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Tigray rebels reportedly raided Lalibela where rock hewn churches are located

Tigray rebels took control of Lalibela city without any resistance from militia or special forces of the Amhara region

Lalibela _ Tigray rebels


Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) forces reportedly raided the  Lalibela town – a world heritage site of rock hewn churches from the 12th century.

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Amharic service on Thursday said the rebel forces took control of Lalibela town in the afternoon. 

Deputy mayor of the town, Mandefro Tadesse, confirmed that the Tigray rebels entered the city starting 1 p.m local time from the direction of Genete Mariam, as reported by BBC. 

Residents from the town have also confirmed the story.  

Lalibela town alone has 12 rock hewn churches that were built during the reign of emperor Lalibela in 12 century. It is unclear if the Tigray rebel forces damaged the churches after they took control of the city. 

However, the Deputy mayor said that there was no fighting when they entered the town. Estimates of the number of rebel forces that entered Lalibela are unspecified. 

From experiences in the past few months, the TPLF forces engage in looting, including financial institutions, rape and summary executions soon after they take control of a town, as demonstrated in Korem and Alamata. 

So far, it is unclear if they did that in Lalibela. 

The narrative from Amhara regional state communication office says the TPLF forces that entered Lalibela were on the run after it suffered defeat in Sanka, Ala Wuha and Hara areas of the North Wollo area.  

Sanka and Alawuha are less than 100 kilometers from Woldia city – a city that managed to defend itself despite relentless effort by Tigray rebel forces. 

According to government authorities and other sources, the Ethiopian Defense Force didn’t take part in the fighting around Sanka an Ala Wuha region. 

It was the militia and the special forces of the region that were engaging the TPLF forces, who were on the run in most parts of North Wollo, in those areas. 


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  1. Amazing lies; TDF soldiers on the run capture city!! If defeated soldiers can take a city what will a motivated army do? Gandor is next!

  2. How was TPLF allowed just to walk in to the most sacred city of Amhara and World heritage when they are known for Godless, immoral murderers, and thieves?

    Are those decimated, demoralized and defeated, weak and Child Soldiers going to be let to walk in to all Amhara cities to destroy, steal and massacre Amharas like Mai Kadra?
    Amaharas, enough!!! You must learn how to be cruel and merciless just like TPLF/ISIS that is coming to murder you and your families!!! Not only defending when attacked, but must also start to be on the Offensive!!! Get back what was stolen from you!!!
    Amharas, stand your ground, protect your property and fight back and kill any TPLF with intense or ferocious aggressiveness. Do not give a chance TPLF murderess to take a breath!!! There you go and that is how you will get your respect!!! TPLF will stay where it is when it is destroyed with ferocious and angry force!!! Show your Force!!!!!

  3. Amharas, Show your Force claims “Amhara must learn how to be cruel and merciless just like TPLF/ISIS” , but amhara is known for cruelty and barbaric killings of children and mothers including religious people in their own home in Tigray .

    Who is gonna teach you how to kill but known to be killers


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