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Dessie residents and authorities say TPLF latest attempt to enter the city reversed

TPLF claims about controlling Dessie baseless. Residents mobilized to stand their ground. 

Dessie _ Ethiopia
Photo of Dessie city taken in 2019 . Photo : Borkena


As reported recently, it has been more than two weeks since TPLF made claims that it has controlled Dessie and Kombolcha town. Pro-TPLF supporters have been sharing pictures that are meant to be produced to support their claims. 

Reality on the ground in Dessie is different, however. Dessie is still under the protection of the Ethiopian Defense Force, Amhara region special forces, FANO Militia and volunteers from the city who have been patrolling the city on a 24/7 basis. 

The latest attempt to enter the city was made, according to sources from Dessie, on Friday in the morning. However, TPLF did not deploy a huge army as it has been suffering heavy losses in the battles around Dessie which is said to be stretched in three fronts : from North West, from the North and from the North East. 

Credible sources told borkena that TPLF managed to create some confusion in the city, briefly, through propaganda war, but there was not a threatening military advance capable of controlling the city. 

Two National Movement of Amhara (NaMA) leaders, who are currently in Dessie, disclosed that TPLF attempted to enter the city from Ruga area, which is west of Tossa, but the military move lasted only for about 20 minutes as the TPLF forces, who are said to be under 100, were annihilated. 

However, there is also a confirmed report that artillery fired by the TPLF forces on Friday killed at least one person and wounded three others in Dessie. 

TPLF spokesman, Getachew Reda, continues to make claims that it is just a matter of days before Dessie falls into the hands of TPLF and calls up on opposition leaders – something many Ethiopians rather took as a joke. 

The TPLF has been taking control of towns after July 2021 in Amhara and Afar regions, mainly through a strategy that combines human wave tactics and propaganda war.  It does not seem to work in Dessie. 

According to reports, residents in the city are organized on a neighborhood basis to reverse any possible intrusion from TPLF forces and intelligence. 

Despite that there were cases of intrusion but at least 37 people had been arrested until Thursday. 

TPLF still vows to control Kombolcha and Dessie, but the security arrangement in the city does not seem to make it possible for that to happen. 


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  1. What do you plan to do in Dessie, tplf – rape the beautiful Wollo girls? That should be a good motive to go in there – besides the inveterate hatred for all things Amhara. What an unending saga with someone you don’t want around.


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