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Ethiopia : UN-TPLF scandal like another layer of tacit support surfaced


This time it is the UN office in Ethiopia that exposed TPLF scandal involving several hundreds of United Nations AID trucks that entered Tigray but never returned. The UN office in Ethiopia never disclosed it until today



Finally, the United Nations seems to be wary of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) terrorists groups. The UN Branch office in Ethiopia on Thursday disclosed that only 38 trucks that entered the Tigray region of Ethiopia since July 12 2021, returned. 

The total number of trucks that entered the region, carrying humanitarian assistance, were 466. It means that the TPLF seized 428 trucks.  The UN office in Ethiopia called it “concerning.” 

The office tweeted, “Concerning. None of the 149 trucks in the convoy that reached #Mekelle #Ethiopia last week returned. Only 38 out of 466 trucks that entered #Tigray since 12 July returned. We need trucks to deliver lifesaving assistance to people in #Tigray. 

@OCHA_Ethiopia @WFP_Ethiopia” 

Why the UN office in Ethiopia failed to disclose it until today is a question that is puzzling many.

Ethiopians have been reacting to the news. A Twitter user by the name KitKat20240 said :

“Concerning is an understatement! If I understand your statement, 428 trucks have been missing since July? Has #TPLFTerroristGroup hijack the trucks? We have videos of similar trucks being used to transport #TPLFTerroristGroup rebels, weapons etc. to the Amhara & Afar regions.” 

Another user by the name Bahre Negash, seemingly Eritrean,   shared a video of TPLF forces looting aid in the Afar region while it was on its way to the Tigray region.

The Ethiopian Defense Force withdrew from the Tigray region of Ethiopia at the end of June this year after the Federal government of Ethiopia declared a unilateral humanitarian assistance – a decision that had been informed by, seemingly, increasing pressure on the Ethiopian government on alleged grounds of blockading the delivery of aid in the Tigray region. 

Since early July, 2021, almost all parts of the Tigray region of Ethiopia has been under the control of the TPLF forces. 

There have been reports that UN trucks were being used by the TPLF for military deployments of its forces. 

In the ensuing weeks following the withdrawal of Ethiopian forces from the Tigray region of Ethiopia, the TPLF ventured into a military conquest of adjacent regions, namely Afar and Amhara regions. 

Citizen reports on social media, confirmed by government sources, indicated that the TPLF slaughtered hundreds of innocent civilians, including children and women, in two regions mentioned above. 

TPLF looted food aid to feed its forces 

There has been another layer of scandal whereby the TPLF exploited humanitarian assistance programs intended to support the Tigray region. 

Food aid that was meant to be distributed to those who are in need was looted by TPLF and distributed to its forces. It was established after the terrorist Tigray forces captured in battle in the South Gondar region were caught with high nutrition human aid biscuits. 

UN agencies have been extensively engaged in tacitly supporting the TPLF terrorist activities. Last week, the UN refugee agencies, UNHCR, admitted that the number of registered Ethiopian refugees in Sudan has been decreasing, but it said it does not know their “whereabouts.” However, the agency stated that it is aware of their alleged involvement  in the war in Ethiopia. The statement from UNHCR came after a TPLF fighter captured in battle in Gondar was caught with UNHCR issued refugee ID. 

More than 30,000 TPLF force who fled to Sudan after losing the war to the Ethiopian Defense Force in November 2020 are said to be in military training camps in Sudan. 

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  1. Subject: “Ethiopia : UN-TPLF scandal like another layer of tacit support surfaced,”, September 16, 2021

    Summary and honest opinion there-on
    a) 466 Trucks entered
    b) 428 Trucks seized by TPLF
    c) The UN office in Ethiopia called it “concerning.” instead of “shocking”
    d) The UN office in Ethiopia failed to disclose it until today (16 Sept ’21)
    e) The question of not disclosing it until today is puzzling.
    f) Why the Honourable, Squeaky Clean UN Office in Ethiopia failed to disclose it until today is puzzling to many (putting it in a ‘civilized’ term)
    g) If the epitome of honesty, civility, superiority, of the UN comfortable system is a rarity, what standard can we expect from ordinary human
    beings in need of their daily bread for their existence [let alone “living” comfortable enviable life]
    h) We have a long, long way to go to Tipperary (correct me with the example) (*)
    (*) Footnote:
    I remember a song that goes like ; ‘it is a long, long way to Tipperary.’ I didn’t even know where the place was, for heaven’s sake!!!!! We were just singing and believing that we were more superior than our parents and surroundings. Yes, we wound up denying who we were (still, basically the same). Look at the behaviour and attitude displayed by our most educated African personalities, with top most doctor of philosophy degrees, against their own RACE. Let us be honest; if we deny, it is our choice. The colonial powers knew us much deeper than we are able to understand ourselves by our selves. The result is what we witnessed for yeas and years and ……………

    Needless to say, in summary, it was NOT “education” that we had but transformation onto hypnotisim to believe that we were superior than our beloved parents and our own dear people. Shocking as it is, it is still basically the same. The crime perpetrated (and still perpetrating in different fashion) against Black Africans has NO bound, at all. Please prove me WRONG.

  2. This is Debre to the UN officials.
    Hi there! I told you the other day what is going on with your heavy trucks.
    No I don’t remember what you told me. What was is it Comrade Debre?
    I told you all trucks ran out of fuel by the time they got here and I said they need 1 million liters of gasoline just to fire up their engines and at least another 5 million liters to get them back to you. Make sure to send extra 2-3 million liters just in case.
    Ok I will tell Abiy to send the fuel you need for the trucks and if he refuses we will slap him with crippling sanctions. Hey Debre, btw we have thousands upon thousand lbs of high energy MRE’s to send you with the next shipment. What to do with them we will leave that up to you.
    That will be great and very nice of you. I will put every ounce of the MRE’s to good use. I’ll tell you that when I get to Addis/Finfine!!!

  3. What will shock the UN after losing to TPLF Terrorist groups 428 out of 466 Trucks with its drivers? Only concerned? Does that mean it the UN was expecting this to happen?
    Was that delivery of weapon to TPLF Terrorists of food for the “starved people of Tigray”?
    So is the UN going to continue with the ONE WAY Delivery of “food” without demanding the return of 428 Trucks, 428 drivers plus 428+ helpers back from Tigray?
    Is the UN again going to complain, lie, criticize and berate the Ethiopian government for being responsible, humanr and doing the right thing?


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