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Geregera : TPLF loses the area after four days long battle

Social media sources say Geregera and Flakit , in North Wollo, province are now under the Ethiopian Defense Forces control.  

Geregera _ Ethiopia _ TPLF
Google map – Geregera


Citizen report on social media say that Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) lost Geregera area – the part of North Wollo that is adjacent to South Gondar region. 

According to source, the TPLF forces had to send several rounds of reinforcement to the area as the fighting continued for four days in a row. 

It had to face a coordinated operation from members of Ethiopian Defense Force and Amhara region special forces. 

Furthermore, the sources added that the TPLF has lost control of Filakit town too – which is close to Gashena. 

Fasil Yenealem works for Ethiopian Satellite Television. He said, in a social media status update he wrote on Thursday, the Geregera and Filakit front was a decisive one seen from the trajectory of the magnitude of forces that the TPLF deployed. After four days of fighting, he added,  TPLF’s spine is broken, and the areas are now free. 

Multiple citizen reports, on social media, seem to suggest that  Geregera is no longer under the TPLF forces control. 

However, the Defense Force has not confirmed the news. Yet, the military operation to clear the region from TPLF – including the world heritage site town, Lalibela – is far from over. 

There are anticipations that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government will intensify campaign in the aftermath of the Ethiopian New Year – which is this Friday. 

Earlier this week,  the TPLF forces lost several battles in the Afar region of Ethiopia – another part of the country they invaded after the Ethiopian Federal government declared a unilateral humanitarian ceasefire. 

Authorities from the region declared it to be entirely free of TPLF forces. The last major blow to the Tigray rebel forces, whose ambition of controlling Afar was said to have been motivated by controlling the supply route to Djibouti, came in the town of Uwaa

Atrocities by TPLF 

Although the Tigray rebel forces could not maintain control over the areas they occupied in the past two months, they have unleashed unprecedented massacres of innocent civilians both in Afar and Amhara regions. 

In Afar, they have massacred over 200 civilians, of whom more than 100 were children.  It has committed similar crimes in several places in the Amhara region of Ethiopia. 

However, what is revealed so far, after the Maikadra massacre, is the massacre it carried out in Chena, Dabat district of North Gondar earlier this week. Two mass graves have been discovered. Survivor says it has massacred well over 125 civilians. There are cases where six members of the same family were massacred. Priests and deacons who were in church services were dragged from  church and executed. 

As was the case in the past, the United States government and its allies, as well as the international community did not yet condemn the atrocities by TPLF. 

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  1. Subject: ” Geregera : TPLF loses the area after four days long battle, September 9, 2021″ by borkena.com,

    QUOTE: “As was the case in the past, the United States government and its allies, as well as the international community did not yet condemn the atrocities by TPLF. UNQUOTE

    Humble Commentary, 9 September 2021
    The USA and its allies, the notorious European colonizers , will NEVER change their common policy of instigating endless squabbling and eventual disintegration of naive and helpless Africans. The cardinal open issue of controlling the naturally rich Continent AFRICA will always remain under the full control of the WHITE MAN, if possible, for ever, and ever , and ever. As far as the colonial and racist powers are concerned BLACK RACE has no future, nor any control, of its natural LIFE!!!! PERIOD.

    In the mean time, TPLF [The Black African Force] is a chosen tool by which Black Africans — what a contradiction — will be the selected instrument to cause the demise of the Black Race from the surface of the Earth. May the Almighty non-discriminator God up in Heaven Have Mercy, for a change, upon the battered Black Race the strength and harmony needed among themselves to protect themselves. AMEN — INSHALLAH [in alphabetical order, please] THE END

  2. QUOTE: As was the case in the past, the United States government and its allies, as well as the international community did not yet condemn the atrocities by TPLF. UNQUOTE

    Humble Commentary, 10 September 2021
    NO, the slick marauders, mentioned above, will NOT condemn the TPLF. In their view, or their own benefit, the more fragmentation there is in the Black African Societies, the better. Let us differentiate. If there is a single Tigrayan who believes that the USA, Europe and other new comers in Asia, are in their favour, that person, that Tigrayan, is NOT a Tigrayan, at all. The people of Tigray are known for their shrewd-ness [putting it very mildly.

    What is happening, at present, is that a few selected ambitious personalities are running their private agenda for their own benefit, after failure to achieve the top post in ETHIOPIA ( i.e. after the previous Tigrayan Prime Minister). That is the main hidden issue in Tigray, at this point in time. It is a typical maneuvering of certain people who have self-interest and glory. What is happening inTigray is typical of ambitious human characteristics for their own private interst. No more; No less.

    Extending the above argument, would you find more than two or three examples of Africans Leaders who are singularly dedicated for the benefit of their respective African People? Please don’t scratch your head and lose your hairs, thus losing your employment before your retirement age!!!!. Shocking!!! Better stick to your ‘Gofferye’

    Before calling it ‘THE END’, it is only fair to extend an opinion/suggestion — free of charge — that Ethiopia is earthly paradise, the envy of all, accommodating people of different natural background and enjoying the paradise like natural gift. WHY BREAK IT INTO PIECES?!?!?!? THE END

  3. Hot Shots! Part Deux!!!

    Are major cities like Waldiya still in Debre’s hands? If so, how is that possible since Debre lost 9 divisions? Things are not adding up for me here. Someone has to go in there to yank him out or some other arrangements have to be made. Peasants are always peasants who never had any form of knowledge of fighting battles. Their main occupation/preoccupation has been tilling and tending their farms. They may show their gallantry during zerraafs and gerersaas at Khamrs fueled parties but they will be the first ones to cut and run at the first sound of guns. That was what they did in this case. It is reported more than 500,000 of them are internal refugees now leaving everything behind leaving ravines and escarpments suitable for a guerrilla army Debre has. It is also reported that Debre had secured inside help from those who hail from Amhara and Afar clans. He is duplicating late 1980’s rampage thru the same area by his predecessors. It was told that Mengistu was busy awarding medals and at the same time slaughtering during the time period. Ok Abiy, Bacha and Jula! Waldiya is still in Debre’s hands. Is that considered winning or what? I can tell you this with all certainty. Unless, unless an alternative is found and this senseless conflict is allowed to drag on with heavy human and material casualties, sooner if not later battle fatigue is gonna set in. Then everything will start crumbling and suddenly things will blow up right in your face. You better come up with some kind of military genius or pursue an alternative route. Give His Excellency Obasanjo and Brother Kiir the chance. Let them travel to Mekele so they will have a sit down with Debre and his cabals. This senseless bloodletting must stop. Enough already! Tens of thousands of young people have perished when the whole world was awaiting them. Let’s give those mothers a break from wailing for their dead sons and daughters. I just looked at the places mentioned in this article where it was said Debre got a good whipping in Google map in Satellite mode. But this claim was not confirmed/verified by ENDF. As I kept looking at the map I noticed that those places are hundreds of my miles from Waldiya. They may also be even closer to Lake Tana. Are we talking about the forces of Debre we were told on several occasions that he was beaten beyond the possibility of repair or we talking about a different group we never heard of? I feel like I was lied to and still being lied to. I am gonna ask the same question and will keep asking it again and again until the hell freezes. Are Lalibela and Waldiya still under Debre’s firm control? If the answer is yes then what are we talking about? It will not surprise me if the Mega city of Dessie is surrounded by Debre after taking its southern proximity towns like Kemise and others. I am not going to believe any news of victory until this war concludes. Nuff said!!!


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