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TPLF rebels reject government ceasefire, vows to march to Eritrea too

There are reports of wide spreading killings in the Mekelle region of Ethiopia after TPLF rebels took control of the city following the withdrawal of Ethiopian Defense Force 

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Ethnic Tigray superracist organization,Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), a political force that ruled Ethiopia ruthlessly for nearly three decades until their domination in the central government ended after the then ruling coalition elected Abiy Ahmed as Prime Minister in April 2018, rejected Ethiopia’s immediate “humanitarian ceasefire.” 

They entered Mekelle on Monday after the Ethiopian Defense Force, over which they claimed a decisive military victory, withdrew from it. 

“… Tigrayan forces categorically ruled out a truce, with a spokesman for the region’s ruling party saying their forces would not rest until the Ethiopian military and its allied forces had left the entire region,” reported CNN, media that has been giving extensive coverage to alleged rights abuse and famine in the region. 

Getachew Reda, spokesman for the TPLF, called the ceasefire a “joke”. “  He is quoted as saying,  “We are not party to and will not be part of such a joke.”

The spokesperson also said war against the Ethiopian forces was still underway about thirty kilometers away from the regional capital, Mekelle. 

Another report from the Associated Press said that the TPLF has the resolve  to take the war to Eritrea and outside Tigary to the rest of Ethiopia, including the capital Addis Ababa. 

“The fighters now retaking parts of Ethiopia’s Tigray region will pursue soldiers from neighboring Eritrea back into their country and chase Ethiopian forces to Addis Ababa ‘if that’s what it takes’ to weaken their military powers,” Getachew Reda is quoted as saying. 

Ethiopians are waiting for answers from PM Abiy Ahmed’s government as to why the government declared immediate unilateral ceasefire and withdrew troops from most parts of Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

TPLF claims Ethiopian government decision came after a crushing defeat, which the Ethiopian government dismisses as lies. 

In May 2021, the Ethiopian Parliament designated TPLF as a terrorist organization. It attacked northern command of the Ethiopian Defense Force on the night of November 4, 2020 – an incident that triggered the conflict as an immediate cause.

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  1. My homeboys Chairman Debre and Getachew Reda just shot me two emails to keep me abreast with the latest.
    1) Abiy’s ‘ceasefire’ does not tell the whole story. It was a total rout by the indomitable army of the ‘Gold Race’.
    2) The ‘Gold Race’ army has captured 356,623 soldiers from Abiy’s army, 425,986 soldiers from Isaias army, 1 million two hundred fifty six thousands(1,256,000) of Amhara Republic army, 128,650 soldiers each from the Afar Republic and Jijiga Republic armies.
    3) The captured hardware is so immense that it took 20 pages to list. The captured military hardware includes 267 SU-35’s, 650 M1-Abrams tanks, 1,250 T72 heavy tanks, 450 S400 long range missiles, 4,500 APC’S, 2,500,000 AK47’s etc… The list goes on and on.
    4) Both guaranteed me that with the help of satellite guidance from friendly powers they will march both in Asmara and Addis/Finfine before the 4th of July so they can celebrate their victories with the me and the rest of Americans. As they promised me they will send me a first class round trip ticket and I will be seated at the front row. You guys should be jealous I am chillin with my longtime homeboys!!!
    Jula, Bacha, Getnet, Abiy and Isaias are toast. The ‘Gold Race’ will rule for a thousand years to come!!!!


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