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Tigray rebels suffered another crashing defeat in Afar region : Report

Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) deployed three divisions of its forces in the Afar region , one of them annihilated

Tigray rebels _ child soldiers
Some of the captured Child soldiers ( Source : EBC)


If the report from state media is correct, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) has suffered another crushing defeat in the Afar region of Ethiopia. Citizen’s report on social media seems to confirm that  the TPLF has indeed suffered another defeat in the region. 

The Ethiopian Defense Force and Afar region special forces coordinated their offensive in the past two days. According to a report from EBC, the operation took place in Ewa district of zone four of the region. 

TPLF deployed three divisions in the area. Government said one division was entirely annihilated, and that it has also captured hundreds of fighters, including child soldiers. The remaining divisions retreated. 

The report added, citing captured commanders, that the TPLF forces were running short of logistical supplies including food. 

Wounded and captured soldier

The Tigray rebels have been carrying out non-stop raids and incursions in the Amhara and Afar regions of Ethiopia after the Ethiopian Defense Force withdrew from the Tigray region of Ethiopia in late June 2021 following the unilateral declaration of humanitarian ceasefire. 

Majority of Ethiopians, as reflected in reports from local sources and social media, seem to have reached an understanding that Ethiopia is facing an existential threat from proxy war through the agency of TPLF and other related groups. 

The response to it is taking the form of , among other things, massive mobilizations in all parts of Ethiopia. Thousands of Ethiopians are flocking to the military training centers as part of the preparation to reverse the danger that the country is facing. Resource mobilizations for logistical support seem to be going well too. In the capital Addis Ababa only, over 1.1 billion Ethiopian birr was raised this week. 

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  1. Well done the brave patriots of all Ethiopians crushing TPLF terrorist hiding behind children in Afar region. TPLF is on its last leg hanging on underage Child solders and senior citizens.

    The Federal army should also take the same measure in Amhara regions. Using the Air Force targeting TPLF terrorists f in Amhara regions is much needed. Crash TPLF terrorist once and for all without giving a single breath. Let TPLF keep talking its bla, bla, bla lies on Twitter and Facebook and keeping us laughing. The only thing TPLF is good at is their immoral nature with creating lies and deceits and having no shame.

  2. These two youngesters are from Humera . I know them .You are arresting , torturing and killing from Tigrean Origin. Ethiopia is dead except for those who are hallucinating men like Prof Almariam, Demeku Mekonnen ,Satanic and 666 followers.

    Ethiopia is like a ghost and haunting every expansionists make him to think she is still intact while disintigrated by PP who look for power up in the shelves and dropping what was held in his armpit. Ethiopia is now like straw left the wind in the wilderness .Ethiopia without Tigray is lifeless creature, dead as a doorknob!!! you are worried for child soldiers while killing children and their mothers !!I miss you Humera, hagere Tigray!!


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