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Enemy sustained heavy casualties. Could not resist our forces, says Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed

Ethiopian Prime Minister said enemy forces were not in a position to resist the offensive. Next plan is to advance to North Wollo. 

Abiy Ahmed _ Ethiopian
Abiy Ahmed speaking to journalists about latest battle victories in Dessie and Kombolcha on December 6,2021. (Photo : screenshot from OBN video)


In his latest string of remarks about the ongoing war, Ethiopian Prime Minister on Monday said the enemy force, a reference to Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) fighters, has suffered heavy casualties. 

He was talking about the losses from the battle near Dessie and Kombolcha, cities that TPLF forces controlled at the beginning of last month. 

The level of losses on either side was not quantified. Last week, thousands of TPLF forces surrendered in different battle fronts in Wollo, Afar and Shoa following a call to do so by Abiy Ahmed. 

The Ethiopian government on Monday officially announced that Ethiopian Defense Forces and regional forces from Afar and Amhara region controlled Dessie and Kombolcha.  Unofficial news about government forces retaking both cities came out on Saturday (borkena has received information ) but it was not allowed to publish a report about it before the designated government body gives an official statement about it. 

“The enemy was unable to resist the offensive from our forces.” Abiy Ahmed. He added that the victory that we have achieved is a great one – that is why the causalities on enemy side (TPLF terrorists) is a heavy one.    

Apart from Dessie and Kombolcha, government forces took control of Bati, to the east of Kombolcha. Degan and Kersa (smaller towns) are also freed from TPLF fighters. 

Unofficial news emerging in social media indicates that Haik, an important town about 30 kilometers north of Dessie is freed too. 

PM Abiy Ahmed congratulated Ethiopian people for the victory achieved in a short time, as he put it. “We were compelled to enter this war. And we did a great job to ensure that the TPLF force that entered without planning is not leaving,” he added. 

The extent of destruction in Dessie and Kombolcha is not yet revealed by the government. From the experiences of other cities that were under TPLF occupation for several weeks, the magnitude of the deliberate destruction, as a sort of  scorched-earth policy, is colossal. Towns in Shoa, Wollo and Afar like Debre Sina, Mehal Media, Shewa Robit have been severely ravaged. 

Schools, hospitals, banks and telecommunication facilities were among infrastructures targeted by the TPLF forces. 

Hundreds of thousands of residents displaced from Dessie and Kombolcha are currently staying in Debre Berhan and Addis Ababa. President Sahlework Zewde on Monday said that they will return to their cities.

The next step for the Ethiopian forces is to clear North Wollo from TPLF forces and march to the TIgray region of Ethiopia, as indicated by the Prime Minister. 

The TPLF, through its spokesperson Getachew Reda,  is claiming that it did not lose the battle but made a “strategic retreat.” 

He wrote on Monday on his social media platforms : “We left North Shoa,  kombolcha & Dessie as part of our plan. There was no organized unit to ‘liberate’ these towns and the residents know it & Abiy’s generals know it. Things are going according to our plan. The rest is just circus” 

Last week, thousands of TPLF forces surrendered to Ethiopian forces in different battle fronts in the above-mentioned areas. 

The question that TPLF is getting, even from supporters who have become skeptical of the latest rhetoric, is why did it pay dearly only to retreat after reaching shoa? The organization is believed to have lost hundreds of thousands of its forces in battles. 

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  1. The last circus will be when Getachew the Bigmouth is captured and the devilish destroyers of Amhara and Afar cities are put in jail (and persecuted as in Nuremberg trial). Vicctory will always be with the just. tplf and goons are going to leave this planet forever.

  2. CNN Breaking News! Our diplomatic sources informed us that the “Tigray Defense Forces” are rapidly advancing on the city of Mekelle and are expected to lay siege to it and demand “Unconditional Surrender”. The same sources also said that the Afghan Government is extremely worried about the wellbeing and safety of its citizens living in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital, and is arranging an immediate airlift of Afghan nationals and their dependents in coordination with US Army Air Transport Command. It is also expected that the governments of Syria, Libya and Myanmar will follow the action of the Afghan Government. Please stay tuned and we will be back with an expert on the Horn of Africa after a short commercial break……………

  3. Subject: “Enemy sustained heavy casualties. Could not resist our forces, says Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed”,,
    December 6, 2021

    Humble Commentary, 8 Dec 2021
    Let us be honest to OURSELVES. There is no question, the intention of all the killings of innocent, humble, Ethiopians, of all walks of life, was only to satisfy an ambitious three—quarter lunatic individual for shear power. History is full of examples of such deranged people. Why would Ethiopia be different!!! Without mentioning a name just watch the ‘three—quarter-lunatic’ leader, guiding an entire country to oblivion — just to satisfy his ego — learning nothing from history. Look at the face and compare it with gone-by such lunatics. There is no trace of ‘humanity’ but only the pleasure of seeing innocent people being killed. By the way, strange as it may sound, all of them are cowards — except Hitler who killed himself along with his families and a dedicated, highly educated (I think) loyal follower with his family.!!! Amazing and shocking!!!

    Going back to the ancient independent country in the world, called Ethiopia, the phenomenon clumsly described above is not strange. Lunatic individuals will have to occupy their time enjoying the death of human beings. Yes, enjoying the liquidation of human beings!!!!!!! They do not have any other ambition in Life. Kill Kill Kill ….. is their destiny in their existance. And they are perfect in protecting themselves — the epitome of cowardness without a trace of shamefullness. They are simply EXPERT — no one can match — in hiding themselves.

    And so, as the common saying goes: ‘THAT IS LIFE’.
    ENJOY it, you have no choice — other than ……………
    THE END.


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