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Woldia, Kobo free from Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) forces

Resident of Woldia took to the street to celebrate victory over TPLF forces who suffered a crushing defeat in most part of North Wollo zone of Amhara region 

Woldia  _ TPLF forces
Residents of Woldia celebrating victory on December 18,2018 after five months occupation under TPLF terrorists forces (Photo : State media)


Barely a day after Ethiopian Forces took control of Mersa town in what is said to be one of the most impressive military operation, Wolida and Kobo towns are declared to be under total control of the Ethiopian forces 

These cities had been under the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) since early August 2021. They were the first targets of the TPLF forces after the Ethiopian government declared a unilateral humanitarian ceasefire in late June. 

Legesse Tulu, Government Communication Affairs Minister, on Saturday has confirmed that Woldia is totally free. 

Defeat of the TPLF force came after an overnight and early morning operation, according to the ministry. The TPLF forces are said to be entirely routed. 

Those who survived the Ethiopian Force’s major offensive are said to be on the run, but they seem to have a slim chance of making it to the Tigray region as  the main road to Mekelle, from Woldia, was cut off by Ethiopian forces about a week or so ago. It means that TPLF forces were unable to transport the last minute loot from Woldia and Kobo towns to Mekelle. 

Unconfirmed sources say Ethiopian forces have controlled more towns north of Kobo including Robit, Hara, Gobye, Hamusit, and Boya, among others. The speculation is that Ethiopian forces would soon control Alamata and Korem, areas where TPLF is said to have a fortified trench. 

Mr. Legesse Tulu  disclosed that another operation is underway to clear the historic Lalibela and Sekota towns from TPLF forces. 

Based on his account, there had been a renewed effort by TPLF forces to retake Gahsena from Ethiopian forces by cutting through from Muja and Lalibela town but ended in vain as the forces were routed.  In Consequence, Ethiopian Forces took control of Estaysh, Ahuntegene, Dilb, Kulmesk and its surrounding. 

Residents in Woldia, Kobo and Mersa are taking to the streets to celebrate the defeat of TPLF forces. Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC) spoke to residents to find out their experiences during the five months of occupation. They described it as hell. As was the case in other towns they controlled, the TPLF forces have summarily executed innocent civilians and looted public and private properties. The level of destruction is yet to be revealed by government authorities. 

Woldia has strategic significance as it is located along the Addis Ababa Mekelle Road. It is also on the road to Bahir Dar. 

The TPLF has not yet released a statement regarding the latest battlefront devastating losses. The TPLF spokesperson Getachew Reda has celebrated a “victory” in a social media update on Friday. It was about what happened in a meeting room at the United Nations office in Geneva, not bravado about TPLF forces military invincibility or control of a town as it used to be the case.

The European Union initiated meeting decided in favour of establishing an inquiry commission to investigate alleged human rights abuse, which Ethiopia rejected as a politically motivated move.

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  1. For me Waldiya is the first step in the right direction but the place where my Barentu grand cousins were buried, where soldiers of Tekle, Alula, Dinagde and Mekonen called their resting place, the city of Adwa, takes the cake.

    Btw, I am not sure if you came across some of the comments by these Republic dreaming bigots here among us. One of these rabid dogs, the fake professor who is scavenging at a college campus orphanage in Virginia is asking you and all of us why places with Oromo sounding names like Kobo, Mersa, Wara Illu, Arjo, Boren, Kombolcha, Wara Qalloo and Kokisa are in Amhara region. He and his friends are saying these places are liberated by unqualified people and the wrong hands. Folks, I have been trying to put myself in their thought process and even then I couldn’t figure it out how their thinking goes. It is like American GI’s of the Greatest Generation did not have the rights to liberate the BENELUX nations from the demonic Nazis during WWII. I want to know how these individuals were given the coveted professorship at such institution. Nuff said!!!

  2. Aba Farda: The Adwa show is coming soon. Waiting for its groom. As far as trying to grasp their irrational and at times hawkish thought process, please don’t. It will take you to a rabbit hole. They sort of try to play a VHS tape in a DVD player, yet they would not have an iota of shame about it. So many folkloric and anecdotal stories are told in Eritrea about Tigrean gross irrationality, devious foxiness and betrayals. So my friend, you are one of those of us who are trying to understand the genesis of the grossly glaucomic world view of these elites of Tigray who are half baked at best.

    • I never thought I would live this long to see such runaway madness gripping those among us. War should never have been part or the means for the solution but the rest of the country was pushed into such portal of destruction. Elders and religious leaders pleaded for calm and peaceful resolution but the stubborn minority snubbed the plea all against our age old tradition. Debre and his group had their maniacal ego shot thru the roof by foreign cheer leaders who gave them the impression that they are indomitable. With all this licking they are receiving now from angry children of 120 million patriots they still believe the war they started is winnable in their favor. I heard from my merchant relatives that Debre and his commanders had resorted to a human wave frontal engagement tactic and it was all carnage. Woe to the mothers of those young men who did not even get dignified burials!!! I hope and pray that those innocent citizens of Tigray will rise up and tell the goons among them ‘enough is enough’ and ask for their children. I don’t think Abiy and his generals will stop at the borders there because that is not the mandate they were given by those mad as hell people. People are upset even more now after they found out the destruction Debre’s riff raffs left behind. And these vagabonds still call themselves ‘liberation front’? What madness!

  3. As promised, Wollo is about to be the graveyard of the invading waves of the TPLF forces. These forces have been sustaining heavy losses from the battles in Northern Shoa, Southern Wollo and Afar. Mu Afar acquaintance told me that parts of the liberated areas in Afar are covered with piles of TPLF corpses and the scenes are horrible. Normally, the Afars are sharp shooters but the human waves the TPLF or TDF leaders have sent into Afar were good targets for the Afar youth who practiced and improved their skills of sharp shooting. The TPLF human waves in Northern Wollo will face the same fates, extermination and rotting in the areas.

  4. I just read a copy of a letter Debre sent to the UN posted on one his operative’s websites. He is telling the UN that he has withdrawn his mob to give peace a chance. Folks, he was stealing two cans of sardines from the UN food aid warehouses just yesterday and he is now telling the same sponsoring outfit he is giving peace a chance. John Lennon couldn’t be any more proud. Hey folks, hit it with my homeboy Debre!
    All we are saying is give peace a chance
    All we are saying is give peace a chance!

    One more time! You got it! Boy, you sound so good!!!
    Hey Abiy! You heard me! Let’s give peace a chance!
    What? What did you say, Abiy!
    Abiy be saying ! McFadden & Whitehead, hit it!
    Ain’t No Stoppin Us Now!
    We’re on the move!
    Ain’t No Stoppin Us Now!
    We’ve got the groove!

    You patriot you!!!


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