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Gov’t bodies participation complicated the issue of massacre on Amhara, say an opposition party 

National Movement of Amhara (NaMA) says support from government structure in the oromo region of Ethiopia complicated the massacre and attacks against ethnic Amhara 


The National Movement of Amhara (NaMA) on Thursday issued a statement reflecting on two security issues affecting Ethiopians. 

The TPLF led terrorist coalition, as it called it, and terror in the Oromo region of Ethiopia aiming at ethnic cleansing against Amhara are the key issues the statement talked about. 

With regard to the latter, NaMA said that the problem is complicated in part due to carelessness on the part of government officials in the Oromo region of it and in part due to the direct participation of government officials in the massacre against ethnic Amhara. 

There have been recurring massacres in the Wollega region of Ethiopia for nearly three years now, targeting ethnic Amhara farming communities who lived in the region for generations.  In the latest attack, which happened earlier this week, at least 168 innocent civilians were massacred, of which about 87 were buried in mass graves. The armed wing of the radical Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), which is said to have a clandestine structure within the government, including at the Federal level, is behind the massacre, as has always been the case in the region. 

Oromia region Prosperity Party Office Public relation, Getachew, earlier this week said, as reported by Amhara Media corporation, that the regional government will investigate authorities involved in the latest massacre. 

NaMA said, rightly, that the massacre against ethnic Amhara, destruction of properties and displacement in West Wollega and Qelem Wollega zones is worsening from time to time. 

There is growing public skepticism towards Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government inaction in the face of recurring massacres which claimed the lives of thousands of ethnic Amharas. It is clear that many are expressing the sentiment that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s misrepresented as a “reformist” as he is increasingly seen as a subtle politician interested in advancing ethnic nationalists’ agenda under the guise of a modest Ethiopianist narrative. 

Federal government silence towards renewed TPLF military operation in the Afar region of Ethiopia, which has already displaced more than 300,000 civilians from the areas adjacent to the Tigray region of Ethiopia, has added impetus towards skepticism as to Abiy Ahmed’s intention. 

This week, his government said that relation with the United States, which was strained in connection with the war with designated TPLF terrorists, is improving. In the same vein, the relation with Sudan which soured immediately after the TPLF lost the war,to which Eritrea was pulled following TPLF attacks, in December 2020. 

His government released key TPLF leaders, who were captured in war, the night after U.S. president Joe Biden spoke to Abiy Ahmed in early January. The Ethiopian forces who crashed TPLF in Afar and Amhara region were also ordered not to march to Tigray region.

NaMA statement said, citing Afar regional government, that TPLF forces are attempting to take control of Serdo, strategic location to control supply routes to Addis Ababa, after capturing five districts in the region. 

There is similar military activity in Telemt and Raya, where more than 50,000 civilians are displaced, in the Amhara region. 

The opposition party called for the Federal government to give the situation in the Afar region the attention it deserves. 

The stories in the Afar region have already made news headlines even in state owned media. However, the government has not announced if it is ready to respond to TPLF latest military adventure in Afar and Amhara regions. 

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