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Fresh massacre in East Wollega region of Ethiopia , gov’t did not respond

An opposition party demands for an explanation from PM Abiy Ahmed and Shimeles Abdissa’s administration why it has become impossible to stop the killings of innocent civilians, mostly ethnic Amhara, in East Wollega

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The radical ethnic Oromo nationalist organization, Oromo Liberation Front – military wing , continues to slaughter innocent civilians in  East Wollega region of Ethiopia which is under Oromo regional state administration. 

Barely a week after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s lavish inauguration of second term, which is said to have consumed over 1 billion Ethiopian birr, dozens of ethnic Amhara farming communities are reportedly killed in the above-mentioned region. 

It happened in Kiramu districts, Haro Kebele, and Horo Guduru district in the localities of Lomicha, Tulumoti, Bora, Wolege, Tige, Kotcha, Gareo, Gorte, Arbu Sinta, Arbu Sonte and Edo Boti, among other localities. 

As was the case in the past, the latest massacre was not unexpected. In fact,  victims from the above-mentioned area informed authorities expressing concern for their safety. 

Ethiopian Citizen’s for Social Justice Party (EZEMA), whose leader is included in Abiy Ahmed’s cabinet as Minister of Education,  raising questions as to why the government is unable to stop the recurring ethnic based massacre of innocent civilians in the region. 

In a statement released on social media, on Tuesday, EZEMA said that it has been requesting the government to investigate the government structure in the region, but inaction from the government made possible recurring attacks on innocent civilians. 

EZEMA also said that roads in the districts were deliberately damaged by the gunmen. Activities were limited and residents in those regions were unable to get health services and medications. 

The party also said that it has received information from the region that Federal police members are deployed in the region, but their numbers are small and that some of them have paid in life. It suggests that the radical ethnic Oromo gunmen operating in the region do have a numerical superiority. 

EZEMA demanded an explanation from the Oromia regional state and Abiy Ahmed led Federal government why it was not possible to stop the killings of innocent civilians. It also called for transparency and public announcement of the measures taken to stop the security crisis. 

At this writing, the Ethiopian Human Rights Council has not released a statement regarding the latest massacre. 

Thousands of ethnic Amhara subsistence farmers had been killed in Wollega and Benishangul, among other areas, since prime Minister Abiy Ahmed took office in April 2018. 

The Oromo regional state has been repeatedly claiming that it has weakened Oromo Liberation Front gunmen (Shane, as it calls them) to the point that they can no longer pose a security threat to civilians. The reality on the ground is different. Innocent civilians, predominantly of ethnic Amhara descent, continue to be slaughtered by the radical group. 
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  1. You may be doing disservice to the image of ወለጋ on blood by associating it with death and destruction. Most of the population is peaceful and poor like Ethiopians of other regions. Please resist the temptation to jump the ethnic gun and calmly report the facts. Media in Ethiopia have little interest in accuracy of reporting. Reports are always exaggerated (and ethnically biased); check back a week later to find most of it was a bunch of lies! Unfortunate that in many cases the damage being done is no worse than those by the Tplf!

    Please publish my comments. I have observed that you tend to not publish comments that do not fit into your agenda. Thanks.


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