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TPLF soldiers captured with WFP “high energy” food aid: Report

TPLF soldiers  _ Ethiopia

By Teshome Borago

The World Food Programme (WFP) is facing new scrutiny this week after several captured fighters of the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) reportedly carried “high energy” WFP biscuits the aid agencies were supposed to provide to hungry children in Tigray. Critics say history is being repeated as the TPLF rebels were similarly accused of starving regular Tigrayans by diverting food aid and the donated money to acquire weapons in the 1980s.

The latest controversy began after the Ethiopian army defeated TPLF forces in a key battlefront at Gasay town of Amhara regional state. Dozens of Tigrayan soldiers became POWs, including TPLF Colonel Gebrehiwot Gebreaelaf. Local news media revealed some of the captured soldiers had nutrient-rich & high-energy biscuits with the WFP label, including the Colonel himself.

For months since the Tigray conflict began in November 2020, TPLF fighters were accused of ambushing food aid trucks and killing drivers, which crippled governance by the transitional authorities. Instead of condemning these obstructive acts by TPLF, top westerns officials including USAID’s Samantha Powers criticized government checkpoints and pushed anti-government narratives that led to economic sanctions on Ethiopia, which indirectly helped the rebels financially, politically and militarily. To reduce the burden on average Tigrayans facing hunger, the Ethiopian government nonetheless declared unilateral ceasefire, however, the emboldened TPLF continued obstruction: this time by invading the Afar region where humanitarian aid delivery depended upon. 

Before the latest corroborative evidence of TPLF diverting aid, there were already signs and reports that the rebels were receiving food aid and other resources meant for civilians. Tigrayan leader Getachew Reda previously suggested his fighters have “enough resources from Tigray” to fuel the war, despite other Tigrayans facing starvation.  

The new revelations of TPLF misusing food aid from WFP, USAID and other aid agencies – supposedly earmarked for malnourished children –  is expected to test the patience of the Ethiopian government dealing with foreign aid organizations. After the government initially instituted a free and open-door policy, its relations with aid groups gradually soured when some Western aid representatives began supporting the rebels politically and diplomatically. The Russia embassy in Ethiopia this week criticized “irresponsible comments” by westerners that “fuel differences.” Most of these “comments” or pro-TPLF statements were overtly expressed by US & EU officials in western capitals as well as covertly disseminated to western journalists by anonymous western aid officials stationed in Tigray hotels. Despite Addis Ababa opening up Tigray in early 2021 for Western journalists in unprecedented matter, relative to other war-zones, most correspondents were accused of using pro-TPLF interpreters and simply quoting hotel-based aid officials anonymously, without engaging in balanced and on the ground reporting. This led to various Western media blunders, including the now debunked Telegraph UK media report that claimed ethnic Tigrayans were the target in the infamous Maikadra massacre, while in reality over 1,200 ethnic Amharas were slaughtered by pro-TPLF forces in the town.

Since the latest massacre of 107 Afar children by TPLF on August 5, the Tigrayan fighters have opened a new front in northern Afar’s Zone 2, invading Berahle region and displacing thousands, after being defeated by Afar soldiers in Zone 4. Unlike in Northern Amhara zones, where TPLF successfully coordinated with pro-TPLF Tigrayans living inside Amhara towns to create panic and division, the terror group has so far failed to advance deep into Afar’s Zone 4.


The conflict in northern Ethiopia started on November 4 2020 after the TPLF waged a massive and unexpected terror attack in Tigray province, first killing hundreds of federal security officers and then butchering over 1,200 ethnic Amharas in Maikadra town.  The vicious Tigrayan insurrection forced the Nobel Peace Prize winning Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to respond with force, breaking two years of his government’s restraint against TPLF, which brutally ruled Ethiopia for 27 years and attempted to obstruct historic reforms by Abiy since 2018.

