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Debre Tabor : TPLF rebels shelling killed at least five civilians

The victims from TPLF shelling of Debre Tabor are five family members ; one of them a child

Debre Tabor _ Ethiopia _ TPLF
Among the houses shelled by TPLF artillery (Photo : AMC)

Updated on August 20 ,2021

As Ethiopian Christians are celebrating the feast of Debre Tabor ( also known as Buhe), Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) rebels forces on Wednesday  shelled Debre Tabor town in South Gondar region of northern Ethiopia. 

Wonde Meseret, Mayor of the town, has confirmed the attack and the casualties from it. 

According to the Amhara Media Corporation report, five civilians have been killed.  They were killed inside their own residential home. Three of them are women and two are men. 

Two other civilians sustained life threatening injuries and are said to be in a hospital. 

However,  Debre Tabor town is said to be calm. Residents are on standby and protecting the town from infiltrators. The Mayor described the work done in that regard as something to be proud of. 

Politicians and activists alike see the killing of civilians by the TPLF as a  manifestation of TPLF’s age-old hatred of the Amhara people.

At least four artillery guns were fired targeting Debre Tabor. Estimated location from where the TPLF fired the artillery is unspecified. 

The narrative from the Amhara regional government is that  TPLF forces were frustrated with the loss they suffered with a coordinated defense from the Ethiopian Defense Force, Amhara region special forces and militia in the areas south of Gaint. 

Before venturing to the Debre Tabor area, TPLF has suffered several battles in different locations north west of Woldia – another town which TPLF shelled with artillery about two weeks ago. 

General Tefera Mamo, commander of Amhara region special forces, told Amhara media corporation that the TPLF has lost significant portions of forces it deployed in the North Wollo and South Gonder regions of Amhara. 

He specifically mentioned Gidan and Kebero Meda (both areas between Woldia and Debre Tabor ) In Zebith – there was a five days long battle and the Junta force suffered defeat. 

It was after that the  remaining TPLF forces  moved to Gaint area, but it has reached a point where it can no longer march forward. The logistic line from the back is also cut off, according to General Tefera. 

He further remarked that it is weakened before even a major offensive is launched. So far the Ethiopian Defense Force, Amhara special force and Afar region special forces and militia from different parts of the country were restricted in halting the offensive from TPLF. 

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  1. Well done Ethiopian forces who mixed the soil with TPLF Terrorists corps. It is time to take the war back to the evil base, Tigray. All war training base in Tigray must be hit. That aught to stop the hopeless coward TPLF Terrorists hungry for looting, stealing and murdering innocent Amhara children and people. Every Amhara young and old wait prepared to take the necessary action, kill first before killed any coward TPLF Terrorist who is running wild to Amhara house and land to steal property and life.

    TPLF Terrorist and bandits are coward that are driven by evil spirit and hunger to kill innocent unarmed lives and followed by looting trucks. Every Amhara must wait prepared to defend their families, house, property and land against the known Terrorist and looter TPLF bandits. TPLF has lost hope of getting back in power even in Tigray so what is left is roaming around to steal and murder , loot and destroy indiscriminately.

  2. Hello Everyone,

    This is BBC, AP and Reuters reporting. We will not publish this story in our broadcasts because we were not there when the alleged incidence took place. When it comes to the TPLF and it’s victorious TDF we have to see events on location for us to report the story. So this one did not happen because our reporters or Davison were not there when it allegedly happened. We were there when TDF defeated both Eritrean and Ethiopian armies and we had reported that. We were there when Chairman Debre’s TDF captured 75,357 Eritrean and 125,987 Ethiopian soldiers and as you know we had reported all of that. But this one we did not see it and therefore we don’t report it. This is how it works with us, quite simple!!!


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