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Samantha Power, USAID Administrator, visiting Ethiopia


Samantha Power has been criticized by many Ethiopians for not condemning TPLF for the crimes it committed, which many seem to see as an act of condoning terror. 


Samantha Power is visiting Ethiopia after spending days in Sudan, where she met with military leaders ruling the country. 

A USAID report on Tuesday, and it was said that the report is attributable to Spokesperson Rebecca Chalif, indicated that Power spoke to Ethiopian refugees from the military conflict in the northern part of Ethiopia. 

Mrs. Power’s mission of her visit to Ethiopia is, as reported by Reuters,  “a fresh diplomatic push by President Joe Biden’s administration amid fears of ethnic cleansing in the region and hopes for negotiations between the Ethiopian government and Tigrayan forces to resolve the conflict.” 

The Ethiopian government, however, disclosed that there is a new pressure on the Ethiopian government that aims at opening a “humanitarian corridor” between Sudan and the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

As she was ready to heading to Ethiopia, where she will meet with Ethiopian leaders, she tweeted  “If aid is to reach people in need in #Tigray, then ALL parties must end hostilities. There is no military solution to this conflict…” 

Ethiopians who are active in social media platforms have been protesting what they think is a biased view and activism of Samantha Power in connection with the war against the TPLF. It has become very common to see social media threads that are extremely critical of the USAID administrator. 

One of Samantha Power’s photoshop circulating among Ethiopians on social media

Public opinion in Ethiopia, based on observations of social media conversation and local news outlets in Ethiopia, seem to indicate that the US is plotting to restore the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) back to power. 

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  1. Does she recommend negotiation between the USA and ISIS? What a buffon? China Aid is much much better than USAID, so……

  2. The Ethiopian people & its government have the capacity to resolve its internal affairs;thus, we do not need any advice from outsiders to resolve our own internal problem.

  3. By the way, USAID is a brunch of the CIA, Samantha Power is the one who lured the late Iraqi leader Sadam Hussien into starting the war and provoke Kuwait in order to create an opportunity for US to invade Iraq, the work of a gangster like revenge by Donald Rumsfeld, Richard Perle who were plotting illegally, to get some business shares in the Iraqi oil industry , but instead Sadam Hussien kicked them out of his country.


  5. This monotonous faced a messenger of the devil, Samantha Power, should not have been allowed to step on the HOLY-LAND OF ETHIOPIA, and she should be evicted ASAP, she’s a spy of the evils.

    ኢትዮጵያና: ሕዝቦቿ: በእግዚአብሔር: ስም: ለዘለዐለም: ይኑሩ::

  6. Yes! An Stupendous work, by DR. ABIY Ahmed’s administration, the poisonous snake and a spy of the devil is out off the HOLY-LAND, never allow these devils again into the HOLY LAND OF ETHIOPIA.



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