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Ethiopians reject UNHCR position about whereabouts of TPLF refugees in Sudan

Ethiopians do not seem to believe that the UNHCR was not aware of registered Ethiopian refugees in Sudan taking part in the war in Ethiopia and taking military training in Sudan


The United Nations refugee agency, UNHCR, on  Tuesday issued a statement regarding Ethiopian refugees involved in the fighting in Northern Ethiopia. 

The reaction came after Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) fighters  who were captured in the battle front in northern Ethiopia were found with United Nations refugee Identification cards. 

The statement from the UN body did not openly admit that Ethiopian asylum seekers, who arrived in Sudan after the Ethiopian government launched what appeared at first a law enforcement operation against TPLF leaders and their followers, who were recognized as refugees under the UNHCR protection are engaged in fighting in northern Ethiopia. 

The expression in the statement was rather subtle. It said “While there has been a modest decrease in the number of Ethiopian refugees in the refugee camps in recent months, UNHCR is not able to verify the whereabouts of those who have left, including those who may have returned to their country of origin. ” 

Ethiopians, however, rejected the explanation.  Particularly unacceptable for most Ethiopians,from ongoing conversation on social media platforms, – and some of them expressed their views to figures who work with UNHCR – , is the claim on the part of the refugee agency that it does not know the “whereabouts” of those Ethiopian registered refugees in Sudan who are said to be “missing” from the designated refugee camps. 

Ethiopian activists tend to believe that the UNHCR knows where the “missing refugees” are and what they have been doing.  

There have been reports by Ethiopian activists and local media that Sudan has recently been engaged in training and arming TPLF forces. 

They initially arrived in Sudan as refugees. They are believed to have been  involved in the Maikadra massacre in November 2020,as reported by Ethiopian authorities. 

The TPLF itself has confirmed that it has over 30,000 fighters in Sudan.  Those who managed to enter Ethiopia ,from an unknown location in Sudan adjacent to the Ethiopian border in the North West direction of the country, have been involved in the fighting, on the part of the TPLF forces. 

In May 2021, hundreds of TPLF forces, who were in Sudan as refugees,  were captured by the Ethiopian Defense Force as they attempted to enter Ethiopia for armed activity.

Ethiopia _ UNHCR _ Sudan _ refugees
TPLF forces captured in Ethiopia after they entered from Sudan in May 2021 (Photo :ENA)

Many Ethiopians do believe that the UN refugee agency knew about it.  Shared below are randomly selected  reactions of some Ethiopian Twitter users  who remarked on the UNHCR statement. 

“Proud Ethiopian” said : 

“@SudanPMHamdok knows where they are.  They have been trained for the last 9 months, and the #TPLFTerroristGroup Representatives have been scourted by the Sudan Military Forces, providing them security details etc.  We, #Ethiopians knew and I am sure the West Intelligence knew…” 

Bereketeab, an Ethiopian who expressed his view about UNHCR statement, wrote on Twitter  “Well its very known yall just didn’t want to expose your crimes,They are in Sudan military campus trained and armed to invade Ethiopia which they did several times”

A user who identified himself as Ben tweeted : 

“TPLF leader shamelessly claimed they got 30,000 fighters ready in Sudan, just a couple of months back. The same people that committed the Maikadra massacre. What an unfair world! @antonioguterres @Refugees @POTUS @SecBlinken”  https://twitter.com/Ben47631624/status/1436170070733082626

Mikael Amarawi had the same thing to say. “It’s very well known. The Tigray governor said they have 30k soldiers in Flag of Sudan referring those in the refugee camps, but now they’re back in war so their numbers will decrease. They play double cards, one as a refugee & one as a soldier. #TPLFTerroristGroup


“Ethiopian Lives Matter” ,an apparently anonymous user, said “The whereabouts is known since day one. TPLF terrorist cells committed massacre in Maikadra and fled to Sudan. UNHCR and the west legitimized the terrorists by acknowledging them as refugees. They are now in Sudanese training camps or fighting in the Amhara region.

A user by the name “Ethiopian.Defenders ” was more specific in his answer to UNHCR’s claim that the organization does not know the whereabouts of the refugees. The user said, “They are in war front in Amhara region and killing Civilians.” 

Involvement of Aid Agencies in the Ethiopian conflict 

UNHCR’s handling of the TPLF forces who fled to Sudan after committing the Maikadra massacre has raised questions among Ethiopians. Refugee status recognition was given at the time when the Ethiopian government disclosed that the Maikadra criminals have crossed the border to Sudan. 

Another striking thing about the TPLF criminals who were accepted as refugees in Sudan, a country that invaded Ethiopian territory after the Ethiopian government launched an offensive to reverse TPLF attack on the Defense Force, is that they were used primary sources for the narratives in major media outlets and human rights organizations in the west. 

Aid Agencies who claimed to have the urge to provide “emergency humanitarian assistance in Tigray” were also somehow involved in aiding the TPLF forces. 

Fighters who were captured in the recent fighting in the North Wollo and South Gondar area were caught with high energy biscuits that were meant to be distributed to those who need it most in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

The TPLF leaders in the Tigray region were also provided with satellite phones that were supposed to be for aid agency workers’ operational use. 

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  1. UNHCR creates and galvanizes problems fore countries in AFRICA, especially for ETHIOPIA, keeping them underdeveloped, by keeping them always on war footing, create ethnic wars etc. that’s how it feeds and authenticate itself. It is as a matter of facts that UNHCR allocates millions of dollars in the name of poor countries from neocolonialist rich countries and keeps, leisurely spends 90% of the millions of dollars for itself, rather than giving the money that was allocated for poor nations.

  2. I’m accusing UNHCR of committing a serious crime punishable by a life time suspension from looking after refugees. The crime is losing track of ‘refugitives’ under its protection. Remember I said ‘refugitives’ not ‘refugees’. It is a new word coined by my homeboy Debre with the approval of his bosom-buddies Hamdok and el-Sisi. Throw my main man Filippo Grandi in there for me! Hey Ittu! What did you say about UNHCR to this story last time?
    I said Duhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!
    Ok I am joining you on that one! Duhhhh!!! Kkkkkkkkkk! Duhhhhhhh!!!!

  3. Sudan and UNHCR are feeding, sheltering and training TPLF Terrorist fugitives not refugees.
    All the Mai Kadra Amhara murderers are hidden in Sudan and Sudan is helping them. UNCHR was notified of the Mai Kadra massacre perpetrators hiding in UNCHR shelter yet UNHCR chose to ignore the call and therefore proving its playing part in crime against humanity. Followed by arrogant careless and callous statement saying that it does not know where most of the Tigrea refugee fugitives have disappeared after been fed and helped.

  4. It is well known that the UNHCR had been helping the TPLF to settle the latter` s members and followers as Eritrean refugees in the western countries. Thus, the cooperation between the UNHCR and TPLF existed before the current TPLF ignited war in Ethiopia. Ethiopians and Eritreans should carry out a joint campaign in the west to expose the UNHCR.


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