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Alamata : TPLF fighters massacred at least 18 civilians after capturing the town on Tuesday

Ethiopians still waiting to hear from the Federal government after the TPLF forces reportedly seized Alamata where dozens of civilians are reportedly massacred by TPLF 

Alamata ( Photo : SM )


A day after controlling Korem town, Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) reportedly took control of Alamata town which is about 27 kilometers south of Korem. 

At least 18 civilians are reportedly executed by the TPLF forces, according to sources with links to the town. On Tuesday, Alamata was under the control of TPLF forces.

The speech with which the TPLF forces are controlling areas that were under the Federal government and Amhara regional forces has turned out to be a point of conversation among Ethiopians in social media. 

Neither the Federal nor Amhara regional governments did not explain about the circumstances that led to recapture of towns by the TPLF forces. 

The situation has led to speculations. Many seem to be perplexed how the TPLF , which PM Abiy Ahmed’s government painted as nothing during a question and answer session with the parliamentarians, managed to control many areas in such a short time. Some observers speculate coordinated sabotage. Others seem to be convinced  that foreign intervention from the west, primarily the US, is behind the shift in the balance of power, and they fear that perhaps there is a plan to disintegrate Ethiopia just like the former Yogoslavia. 

Apart from pushing south of Tigray, TPLF is attempting to retake areas like Wolqaite and Humera. 

Amhara regional state on Tuesday issued a statement explaining the military moves of the TPLF, vowed vengeance, in the region and that the region’s special forces are responding to it. However, it did not explain the details of recent military developments in the Raya area – including the retake of Alamata and Korem by TPLF forces. 

The statement from the Amhara region, which said that Amhara people are facing existential danger from TPLF, sounded more like a mobilization decree. It called on all concerned parties to shelve differences and support the region’s special force and be ready for a bitter struggle. 

Called on the Ethiopian Defense Force and Amhara special forces to continue working for the mission they are given, protecting the country and people, and that the region will support them.  

Furthermore, the statement called on all Ethiopians to continue to support the campaign against Tigray People’s Liberation Front. 

The region has also called for the Federal government to end the unilateral ceasefire and respond to the new military development. 

At this writing, the Federal government has not yet disclosed plans regarding the situation in northern Ethiopia after the TPLF forces retook Korem and Alamata this week. 

There are unconfirmed reports that the National Security Council, which is chaired by the Prime Minister, is having a meeting to decide on the situation. 

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  1. Guys if you believed whatever Abiy has been saying then there is a lot of pain coming your way. If Amahra region hasn’t prepared thus far trying to fight now will cause too much loss, loss young human capital. Civil resistance or something must be tried because TPLF didn’t come this far by sleeping, they fought for 8 months under their leaders that already fought at least 3 wars, maybe even war in Somalia during the invasion back in the 2000s.
    TPLF prepared for war for more than 20 years, sacked most non-TPLF officers out of ENDF leadership, and replaced by TPLF people. They got the training, mereja and experience, and know ENDF inside and out, and that’s why the fall of ENDF shouldn’t be a surprise. TPLF generals fought wars in exactly those mountains so they know the terrain, and they also have support of the population.
    Special Police aren’t an army and if you were expecting them to fight war with an army like TPLF then survive then you’re gonna lose a lot of people. If the regional gov has any sense then they would not be sleeping, and mobilizing everything 24/7 but really they are most likely sleeping.
    ENDF is mostly probably destroyed. So Amhara people would need to fight this war more or less themselves possibly, and Egypt and Sudan will indirectly help TPLF. Expect Drones
    Borkena please don’t mislead people because if you guys are surprised then it is hopeless. If you did not see this possible then it is doom.

  2. Very sad day for the people of Alamata and Amhara people. RIP and many condolences to their families and dear friends. The day for justice and for Amharas to keep living in peace shall come soon…
    Yet again TPLF has shown its true face. This evil terrorist groups have no respect for people’s lives. After seeing numerous times the evil work of TPLF even after the government declared cease fire, TPLF kept on murdering innocent lives and expanding its territory by encroaching on Amhara land that is the cause of the hate for Amharas. All this time the so called Humanitarian organizations, the laud TPLF friend medias, and the UN have not come up with change of heart to condemn TPLF. No new message to TPLF to quit murdering people and respect the cease fire.

    As seen on the New York Times, when arming and sending high in drug Child soldiers should be condemned and the reason to charge with the highest criminal charge instead what we heard was another praising the TPLF terrorists for its bravery.. What a disgrace and a mess!!!!
    This callous action has send a shock to many people that thought the UN, those so called humanitarian organization and the west care for the lives of exploited children sent into military gun fire without knowing the consequences .

    • child rapist as old as 4 & 8 are worried for children . The most ridiculous political agenda ever spread and propagated and received by the nations who are deceived to accept the trashy talks of Amhara elites, genociders and at a time religious fanatics (Mahibrekidusan )

      did you forgot that you rtaped many mothers and their children and murdered them?

      Mahibrekidusan and amhara elites invited arab mercenaries to invadeTigray, cradle of Christianity since 4th Cen.

  3. why the tplf is telling a story of unity with the oromo shene group? you foolsh oromos remember your families death in mass in 1993 almost abour 17,000 oromo liberation fighters in a row who to enter a camp for negotiation with the TPLF &OLF after they entered together in addis ababa after the demise of the DERGUE. is not it the TPLF-WEYANE-TIGRAY; besides, who killed the mass of oromos when celebrating their “ERECHA BE’AL” a religious gathering at jima a mass oromo massacre? is not it by the tigray -weyane using helicopters; infact it was horrible in deed. remmber other atrocities of the TPLF to the oroo people. now how can the weyane delude you oromo by saying that they are your friends. dont be foolish like the Amhara. remember the past. the weyane serpent or snake os at your foot & your stick is at your hand. get the solution your selves. you want nobody to guide you people. dont believe the serpent weyane tigray. they have to eliminated from the surface of ethiopia and the world by follwing their tracks one by one.


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