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Ethiopian Forces captured Sekota and marching north

In about five weeks after the Ethiopian Forces launched an offensive, TPLF forces are pushed back more than 700 kilometres. Sekota is adjacent to the Tigray region 

Ethiopian Forces _ Gashena _ Sekota
Ethiopian Forces firing artillery at Terrorist TPLF positions in the Gashena Front (Photo /file EBC)


The Ethiopian government on Wednesday announced that Ethiopian Forces have captured the town of Sekota, which is the seat of Waghumra zone administration of the Amhara region. 

Most of the areas in the zone ( it is adjacent to the Tigray region of Ethiopia) are cleared from TPLF forces whose leader, Debretsion Gebremichael, on Sunday, announced that he has ordered their withdrawal from the Afar and Amhara regions of Ethiopia. 

According to Ethiopian government communication affairs ministry, militia forces in Waghumra played a crucial role in the battle to clear the area from the designated terrorist forces. Local communities also helped facilitate the effort to clear the area from TPLF forces. 

Unconfirmed sources on social media indicate that the Ethiopian forces advanced further to the north and took control of the Abergele area which is said to be only fifty kilometres away from Tigray. 

Kobo Front 

In the Kobo front, Ethiopian forces (the Defence force, regional special forces including from Afar, Fano and militia)  wreak havoc on the TPLF forces in the locality of Waja and Timuga.

They are closer to Alamata town, which is about 30 kilometres from Kobo.  

Ethiopian forces are also advancing from Tekulesh direction in the area and marching to Korem where there is a junction leading to Sekota. 

A little further north from Korem is Maychew – part of the Tigray region where Ethiopian forces battled fascist Italy in the 1940’s. 

The speculation is that Ethiopian forces will take control of Mekelle, capital of Tigray region of Ethiopia, in a matter of days. 

Earlier this week, important towns alike Woldia, Kobo and Lalibela were freed after TPLF suffered crashing defeats in Mersa and Gashena areas. 

Is there a future for TPLF in Tigray ? 

As reported in the past, the Ethiopian parliament declared TPLF a terrorist organization. It means that it has no legitimacy to run the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

Because of the war the TPLF had triggered when it attacked the northern command of the Ethiopian Defence Force, in November 2020, hundreds of thousands of people had been killed and properties (both public and private) estimated to be worth hundreds of billions of Ethiopian birr was destroyed. 

Apart from attacking the Ethiopian Defense Force, the TPLF carried out multiple of massacre against innocent civilians in the Afar and Amhara regions, and raped hundreds of women including an 85 years of nun in the Shewarobit area. 


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  1. I think the decision by the government not to send its forces into Tigray is wise and rational considering the hostility of the `tegaru` towards the army. Now the responsibility for the provision of basic government services will fall on the shoulders of the fascist leader of the `tegaru` who have not realized the consequences of their fascistic actions and politics . The `tegaru` should be given more and enough time for reflections and mourning the tens of thousands of their daughters and sons who perished in Wollo and Afar. I hope that after reflections and mornings, the `Tegaru` will come to their senses and accept the reality facing them. Their belief in their superiority and invincibility will end them in disasters.

  2. The government has today ordered its armed forces to stand down and not to proceed into Debre’s joint. That can be the right move. So what will be Debre’s response? TPBBC has interviewed Debre’s general yesterday and he told more than 115 million enraged people that there is a lot of fighting left in his rag tags. In his twisted mind he still have the might and means to march all the way to the capital. In other words he is telling those mad as hell people he and his rapist and looting thugs are still the indomitable ‘gold race’. So whether to sue for peace or not is totally in Debre’s court(if there is a formal court in his joint, that is). BBC, sorry TPBBC, is mourning the loss on Debre’s behalf. By the way, folks, have you been asking about the raging ‘famine’ in Tigray since November 2020? What is going on in there? At least a million people must have died by now over there. So what happened besides Debre being caught stealing 2 cans of sardines and 3 boxes of crackers from the UN warehouses? It was/is so embarrassing and disgusting for a leader of a ‘gold race’ to be caught in a menial act of larceny! It is utterly disgusting. I cringe even telling you about it. But what else is new with Debre and his predecessors,right? Stealing is their forte. 30 billion in crisp cold US dollars at US and European banks baby!!!

  3. I am hearing now that ENDF and its ally forces have officially entered Debre’s joint. It is time for lard ass Getachew to start knocking back glasses after glasses of Metamucil so he will be able to run. There ain’t Shene jack asses nearby to haul his big behind away from the fury of 115 million people. Alamata is a stone throw away from Debre’s rabbit hole. O’boy!!!! Them Eritreans! They are everywhere. They now have taken over all our local TV channels, man!!! I’m afraid to leave my house, dude! Help!!!!


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