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Hermela Aregawi, CBS journalist with ethnic Tigray background, expose TPLF Vice

Hermela Aregawi exposed pro-TPLF activists vice in connection with humanitarian aid delivery to Tigray. It already changed distorted media narrative

Hermela Aregawi


Hermela Aregawi, born in Ethiopia and raised in the United States, is making headlines in the Ethiopian media after she exposed pro-Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) supporters in the diaspora in connection with the delivery of humanitarian assistance in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

Her favorite quote displayed on her Twitter profile reads  “if all the truth were known abt everything in the world, it would be a better place,” and that is what she seems to be doing. 

A journalist by profession, works for CBS,  from ethnic Tigray background,  tweeted earlier this week that the Pro-TPLF Tigreans in the diaspora “don’t want aid to get to people because it will make @AbiyAhmedAli Government look good.”

The Ethiopian government has been under immense pressure from the US government and European Union, among other actors, on alleged grounds of obstructing humanitarian aid delivery to the Tigray region

Hermela Aregawi’s view of the conflict in northern Ethiopia, including aid delivery and alleged blockade of it, seems to have changed. 

In fact, she said it in her three parts tweet:

“My perspective on Tigray evolved bc of inconsistencies I’ve seen & heard in 10+ mnths. I stayed quiet for mnths hoping to see a shift towards peace & truth bc lives of millions – including my families’ – depend on it. There was no such shift. #Ethiopia 1/3 … If you’re going to label this a genocide from Day 2 then you can’t also try to control efforts to send life-saving basics to the poor ppl in it. Likely millions$ raised in diaspora but little to no accountability about where it’s going. To fund a civil war? #Tigray #Ethiopia 2/3 …We’ve seen counts of # of civilians killed in Tigray, but how many young soldiers have been killed fighting this questionable war? Diasporans should have the conscience to ask these ?s before continuing to blindly support an ethnic-based war in the year of 2021. #Ethiopia 3/3” 

Reacting to a picture of a child affected by famine, she tweeted “Heartbreaking images. I care enough to ask this ?: If it’s true @UN claims that Ethiopian govt has aid blockade in effect, how is it @UNEthiopia recently reported 466 aid trucks went into Tigray since July 12? A claim neither side of the conflict denied.” 

It was only last week that the UN branch office in Ethiopia disclosed that only 38 of 466 trucks that went to the Tigray region returned. Ethiopia’s Ministry of Peace has confirmed the claim by the UN office. Unverified video footage circulating on social media showed the trucks being used by the TPLF to transport its forces to the battle front in the Amhara region ,one of the regions where the TPLF took its war after the Ethiopian Defense Force withdrew from Tigray region at the end of June following unilateral declaration by the Ethiopian government. 

Ethiopians who have been trying to expose TPLF crimes on Twitter have been hailing Hermela for standing for the truth. In reaction to her inquisitive remark about Associated Press statement published on September 20, Teshome Borago wrote : 

“You are good woman of honor

Please know that the writer of this article Cara Anna recently justified z mass killing of Amharas in #ChenaMassacre by saying the Amhara civilian victims were fighting back vs TPLF

These Westerners just want us Ethiopians to fight forever” 

Many other Ethiopians have been expressing appreciation for Hermela for what she has revealed and for being inquisitive about narratives that were rather regarded as distorted despite they seem to have been used by policy makers including in the U.S government. 

Last week, president Joe Biden signed an executive order approving action regimes against Ethiopia. 

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  1. Voices of genuine citizens and professional Journalist Like Hermela Aregawi are desperately needed, to reverse the course of the current dynamics in north Ethiopia! Our compatriots in Tigray have been decieved by endless lies and bogus stories told by #TPLF for generations. It is only the truth that ensures & leads to the development of lasting solution, as opposed to propaganda and disinformation campaigns , which brought upon us misery and suffering to the scale we have never imagined in our wildest dreams!! I commend our sister Hermela for being inquisitive & exposing #TPLF lies! God Bless Ethiopia!