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  1. Now there is a new development came into view today. USAID official has made a scathing accusation today blaming the government there disrupting and also blocking the flow of food and other critical aid from reaching Tigray region. I can see a few things buzzing in the sky soon. In her statement there is no word about the TPLF but she has laid the blame squarely on the Ethiopian government alone. The government there should be extremely careful now not to rattle the cage in DC or Brussels. Food and other humanitarian aid should never be impeded from reaching the needy. Not a single Ethiopian should die from manmade starvation. Not one! I am afraid this complaint will be taken to the UN and you will know what will be next. What I would suggest should be next is US supervised airlift of confirmed humanitarian aid delivered to the needy people in that region. This must be worked out between the US and Ethiopian governments. I hope this complaint does not lead to bomber jets and missiles blasting away those check points. Food should be allowed to reach those innocent citizens. I tell you this is the ultimate dilemma for any policy maker. What will you do instead? Just watch people die from starvation? In any case, the government made a mistake when it arranged Mrs. Samatha to meet officials who look like Amhara. She hates Amharas with passion, man. She seems to take Amharas like her ‘worst boogeyman, the dreaded Englishman always oppressing the Irish with his companion-in-crime the Oromo(Scots) and Gurages(Welsh). They let her meet with Muferiat, man! What is wrong with you Abiy? In one way I am very happy they did not arrange a meeting for her with the Deputy PM Demeke, that oppressor Englishman. She could have a massive heart attack right in there and you could have been watching F16’S and Mirages doing all kinds f sorties by now. If she plans another trip there you must have her meet officials from Debre’s circle only. You hear me? No Amharas, Oromos, Gurages, Somalis, Afars, Sidamas, Gambelas or any other except Debre’s inner circle, not even Aregawi.

    Here is the link of her statement. news.yahoo.com/food-aid-ethiopias-tigray-region-130646207.html?fr=sycsrp_catchall

  2. Subject: “TPLF soldiers captured with WFP “high energy food aid : Report” By Teshome Borago August 21, 2021

    Humble Question to the following a) to f) items & “THEN WHAT?”
    a) “The soldiers may do anything and everything under the son” Then what?
    b). The “Ethiopian army defeated TPLF forces in a key battle front” Then what?
    c) “Dozens of Tigrayan soldiers became POWs, including TPLF Colonel Gebrehiwot Gebreaelaf.” Then what?
    d). “For months ….., TPLF fighters were accused of ambushing food aid trucks and killing drivers”. Then what?
    e) “ TPLF, which brutally ruled Ethiopia for 27 years and attempted to obstruct historic reforms by Abiy since 2018.” Then what?
    f). Six hundred and ninety (690) words are written on the above Subject Matter. So what? Where do Ethiopians go from here ?
    Essential Note:
    The questions are directed at the READER, NOT at borkena.com who are doing untiring extraordinary job as a source of information for history of ETHIOPIA. One can’t help wondering what the “SOULS” of ancient Emperors and Gallant Warriors of Ethiopia would think of the so-called “modern” Ethiopians — ha, ha, ha, !?!?!?!?!

  3. This is one of the many proofs that shows the war is not only with TPLF but with these westerns organizations and individuals too.

  4. Here is our usual international relations / Ethiopian American relations expert from the state of Minnesota, who is currently depleting the welfare and the heath system of the state of Minnesota and a burden to society, the good old American ought to be azz kissing Ittu Aba Farda, Originally from Ethiopia, a small village called wollisso, who used to be a goat-herder, hereditary in his family and full of inferiority complexes, from his head to his toes, tried schooling and shining shoes, but never succeeded in both, dropped out of school from six grade, lucky enough, one in a million of chances for uneducated goat-herder from unknown small village of Ethiopia to immigrate to US and settled in the state of Minnesota. What’s most amazing is that, despite the fact that, the individual mentioned above is a six grade dropout, due to his inferiority complexes and lack of knowledge and educations, he tries to present himself & masquerade as an educated intellectual individual in any available social media, except that he is shorthanded and impaired by not having enough of vocabularies, Ebonics, as well as lack of articulation in the English language, however it’s greatly admirable for a six grade dropout from a small village of Ethiopia to have tried to give a credence to himself, despite the fact that, his uneducated background and at the label of six grade education.
    Good luck buddy!

