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Ethiopia rejects pressure to open corridor to Sudan on grounds of “humanitarian aid”

Authorities say Ethiopia will not accept the pressure to open a corridor between Sudan and Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

Mitiku Kassa (Photo : SM)


Ethiopia on  Tuesday rejected what it called a pressure to open a corridor from West of Tigray to Sudan.  The pressure is manifesting itself under the guise of delivering humanitarian assistance to the Tigray region. 

Mitiku Kassa, Commissioner for Disaster Prevention and Preparedness, said the pressure from the west and some of their institutions to open a corridor between Tigray and Sudan is unacceptable, as reported by Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporate (EBC).

Furthermore, he said that humanitarian aid supplies are being delivered from Afar region of Ethiopia and the Ethiopian government is doing all it can to ensure that aid is delivered to people in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

About 170 trucks loaded with humanitarian aid were stuck in the Afar region after the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) opened a new military offensive, rejecting unilateral humanitarian aid which the Ethiopian government declared at the end of June 2021. 

Without naming names, Mr. Mitiku disclosed that some western countries have requested the Ethiopian government for the humanitarian aid to be delivered directly from Sudan. 

He also said that the Ethiopian government has made it clear to them that no corridor will be open from Sudan and that the Djibouti-Afar-Tigray supply route is adequate to address the humanitarian assistance. 

In an interview with BBC News Hours, Tsadkan Gebretensae, one of the TPLF military commanders, said that TPLF will continue the war in the Afar region to control the route to Djibouti. 

In early July, TPLF reportedly destroyed the Tekeze bridge that was also used to supply humanitarian aid to the region. 

Western Powers’ pressure to open up a corridor between Sudan and Tigray region of Ethiopia has generated immense skepticism. Some see it as a plot to strengthen TPLF military posture. 

Aregawi Berhe is one of the founders of TPLF, now the leader of Tigray Democratic Party, says the idea to create a corridor from Sudan is an arrangement by the TPLF terrorist group, as he calls it, to benefit itself. 

“The TPLF has exploited the corridor to Sudan during the war with Derg,” Mr. Aregawi recalled. 

In what seems to be a preparation to push for the opening of a corridor to Sudan, the TPLF, and its supporters, launched a social media campaign claiming the Humera Massacre. It came after the Associated Press and Reuters published a story about bodies floating on Tekeze river from Sudan’s side near Kassala. 

There have been reports earlier that the TPLF was transporting dead bodies from Afar and Tegede battlefields, where it suffered crashing defeat, to the Tigray region. 

Some, who are expressing their views on social media platforms, say the bodies found in Kassala are probably casualties from latest battles between TPLF on the one hand and the Ethiopian Defense Force and Afar region special forces.    

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  1. Dr. ABIY Ahmed Prime Minister of Ethiopia, do not entertain the messenger of the terrorist TPLF Samantha Power and TPLF member Susan Rice as well as her errands such as Antony Blinken or anyone from US, especially from the Biden administration, US is worst enemy of ETHIOPIA, which has been trying to dismember the ancient land of ETHIOPIA, just like they did disintegrate the great nation of Yugoslavia, GOD is watching he will not spare them.


  2. This man is from Agew and prosperity party goon.
    ferenjtel netfetegna said “Does she recommend negotiation between the USA and ISIS? What a buffon? China Aid is much much better than USAID, so…” Before this war you were against China and Russia and supporting USA. What happen ? Please donot hack my email . I thank you respect my right to post my views.Last time kichuu and zehabesha hacked by gmail account . This is my 3rd account now. my bank card from American Bank of the North info was stlolen. Please donot do that again. Thank you to you all.

  3. Well-done Ethiopian government, their request is clearly the manifestation of their ill desire to re-instate TPLF there by to arm them through Sudan, why not consider through Djibouti? why are the thugs and rapists’ hell bent on trying to cut off Djibouti corridor adn how about Massawa which they say is the most closest entrée rout to Tigray!! as they say “If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it’s a duck!”
    Ethiopians you are not missing anything by this seemingly generosity of the western governments and their satellite aid agencies are seeking us to kill each other. Ethiopia has the best wheat and can produce to feed its own people instead of the rotten wheat they send, after all Ethiopia is truly a bread basket to feed the whole of Africa but is is sad the previous admins has to bow to these nefarious governments and aid agencies to rely on.

  4. It seems that PM Abiy has their number. There is no leak proof way to stop some of the aid getting into the hands of the goons of the TPLF. But they should not be given unchecked leeway to the humanitarian aid worth into the hundreds of millions in us dollars. These goons had played and bamboozled the doorknob Mengistu by being able to divert away the channels of delivery of every kind of humanitarian aid to the suffering people during the 1984-85 Famine. They used that to coerce fathers and mothers to offer their young boys and girls as new recruits into their army. Those fathers and mothers had two choices. Die of hunger with their entire families or deliver their children. That was why those young fighters were willing to march into awaiting fire, ujuum. You either die of a slow and agonizing death from hunger or you die a quick death killing ‘your enemy’ imaginary or real!!! This should never happen again.


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