  2. she is eritrean who is serving as concubine to Higdef
    TPLF is best model for African leaders
    you will not find like TPLF in the history of the cursed Ethiopia whose history and identity is stolen from Tigray. When jealousy is burning your soul and the heroic act of TPLF and TDF is bothering you , it is customary to write and talk about them day and night .
    When we disdain someone and he or she is not able to affect our life we will not talk about her or him .

    • Great reporting by reporter Hermela Aregawi. Apparently not all of them are liars like Declan Walsh or TPLF propagandists and Genocide apologists like Cara Anna. Some may even have been led by CNN and AP propaganda or State Department Agitprop.

      The UN Crimes against Humanity for genocide statute also applies to journos. Unlike governments, journos don’t have immunity. So if we can get a good effort going, they can all be standing in the dock next to their beloved TPLF honchos Tedros Adhanom and Debretesion to face justice.

  3. I have been saying all along that the region of Tigray is awash with upright people. Their opinion has been ‘arrested’ by the demagogue of the deacons of Marx and Lenin for more than 45 years. Those who defied the suffocating circumstances had paid with their dear lives. This daughter/sister of ours is one of those who are in complete control of their conscience. If she was in Mekele when talking like this she may not know what has hit her. After 45 years of being regimented by the goons of TPLF the average citizen there is led to believe that Debre and his spy network can figure out what he/she thinking, is or will be in his/her mind today and everyday. That is what commies do to you. It takes great courage for individuals like Ms Hermela bint Aregawi to speak up. She will now be ostracized, maligned and bullied by the deep pocketed operatives of Debre. We should all rally around her to let her know she will never be alone. She is in company of more than 80 groups of people.

    Dear Hermela! I’m with you! You are not at a lonely place now! More than 115 million fire spitting but magnanimous and harmonious people are with you! Above all The Almighty Our Creator is with you! Only His Truth Shall Set You Free!!! We all wish you continued success in your career! Insha’Allah!!!

  4. Subject: “Hermela Aregawi, CBS journalist with ethnic Tigray background, expose TPLF Vice” September 24, 2021

    Humble Commentary, 25 Sept 2021
    It is a perfect example of FREEDOM of EXPRESSION at work with consequential DANGER which — UNFORTUNATELY — may possibly happen to be in and out of Ethiopia. This is a distinct possibility as the INSTIGATORS are determined to have their say for their own private benefit, at any cost. It should also be remembered that such people are the ones who failed in their attempt to hold a top Jobe in Ethiopia but failed as a result of a victory for the same post by a much younger, 40 years old skilled young man from Oromo. And it was time that the post would be assigned to Oromia who never had a fair opportunity for the same honour in the history of Ethiopia. Compare that with Tigray, which had the Prime Ministership Post of Ethiopia for twenty four (24) YERARS. Greed and ambition know no limitation.

    But the ”hungry” man did not see it that way. Consequently, a new ambition was displayed to separate Tigray from Ethiopia and get the much needed TOP MOST POST for separated Tigray. It is called destroying a country at any cost by a single person for a private adventure!!!!!! It is NOT interesting to note that the Western Countries — in particular –the Great USA supports the division of Ethiopia for their own purpose, not for the interest of Black Africans — even though the Black Africans are important and relevant society in the Modern USA. It is worth to note, with sadness, that the White Man has still the Negative attitude towards the BLACK AFRICAN RACE. This is a fact — bizarre as it is in the 21st Century — that can never be denied. THE END

  5. This is what l mean, the Tigrayans, tplf canbreverse the course by exposing both anti ethiopia tplf and foreigners. They can use their 27 years power as leverage to protect ethiopia by reconciling with ethiopians , government, etc. We want to see ALL versions of Alula Aba Negas who freed ethiopia from colonization.

  6. Tigrains who are members/supporters of TPLF should be marginalized in all Ethiopia. Make life unbearable for them so they would leave to wherever except Ethiopia. They are like packs of wild animals who stay close to each other and attack the rest of Ethiopia. Better to get rid of them….

  7. Hi my dear sis, Iam from Ethiopia,Amhara North wollo kobo wereda.Many people have been killed by TPLF soldiers,many properties of wollo are being taken ,Many people are suffering by famines At this time both TIGRAY and AMHARA populations are being destroyed.please inform to the world people


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