because The Oromo make up ~55% of the population of the Ethiopian Empire, and most people don’t want to endager their famillies living in Oromia , their contribution to Tigray genocide made it quite invisible. This is a reality, beyond personal view, Oromos participated in Tigray genocide.In conclusion, even if huge number of amhars or Oromos take part in Tigray genocide , we should still bring criminals to the justice case by case and condemn their individual act intigated by political elites but not totally stick these war crimes to the entire tribe . History must incorporate every account committed by every tribe against innocent member of every other tribe.

      Therefore, the current Oromo and amhara (Oromoarra-leadership mingling amhara and oromo should be dismantled) should be dismantled.

      Saddist, and criminal mafia party intergarting and amalgamating multi degree murderers based on their loyality to Abiy ahmed and amhara mafias must be eradicated and thrown to jail. Innocent Amhara , Oromos, Tigray and rest nationalities should not be massacred , not even illtreated on the account of their ethnic, religious and even poltical views except those who take part in the genocide . Criminals should face justice according to laws . Burning human body and torturing should be stopped!!

  3. Ok. That is it! I just made up my mind. I have this wonderful idea that will thrill you to death. After telling you about I will need some snaps from every one of you. I will open a gofundme and an offshore account so you will keep sending those green ones. Here is my mighty idea.
    I am gonna found a new opposition party with the black mane lion, Colobus monkey, Walia ibex, gelada baboon, and the fearless Ms. Piggy. Hey Abiy! You better worry now! How can you defeat a party of the indomitable lions and charging baboons? Fat chance, right? I can predict with 100% accuracy that my party will beat yours with 75% of the vote. Arat Kilo, here I come!!! Wait a minute! I ain’t done yet. No bigots and ‘separate republic’ dreamers will be accepted or even allowed in my party!!!


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