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General Migbe Haile led TPLF forces vanquished in Maytebri front

Colonel Habtamu Mihrete speaks to Journalists


The Ethiopian Defense Force on Thursday disclosed that Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) forces under the leadership of  General Migbe Haile  were vanquished in Debark and Dabat districts of North Gondar and adjacent areas.  

General Migbe  is one of the TPLF men for whom the Ethiopian high court issued an arrest warrant. His asset in the capital Addis Ababa and elsewhere is under freeze with order from the Federal government.  

From the defense force update, there were battles in Chanq, China and Woqin areas.  The TPLF terrorist forces launched repeated offensives in a span of one week in the aforementioned areas.

Colonel Habtamu Mihrete and his forces were able to reverse the offensive successfully and launch a successful offensive against TPLF forces, according to an update from Defense Force. 

An unspecified number of Junta forces, as Defense force and government calls TPLF, have been killed and captured alive in Woqin China battle. 

Furthermore, it was said that the Defense force seized anti-tank, machine guns, launcher guns, sniper assault rifles and over 15,000 ammunition.  

Migbe Haile _ Maytebri

Colonel Habtamu Mihrete hailed the logistical support his forces were getting from the public. 

The TPLF terrorist forces have suffered multiples of devastating battle defeats in South Gondar and some parts of North Wollo. However, Woldia city in North Wollo is still said to be under the control of TPLF forces. 

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  1. It seems to me that Debre and goons are dragging Abiy’s forces into a deceptive chess game. They show their left hand coming for an uppercut and deal him a terrible blow below the belt. Debre has his forces roaming into areas where Abiy chin exposed. What seems to be going for Debre is he has vast unprotected areas in the Amhara and Afar regions to do whatever he wants. Those areas are mostly rural dotted with medium size towns scattered all over. As we all know that inhabitants of those rural areas are peasants and in our case they are not made to go to war at a moment’s notice. They are not soldiers trained to fight well trained soldiers. In most cases they rely on the government for their safety and when the government did not come to save them they will just bolt and flee. What I sense now is in the regions where Debre’s hooligans are wreaking havoc namely Afar, Amhara and Oromia regions the peasants/pastoralists are fleeing abandoning everything they own. I tend not to believe such stories when Debre’s forces are knocking on the doors of huge metropolitan areas like Dessie. I see this story as ‘feel good’ concoction. They tell us ENDF and their allied forces have dealt Debre’s forces devastating blows and tell us Waldiya is still in Debre’s hands. I don’t know folks. For me it started with what Abiy told us about his decision to unilaterally declare a ceasefire and withdrawal of his forces from Tigray. Was that really what happened? Was that true? When President Biden proceeded in withdrawing American soldiers from Afghanistan and by the time the withdrawal was completed not a single American soldier was in Taliban’s hands. Not one! That is withdrawal. In Abiy’s case he had left Tigray with tens of thousands of his soldiers in Debre’s hands. They were paraded in the streets of Mekele in flagrant violation of international laws. How did that happen? It seems to that it was a hasty withdrawal after the tide started turning. We used to be deafened with such claim that the ‘junta’ was beaten so bad that it will never be able to fight even a skirmish let alone battles. Then cut and ran came leaving tens of thousands behind as prisoners. I think Abiy has been had! He has been bamboozled by ‘story’ tellers. I say somebody was telling ‘stories’ to us. Somebody from there was not level with me and with you all. Not from here but from there was not telling us the truth and nothing but the truth. Ok Abiy, Jula, Bacha and the rest around you. Was that really a well planned withdrawal or was a cut and run sprint like rabbit? I want to know I have members of my Itu clan in the ENDF and regional militia too. Were those POW’s now in the goons’ hands just abandoned to be suddenly surrounded and many of them butchered with many of them taken prisoners to be used for publicity? How in the friggin world that happened? Somebody, I say somebody, had decided to cut and run leaving his sworn brothers in arms high and dry. I am forced to believe one and only one story from here going forward. A story of Debre’s vagabonds’ demise coupled with picture of Debre and his cabals being led to a waiting helicopter in handcuffs. Everything else I will take as a ‘make me feel good’ story.


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