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TPLF shelled Woldia city, civilians killed and property damaged

TPLF has fired at least two heavy artillery targeting civilians and property in Woldia city, regional and city authorities have confirmed it

Woldia City Mayor _ TPLF attack
Mohammed Yasin, Woldia city Mayor (AMC)


Attempts to control Woldia city , which is about 520 kilometers north of Addis Ababa, have been disappointing for Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). It has tried to march to the city from different directions, but all ended in vain so far. 

Frustrated, apparently, with the situation, it shelled the city with heavy artillery on Sunday in the evening. 

Amhara regional state Communication Affairs head,  Gizachew Muluneh, said TPLF fired at two artillery targeting the city. An unspecified number of civilians have been killed in the attack and properties damaged, he added. 

One of the artillery was fired near the exit of the city and the other one was fired at the City’s Stadium, which was built by Ethiopian born Saudi Billionaire, Mohammed Al Amoudi. 

Woldia City Communication Affairs offices said the TPLF has shelled the city several times with artillery.  Residents of Woldia City on Sunday criticized the Federal government for lack of action against the TPLF forces, and called  for an urgent response.  

For many, the unilateral humanitarian ceasefire that the federal government introduced at the end of June  on grounds of facilitating for the delivery of aid to the Tigray region, among other things, has emboldened the TPLF forces to launch military attacks in the Afar and Amhara regions. Yet, the government has not yet called it off. 

Many commentators on social media with links to Woldia say the people of Woldia became a model in resisting TPLF incursion. Mohammed Yasin, mayor of the city, is hailed for the brave resistance movement he organized in the city. The youth in the city have been putting up a relentless struggle to reverse TPLF advance to the city. 

Unconfirmed citizen reports on Monday say that the Ethiopian air force launched a drone attack in the area against TPLF positions  in the Woldia area. 

The TPLF has reportedly recruited, and it is said to be a compulsory recruitment, thousands of forces including child soldiers with the aim to control the route to Djibouti and Sudan. However, it has been unsuccessful. In some areas it has suffered a devastating defeat. 

Last week, Tigray rebels entered Ethiopia’s Holy city and UNESCO heritage site, Lalibela, without any resistance from the militia or the region’s special forces. There is an intense fighting in and around Lalibela, but there is no confirmation,at this writing, if the TPLF ran away from Lalibela. 

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  1. There you have it. Weren’t we told that the TPLF was hit so hard that it would never be able to wage a war? Weren’t we? Then where all this heavy artillery gun suddenly came from? Today is Woldia and very soon it will be other and even larger cities. Where all this heavy artillery come from? Folks, someone has been taking us on a very long ride!!! I hate to see and think of it this way. Those upright fathers and mothers who produced us all seem to have been replaced by dishonest and despicable smart alecks. I’m gonna ask the same question again and again. Where all this heavy artillery gun came from?

  2. It came from those hidden in the ground . not only this, photos were also revealed showing depos containing fuel. hello mr agent of the so called tplf, @ittu aba farda there you have it


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