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TPLF forces reportedly controlled Korem town, pushing further south

Hundreds of civilians reportedly massacred in the Alamata area as the TPLF pushed further southward after controlling Korem. Amhara regional state ordered all out mobilization to reverse the TPLF move in Northern Gondar and North Wollo regions of Ethiopia 

Alamata _
Alamata Town ( Photo : Social Media)


Reports emerging on Monday say the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) forces are pushing South of Tigray region with a move to recapture areas that it forcefully incorporated into Tigray region of Ethiopia after taking government power in 1991. 

Social media sources with links to the areas say that TPLF is shelling towns like Alamata, which is south of Korem, with artillery and other heavy weaponry from the strategic positions of Mount Gerakasu. 

It appears that there were civilian casualties in Alamata  town.  Hundreds of civilians are reportedly massacred by TPLF as its forces march further south.

Mesenbet Assefa, who is an  Assistant Professor of Law at Addis Ababa University School of Law, said he is confused that the Ethiopian government seems to be unable or unwilling to protect civilians in Alamata and the surroundings of Raya. 

He tweeted, “…Government seems unable or unwilling to protect my home town, Alamata and the surroundings in Raya from these terrorists. We demand an explanation of what is gong on there? My God Protect our People!  Government has a responsibility to provide information.” 

Dejene Assefa, an activist who is from Alamata town, on Monday said “TPLF is currently firing on the town of #Alamata (my hometown) with heavy artilleries from Mount Gracasu. Two innocents killed, & Trinity Church partially damaged. Whereas in Bala & Chercher towns, hundreds of innocent people of Raya Massacred today by TPLF.” 

In a report published on Monday, Reuters quoted TPLF spokesperson, Getachew Reda, to report that TPLF forces controlled Korem town, which is about 170 kilometers south of Mekelle. 

North Gondar Zone Government Communication on Monday shared a mobilization decree calling for all armed residents in the region, government or otherwise, to stand up to reverse  a move by the TPLF forces. 

The TPLF war in the north-west and South Tigray region of Ethiopia came at a time when the route was opened for humanitarian activities.  WFP trucks carrying “food and humanitarian aids” are said to have arrived in Mekelle on Monday. 

Ethiopia State of Emergency Fact Check Task Force, a Federal Government body tasked to share information about the situation in the Tigray and other parts of the country where there are security incidents, has not yet released any information regarding the new security development in the Northern parts of Ethiopia. 

The government declared a unilateral ceasefire at the end of June this year which the TPLF rejected as “a joke. “

Meanwhile, there are also reports that resurging rebel activities in the Benishangul Gumuz regions of Ethiopia in the past two days have claimed at least the lives of 14 civilians. 

The Federal government has been linking the killings and armed group activities in the region to  the TPLF and unspecified external forces – which many seem to relate to Egypt. 

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  1. Tigray’s pre-aggression border with Ethiopia must be restored before the war can stop. The federal army has collapsed, but the Amhara militia will do anything to maintain the lands it has occupied. The coming weeks will be difficult for the people of the region.

  2. Interesting, those anti ethiopians posing as pro ethiopia/amara but opposing Tplf are now activated as plan B by Ethiopia’s enemies when election results showed Dr Aby Ahmed won. The ethio media is littered with now blaming the government on the recent war in Alamata. It seems the war was planned all along. What is plan B? To create rift between Amara and Aby Ahmed admin. Watch out people! By the way, there are those posing as pro Ethiopia and Amara working probably for Shabua to create Abyssinia minus Ethiopia meaning bringing amara/ tigray/eritrea as plan B calling it Abyssinia. Nite there is reasom for Ethiopia with many artifacts, history,etc, nit Anyssinia. Who named it Abyssinia ? Which is cplonizers. Many ethiopians have no clue what is going on. That is why for 30 years they buried their head saying l dont like politics making themselves ignorant of what is going on. When they woke, yhey react based on emotion putting the coubtry more in danger acting like sheep.

  3. Interesting 2: if tplf is mow being lead by Getachew Assefa from Raya, then he might be activating rift between amara and the hovernment. Seeing the generals talling in good faith reminds me of they are today’s Balcha Aba Nefso. I am sure they are targeted and god save them

  4. Wow, even the so called ethio medias are now bring controlled against ethiopia. It seems like the real war is not with tplf but the usual suspects, foreigners. They have been hiding , masquerading behind Tplf. They will soon directly try to disintegrate ethiopia. Still Ethippians must not be selfish, tell tge world, campaign and pritect ethiopia. Getting rid if Aby admin means no ethiopia because , thry have ad lready activated tplf from north and soon will activate olf. I guess tge so call fair election no linger applues for foreigners. Even thepro ethiopua medua are rrporting false info on recent war

  5. Subject: “TPLF forces reportedly controlled Korem town, pushing further south”,,
    July 12, 2021

    Humble Commentary, 13 July 2021
    And so, the classical tragedy comes to play for the ancient history and pride of an INDEPENDENT Black African Country –ETHIOPIA >>> to accelerate its fragmentation into pieces.

    Who benefits out of that fragmentation? The instigators of background forces, whose interest has always been on the MATERIAL NATURAL RICH NESS of the AFRICAN LAND . NOT, NEVER, NEVER the PEOPLE of Africa. In FACT, in the hungry minds of the the colonizers, the BLACK PEOPLE of AFRICA are NOT CONSIDERED AS HUMAN CREATURES..

