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Haile Gebreselassie says he is ready even to go to battle front to defend Ethiopia as a symbol of black freedom

Haile expressed readiness to take part in battle in addition to providing logistical support in the fight against agents of foreign powers who want to take the dignity of Ethiopia as a symbol of freedom 

Haile _ Freedom _ Ethiopia
Haile Gebreselassie speaking to journalists in his office (Photo : ENA)


Ethiopia is still mobilizing forces after the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) forces made advances in the North Shoa region of the country. 

The response has been so quick and extensive. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed himself announced on Monday that he is heading to the battle front ( unspecified one) to lead troops personally in the operation against TPLF and called upon Ethiopians to join him in the battle front. 

His decision seems to have made a difference already in the sense that notable figures in the country are resolving to head to the front if necessary. 

Ethiopia’s legendary long distance athlete  Haile Gebreselassie, who has been  contributing a lot in terms of logistical support for Ethiopia’s existential struggle against a proxy war that is believed to be, as many Ethiopians believe, supported by major powers in the west, said on Tuesday that he will continue to do everything including heading to the war front.  He expressed his readiness. 

He told Ethiopian News Agency, state media, the danger that Ethiopia is facing is also an attempt to oppress Africa through neocolonial means. 

“It is a coordinated effort to snatch Ethiopia’s history as a symbol of black people,” he added. 

Haile also remarked on the decision of PM Abiy Ahmed to head to the battle front as of  Tuesday this week.  “Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s march to the battlefront for the dignity of Ethiopia is expected from a patriotic leader and all patriotic Ethiopians should emulate his footsteps [in that direction],” Haile added.  

Furthermore, Haile added that “Ethiopia will not lose a. Ethiopia is always a winner.” 

Syria’s Aleppo, which he visited when it was a tourist attraction, is turned to rubble, and “we should not let that happen to Ethiopia,” he said.  “That is why I am even ready to go to the battlefront apart from providing logistical support,” he added. 

Haile is not alone. Rio Olympic Marathon silver medalist, Feyisa Lilesa, announced that he is heading to the battle front. 

The TPLF has reportedly suffered blowing defeats in several fronts in the past 24 hours. The towns of Lalibela, Shewarobit and Gashena are reportedly from TPLF control. 

Foreign Intervention 

Ethiopians outside of the country have been organizing protests after protest to oppose intervention in the internal affairs of Ethiopia. 

Many Ethiopians tend to think that the U.S. is working to restore the TPLF led coalition to power. The U.S. denies it. 

U.S. special envoy to the Horn of Africa, Jeffery Feltman, in State Department briefing on Tuesday, said the view that the U.S. is “nostalgic” about TPLF is a “fantasy” but it persists.
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  1. Haile treated his own sisters like dirt and left two of them in dire poverty. He hated it when one of them married a feranj. He tried to deport the feranj and also has a gangster attitude. But Haile’s mouth again is more bla bla than action. Also he made his second sister sign over her wealth back to him on her deathbed. He is a callous person who will do anything to gain national popularity. Perhaps he will take his checkbook with him to the front. It means more to him than his own family members. His handicap brother Adenaw has nothing. Money is all the miser thinks off and fame.

  2. Thanks for telling the Truth!. This is a moment for the history nooks. This is a war with the western powers who have decided to break up Ethiopia using TPLF to do the dirty job. TPLF supporters will one day wake up to find all their families consumed in this war, just to help the western powers against their country.


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