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Debre Zebit : TPLF force came under heavy shelling from Defense Force

TPLF’s escape from Debre Zebit is  something impossible, say Defense Force members



Debre Zibit is between Nefas Mewucha , in South Gonder , and Flakit, which is close to Gashena in north Wollo.  

The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) force that was pillaging towns like Nefas Mewucha, Gaint and Kimir Genday earlier this month has been dislodged, (after coordinated military operation by the Ethiopian Defense Force, the Amhara region special force and militia force) to Debre Zebit, where it is said to have a fortified position. 

Gashena and West and North of west of it are no longer under TPLF. It is under the Ethiopian Defense Force and Amhara regional forces. It means that the TPLF forces in Debre Zebit  are surrounded at least from two directions. 

According to the Amhara Media Corporation (AMC) report, published on Friday, Ethiopian Defense Force are shelling TPLF positions in Debre Zebit. 

Sergeant Amin Sirur is a member of the artillery division. He told AMC that his division is attacking the TPLF positions. Private Wogayehu Damtew, women, in the same division.  She said, in a confident tone, the enemy will have no way to escape. It is getting pounded. 

Private Bizuayehu Adamu on his part said, “the enemy is getting what it deserves, and it will have no chance to escape.” 

Before it was cornered in Debre Zebit, the TPLF wreaked havoc in several towns including in Debre Tabor, Nefas Mewucha, Gaint and Kimir Dingay. Hospitals and other public institutions were vandalized to a point where they can not provide services. 

In a related development, the terrorist group has launched a military operation in North Western Ethiopia – where it has been attempting to get access to Sudan. 

Four members of the same family were reportedly killed after TPLF attacked civilian areas with artillery in Adi Arkai town. It was deliberately targeting civilians, as reported by the Amhara Media Corporation.  

Hagere Mekonnen said she lost her mother, brother and two children because of TPLF shelling. 

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  1. I am almost inclined not to believe this story. It is almost instantaneous when we hear such retaliatory measures taken by government and regional forces right after a story breaks about Debre’s foot soldiers scored success. Then we will hear another success stories by Debre followed by punishing stories by the government. So penalty kicks go on and on and on and on…. ad nauseam!!!! What kind of soccer game is this?

  2. what are the amharas doing. do they want to fight the tegaru agame-tplf by going into tigray . this is wrong. first of all they have a lot of weyane’s tegaru in addis abeba, gambela, bahirdar gonder etc. so first they have to evacuate these tigray people from ethiopia and then fight weyane in tigray. how can it be while you are hvaing thousands of tigrayans in their armpits. first clean these weyane in your armpits. and the rest push them to go to their county, tigray. like what the weyane did for about 90,000 eritreans in 1998-2000. then you can only get a victory otherwise this is foolishness


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