    And to cover the entire tragedy, African ambitious individuals are also in tandem with colonial forces to satisfy their own private mini ambition — without the slightest care for THEIR OWN BLACK AFRICAN BLOOD AND FLESH.. To complete the CIRCLE, that is why colonial powers have the most disgusting attitude over the ENTIRE BLACK PEOPLE INCLUiDING the black African marauders !!!!!IT IS THE STRANGEST of STRANGENESS. THE END

  6. I think that country should be prepared for any kind of an outcome from here on. Any outcome is possible. We should all be ready to hear anything we now think is impossible. With one or two more overruns the roads to Addis could be left wide open for anyone to come in. Addis/Finfine could turn into citta aperta anytime soon especially right after the rainy season is over. TDF now probably armed/guided with the latest satellite images can pinpoint the vulnerable flanks of the opposing militias and ENDF and take these apart like an easy jigsaw puzzle. The satellite images do not necessarily come from foreign government sources but many civilian outfits do have very advanced satellites they have been using for ‘civilian and peaceful’ purposes. It is 2021 y’all! Once their objective has been met in the south they will then turn their attention on the western front. It seems they are facing a militia there. Please remember many among these militia groups come from far away places even in their own region and could be homesick. They don’t have the sense of urgency fighters of the TDF have. TDF soldiers have two and only two choices. You either stay where you are now and die of starvation or die trying at the war fronts to regain fertile lands now in the hands of their adversaries both in Amhara Region and Eritrea. Once that is achieved the link with the Sudan is restored and supply route will be wide open. Then missiles, tanks and heavy guns along with APC’s will be delivered by exotic belly dancers from Al-Qahirah. Then Chairman Debre and his friend will have the ‘right’ and the ‘only’ alternative to declare their region a sovereign republic. I hope I will be proven wrong but at the moment that is what I think will happen. For me the writing is on the wall. I suspect there is a consensus in the West that the old country has become too obese and has reached a point where it is not able to carry its own weight with more than 80 growing ethnic groups. ‘There are just too many niggers in one room!’ Just too many stubborn niggers in one room!!! That is what it is y’all!!!

  7. The government must ignore the cease fire and protect Amharas from getting murdered by TPLF terrorists. Since TPLF kept on murdering innocent civilians and did not respect the cease fire so that people will not suffer for their greed for power it is not only Tigray that needs safty and attention. The rest of Ethiopians are suffering for TPLF destruction and crimes.
    The government must first protect Ethiopians from TPLF terrorists and any foreign interference even it must come to saying No or Enough to handouts!!!

  8. I believe TPLF has to objectives with this drama….

    The first objective was to get as many as possible of kids carrying rifles their size to be killed by the Ethiopian army. A camera man was at the ready to record it all, if you have noticed, just as happened when the TPLF choreographed and orchestrated the killings of civilians in Hawzein and blamed the whole thing on the Derg army. The poor kids who were driven to the fire probably never knew or suspected of the plan TPLF had planned to showcase to the world what it expected and hoped to be a massacre, to get support from the likes of USA and European Union. The Ethiopian Defense Forces were quick to realize that and stopped and withdrew. Residents of the town should not take over and kill the marauding kids to protect their communities. Every time a hungry and/or thirty kids shows somewhere, just give it to him/her with whatever weapon is at hand or available.

    The second objective was to spread the army thinly so TPLF could attack the western front with all it had. TPLF and cohort USA and European Union are focused on that part of Amhara region to reopen communication corridor to bring in the 30,000 reserve army that had been under training in the Sudan for the last eight months, bring in troops and supplies from Egypt, Sudan, USA, and European Union. The Ethiopian Defense Forces and Amhara militia should coordinate to ensure TPLF’s design would never succeed, and perhaps take as final act to destroy the remnants of TPLF. Crocodile tears from any and all foreigners should not matter.

    Using underaged children in times of wars is prohibited by international law, but still no western powers have expressed any outrage about TPLF’s use of them. The U State Department (more correctly the amateurish secretary of state) had the audacity to ‘seriously be concerned’ about purported human rights violations Ethiopia, Eritrea, Burma, and China. It should rather first look inward about human rights abuses of US citizens by denying them constitutional rights to vote (as is being attempted in many so called conservative states), among other rights abuses of minorities.

    • Our proble ethiopians is we create enemies by branding entire people or nation as ifethiopia jas capanility , is the poorest inbthe world let alone creating more enemies. I would not say West/US/EU etc. I would say cia, hovernment, etc. I also would avoid branding all Tigray, even if there is one non tplf, l would focus on Weyane/Tplf.

    • Very Short Comment.
      It is an APPRECIATION to Ato Worqu Belayneh(*) for his farsightedness and restrict his commentary about “TPLF” as opposed to the TIGRAY PEOPLE. That is all I need to say.
      (*) Footnote:
      Indeed >>> “supreme golden”. Ahhhhhhh…….. if WE, BLACK AFRICANS, know and appreciate the gem of our anthropology, sociology and history that we have before we were subjugated by Western Colonialism for time immemorial — also to be followed by Eastern new comers who are as racist — and even more slick than the other. But take the following as a consolation:: The ADMIRABLE, INDEPENDENT, ANCIENT PROUD BLACK AFRICAN COUNTRY THE ONLY, and ONLY, ETHIOPIA .

  9. All I can say is this; Borkena and such websites don’t have the resources to verify info sent to them. So they go ahead and publish at will. The sensational the news the better! Just sad. Of course the saddest of them all is that Dr. Abiy’s Admin simply has abandoned its duties to the public!


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