  5. Hello Everyone! I just cannot go on!
    Hey Ittu! First time it was ‘I’m not eating’ then ‘I’m not going’ and this time ‘You just cannot on’. What is it now?
    No I just cannot go on!
    Ok, Ok! We heard you. What is it that led you to not go on?
    What was just in the news made me feel like I was punched in the gut with a bolo punch. It hurts real bad, man! Many of my friends in Minnesota have started committing suicide after reading the news. My best friend who is rated the best lawyer in the world has just put the noose around his neck and is ready to jump to his death. My other lawyer friends from Virginia, Michigan, England and Down Under are ready to do the same. There is also a planned mass suicide a la Jim Jones Peoples Temple, Order of Solar Temple and Heaven’s Gate.
    Why? What triggered or led to all these planned suicides.
    Cuz OLF has just made a statement declaring that it will stand behind ENDF in its war in Tigray. It said it will not tolerate those who threaten ‘Ethiopia’s national interest’.
    So what is wrong with that? More than 90% of the population is behind ENDF.
    Ethiopia, OLF said. It should never say that word. Now I can’t get my Republic of Oromia, separated from Ethiopia. I just cannot go on! It ain’t worth it. Once my best lawyer in Minnesota and other lawyers like him in other states and countries are gone I’m gonna join them.
    Hey Ittu! Your best friend was once fired from his job for lying on his resume.
    No he did not lie but made a few mistakes in writing his resume.
    That is lying.
    I don’t care what you think of him. He is the most decorated and winningest lawyer in the world. OLF statement is the last straw for me and my friends. How can OLF say this ‘When the country encounters challenges that affects its national(Ethiopia) interests, we have to stand together to curb the challenges. OLF is committed to stand with the people and government of Ethiopia on issues that affect the national interest of the country”? How can they say that in view of OLA(Shane) that liberated 80% of Oromia? I just cannot go on like this!!!
    80%? Ittu, somebody has been taking you for a long ride on that one.
    I don’t care if you don’t believe that. You are rumored to be a Neo-Gobena anyway.
    That does not bother me at all. I have been called a ‘Woyane’ even worse than that by Eyal-al-souqs, those who grew up unattended!!!
    I just cannot go on!!! I just CAN NOT GO ON!!!


  7. Ittu Aba Farda/Wodi Welkayit/ Bla……bla……bla
    The anti Ethiopian devils, the hosts of the devils, in all labels of names and terrorists will dissipate through the tin air, as if they have never existed, in the name of GOD.
    Your worst nightmare is yet to come, keep on talking with your poisonous mouth and deceit.

  8. The shame of Ethiopian youtubers: stop sumpathizing with Sebhat Negas family/his sons! I remember, when Sebhat ho out speak during Tplf rule, some Ethippians usrd to say, Sebhat is at least honest. Really? Sebhat and co. have Ethiopians’ and Tigrayans’ blood in their hand! More than in fact Meles! I bet the government/ Ethiopians are buying their story of forgiveness, it is common sense, it is tplf is losing that is why Sebhat and Co are flipping also to get released! Also they have connection with Shabia/Eritrea when l saw, Sbhat Nega dressed and clean talking for Ethiopia today, it is laughable! The over 60 years of Ethiopuans and Tigrayans’ blood is in vain which tells us Sebhat and Co and. All those Eritrean blood who created the problem from the beginnimg will be roaming around as if nothing happened! I am in shock promoting those ethiopian youtubers promoting Sebhats’ son. Shame on you! This tells me, shabia/eritrea have stong hold on aby/ ethippia!.


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