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Uwwa : TPLF suffered another defeat in Eastern Ethiopia

Uwwa in the Afar region of Ethiopia is no longer under the control of TPLF terrorists 

Umma _ Afar _ Ethiopia
Photo source – From Afar region communication affairs office SM page


Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) have  suffered another major defeat in the Afar region, Eastern Ethiopia. 

News update from Afar region communication affairs office, on Monday, said Afar region special forces and militia cleared Junta’s force, as it calls it, from Uwwa and that the town is now completely under the control of Afar region forces. 

The statement from the region’s communication affairs office recalled that the TPLF forces suddenly invaded the region and massacred innocent civilians. 

After controlling the area, including Uwwa, the TPLF forces were using civilians as human shields. 

Opposition parties operating in Afar region have confirmed the news too. 

Kontie Moussa, the leader of Afar People’s Party, tweeted, in Amharic, “it has become usual for brave Afars to seize tanks. They have seized one tank and several other heavy weaponry.  The sons of Afar deserve big respect for their contribution in making the center peaceful and ensure the continuity of the country.” 

Ethiopian Defense Force, Afar region special forces and militia, skillfully stopped further advance by TPLF , and cleared it from the area without harming civilians, said the statement. 

The office said Uwwa is under total control of Ethiopian Defense Force and Afar region special forces. 

“Although the TPLF Junata underestimated the Afar people, it has suffered devastating defeats and losses in all the fronts it launched war,” the region’s communication office said.  

However, the TPLF forces are still operating in some parts of Afar region.  The regional government said that the struggle to free the region from the terrorist TPLF will continue. 

Furthermore, the region said that it is facilitating the delivery of humanitarian assistance for compatriots in Tigray while reversing the TPLF terrorists’ attack.  

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